Teaser Tell All


WOW!   That was some Teaser yesterday huh?   I had some fabulous guesses though I have to admit………..and I have to say before I finish writing this post and scheduling it for the morning that as of RIGHT NOW (3PM EST) nobody has guessed it.  Nobody has been even close……….. but tomorrow when my Mom gets herself awake enough to help me get to the computer (maybe 6AM EST) I’ll take a quick peek at other guesses that came in from 3PM to midnight EST to see if anyone HAS guessed it, and I’ll be sure to do an EMERGENCY POST to announce it!   OK?   Is it a deal??


Wanna see the photo one last time????


Now first of all I want to THANK (and hug) my “Guest” who provided this magnificent photo – which I do believe she probably took on one of her walking vacations in (ready?) Northern Ireland!  That mountain you see in the photo is part of the Mourne Mountains.   There’s several great websites with info on this pretty and popular walk/hike/visit but I found info at http://visitmournemountains.co.uk.    WHO was my “Guest” ?   My good friend Isobel from the UK who has TWO blogs – one called IsobelandCat (she’s got a very handsome ginger boy like me!) and the other is GuidedbyIsobel  (Isobel is a guide in London among other things!).

Special Sammy Hug for Miss Isobel!

So, as I said, nobody had guessed Ireland much less Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland as of this writing SO, for now anyway, I WIN I WIN I WIN!   The rest of you dear friends get this little gem:


Since this is a shorter post than it would have been if I was posting awards for the Teaser (ahem), I’m gonna move right into the Sunshine Picnic Award badge that my beautiful friend Nellie gave me when she invited me to come to her pawsome picnic.   If you want to have your OWN picnic and pass on this pretty badge, all you have to do is invite the person who invited YOU to be your “special guest”, then pick ten friends to invite and give them something to bring to the picnic as their contribution!  Fun huh????


Nellie – I hope you will be my special guest……….and the rest of my ten guests and what I’d like them to bring are:

Kitties Blue – and the thing I’d like for YOU to bring to this fabulous picnic would be some of those wonderful food bowls like the one I received from your Mom – that would be an elegant addition to the picnic for us to eat from!

Sundae (my girlcatfriend) from These Days of Mine – Sundae, purrrhaps your Mom will let you bring one or two of those nice cozy quilts that you take naps on so we can sit on them in the grass at our picnic?

Fozziemum – I think what I’d most like you to bring to my picnic would be some of that nice HOT WEATHER you have “Down Under” right now because we’re freezing our tushies off here!

Mollie and Alfie – how about you guys bringing an assortment of treats like the ones your Mom bakes?  Only maybe some for all kinds of creatures because I’ve got guinea pigs, humans, cats AND dogs invited to this picnic!

Oscar of Lessons With Oscar – first of all Oscar, you can come with your human because I know you’re blind and might not want to travel to my picnic alone…..so THAT can be what you bring to the picnic – your Mom!!

Boomdeeadda – oh Miss Boomdee….there are so many things I could ask you to bring but I think they would all just HAVE to be aqua-colored (!!) but since you are so VERY crafty, how about you making placecards for us at our spots on the quilt for our picnic???

Two Blind Cats and Crew – you all are some of my newest friends and I know you guys are also sight-challenged like my friend Oscar, so I think it only fair that YOU bring your human Mom along too…..I don’t want anyone getting lost on their way here!

Bowie – my friend Bowie, I can’t think of anything better for you to contribute to our picnic than some expresso and plenty of DARK CHOCOLATE for dessert!

Hutch A Good Life – oh I just know that I can rely on you guys to bring a nice big tray of very healthy veggies for everyone to munch on – how’s that for your contribution???

Misaki – how about bringing some of your toys to share with everyone Misaki?  I know you must have a giant toybox full of fun stuff…………!

I could go on and on and on inviting more of my friends BUT I want to leave some for YOU to invite to YOUR picnic if you decide to have one.  I know my picnic will be perfect if all of you come and I also know that having Nellie here will be the crème de la crème !

Those of you busily working on your spacesuits or hotel rooms or monsters, know that if you’ve forgotten the details for our upcoming TRIP TO THE MOON, you can revisit the post for those details RIGHT HERE!!!



Happy Wednesday Peeps !!  Sammy


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  1. hahahah great! but we all had fun and today we can laugh at our wild guesses from yesterday! Very good teaser, Sammy and Miss Isobel! Cocatulations to your award, Sammy, a picnic and sunshine sounds fabulous!


    • It was a goodie wasn’t it Easy? I really can’t believe nobody got it though – even just guessing Ireland – but it doesn’t look like the beautiful green photos we USUALLY see of Ireland so maybe that’s why?????

      Hugs, Sammy


    • HAHAHAHAHA!!!! I GOTCHA! To tell you the truth I thought somebody would at least guess Ireland…..amazing……So you think you should have compensation huh? How about a hug? Not a Sammy hug, a Pammy hug?



  2. Bwahhahaahah I was sure Zanibar was right….oh well great job Miss Isobel 🙂 and thankyou Sammy for the beautiful award!! I will indeed bring the sunshine…enough for everybody!!!! hugs Fozziemum xxxx


  3. Hi, Sammy! Yes, indeedy, I’ll be glad to come to your picnic AND bring a couple of Motor Mommy’s old quilts. I’m sure she won’t mind a bit. What a fun thing to do!
    (Note to self (and Mommy): gotta get busy on my spacesuit……!
    Love, Sundae


  4. Woohoo, very exciting indeed! Of course both myself and Oscar will be there. Oscar is particularly excited as it will be his very first picnic, the lucky boy!! Thank you very much 🙂


  5. Mom had decided this morning that the photo was probably from Sochi ’cause they have rocky beaches. She saw that on the Today show this morning! And it would have been a good guess ’cause of the ‘Lympics, but we see it would have been wrong. Thanks for inviting us to the pawty. Yippee! When and where should we deliver our bowls. Today is going to be a crummy day for a picnic so hope it will be in the future. Only 21 degrees now and with a big snow scheduled to be arriving today. Phfft! Stay warm and safe. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • Interesting…..I hadn’t seen the rocky beaches of Sochi but I sure wouldn’t have guessed Ireland either!! Consider your bowls delivered – it’s just a “pretend” picnic but your Mom’s bowls will be purrfect for noms!

      Hugs, Sammy


  6. sammy…we new all a long wear ewe wuz but we dinna wanna make like we wuz un aware oh wear ewe wuz by sayin we new EGGZ act lee wear ewe wuz coz we new ewe wood bee leevin soon


    • Oh I just KNEW you guys would know where the Teaser was – I can’t fool you – and I know you didn’t guess correctly because you don’t want everyone else to feel bad right????? 😉 😉 It was a TOUGHIE!

      Hugs, Sammy


  7. Wow Sammy you fooled everfurryone!!! well done on that AND your picnic award! I’m very excited about the moon trip… as usual my mum is terribly behind but i keep nagging her to kit me out… this is a trip of a lifetime after all!


  8. Well done Sammy and Miss Isabel! You duped us all this time, so I don’t feel so bad mol. Concats on the lovely award. I received it too from Nellie, but because I am so busy with Miss Sassy this week, I will post about it next week after the BIG event on Friday! You have a great day, buddy xox


    • Hi Austin! I saw how busy you were with Sassy on your bloggy this morning you romantic mancat you! I get a well done on the Teaser fooling everybody this week don’t I ? I bet I won’t be that lucky next week……!!

      Hugs, Sammy


    • Hi CK…..eight inches here with ten more to come….yikes…..I’m pretty sure I will be able to avoid snow up on the moon…..this stuff might be fun to watch when it comes down but it’s not so much fun DEALING with it!

      Hugs, Sammy


  9. Ta-Da!!! Yous winned again! And what a most wonderful picnic! Sammy, yous has outdone yourself! Thanks yous so much for throwing such a wonderful picnic and wes must thanks the Moms!
    Can’t wait for my Dance on Friday!


    • Nellie I’m so excited to see you tomorrow at the Ball. I know it’s gonna be tons of fun……I made sure the limo I rented to pick Sundae up tomorrow has snow tires on it because we have LOTSA snow. I hope it’s better in North Carolina where Madi lives!! Be safe on your trip here for the Ball and THANKS again for including me in YOUR picnic and coming to MINE!

      Love and Hugs, Sammy


  10. Well that really was a hard one. Good Teas-a-roonie. Guess what? I can’t even remember what my answer WAS, LOL That’s how wild it was..hehehe. I sure can bring Aqua Place cards, Your picnic sounds fab. Should I just drop them off then?


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