Tuesday Teaser


Hi Ho!!!   Today’s the day you wait for every week!!!    What?  Did you say what I think you said?  That you don’t wait for Tuesdays every week?  CAN THIS BE????  NO!!!!!!   You all love Teaser Tuesdays and you know it.  So in spite of any protestations to the contrary, I’m having a Teaser today….so there!!

Guess what else…….it’s a GUEST TEASER…….that’s right – not one of my Mom’s OR my Dad’s photos……….this was contributed to the Tuesday Teaser cause by a good friend of ours and you’ll find out WHO that is tomorrow when I do the “Tell all”.  Until then, you’ll have to take a gander at this photo and let me know exactly where this is………place/country the whole works!!  If you just guess the correct country, that’s fine and dandy but unless you tell me exactly where the photo was taken, you’ll get the HUG not the Purple Badge of Courage (hahaha).  OK?   Ready?


Interesting photo isn’t it?   Where do you suppose it was snapped?   Yep – you’re looking at a mountain of some type but WHERE is that mountain and what is the name of that mountain or mountain(s) ?????  HMMM???

If you’re the first fabulous Teaser fan to guess it correctly – you’re gonna get this incredible and much desired badge!


If you guess it but you’re not first – well you STILL win something you lucky duck (or pig or horse or cat or dog or bird or human)!


If you have NO CLUE whatsoever then I still have one for you too………..everybody wins!


So have at it……………and tomorrow you’ll find out where it is and who submitted it to me for a Teaser………..

Other than getting the Teaser post ready for you for this morning, I’ve been working like a dog (oops…sorry doggy buddies!) getting Moon Trip work done.   Lots of entries coming in – GREAT work everyone – and I’ll say this again – it’s going to be TOUGH voting in the polls!     If you need to get the information again on this incredible journey we’re taking starting on February 27th and coming home from the Moon on March 1st, please just revisit my post with all the details by CLICKING HERE !    If you have a question, just leave it in comments and I’ll happily answer it……………(do you like my new blog header??!!)

Also, my beautiful friend Nellie of Cat From Hell invited me to a very special picnic last week and I haven’t had time to pass on the fun this particular “award” entails but it’s lots of FUN and I promise once Teaser activities are over I will respond Sweet Nellie – honest I will!   Nellie will be (I hope) my special guest at this picnic too!   I have to pass the picnic fun on to ten other bloggers and that’s the part I’m working on now so bear with me.  I’m up to my eyeballs in work and will try to do it ASAP.   Here’s the “badge” – isn’t it pretty???


If you don’t know Merlin, the wise old meezer of Cat Wisdom 101, then you’re missing a special privilege.  Merlin is a special guy – he’s been around a very long time……….and he and his brothers have endured a loss early this winter when their brother Gris Gris passed away unexpectedly.   Now Merlin is quite sick and needs our purrs……his Mom Layla and his brothers, Domino and Odin will appreciate your messages of support either on Facebook or their blog.  Merlin is one of my personal heroes……he’s blind but he doesn’t know it.   My kind of guy…………

Just one more thing before I go.  On Super Bowl Sunday those us who were attending the online Super Bowl Party at Cat Scouts found out suddenly that a good friend and fellow Cat Scout, Scout Nick, had gone to the Bridge after some surgery to determine the extent of his recently diagnosed feline lymphoma.   Sadly the doctor told Nick’s family that even chemo would not have helped as it was so advanced and in such bad places in his young body.  Nick was only three years old.

One of our Scouts, Scout Tiger, started a “GoFundMe” special fund to advance the cause of research into feline lymphoma which you can find about if you click on the link below….and if you’d like to help the cause, please do.   Thank you for your consideration…..we are so sad about Nick.   http://www.gofundme.com/NicksLegacy   We have sent a donation as have many Cat Scouts……those of you who aren’t Scouts didn’t know Nick, but we feel strongly that the more money that goes into legitimate research efforts like this, the fewer cats and their families will have to go through the pain of this kind of loss.

My Friend Nick.....

My Friend Nick…..

That’s about it for me today gang…..gotta get back to work……so let me just say that while at the moment I can’t complain about the weather you can bet your bippy (that’s a very old term) that I will be complaining and might be as soon as tomorrow.  We may get snow.  Yep.  The “S” word.

Your Favorite Tease,

Sammy 😉

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  1. No clue about the teaser, Sammy, but you probably already knew that, right?? So sad about your friends crossing the Bridge.
    You are about the busiest cat I know!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae……I tell ya, it’s been tough around here and Mom’s getting grumpy….that’s NEVER good…. 😉 Yes, my friend Nick was a very good Cat Scout and friend….and three years old – that’s just plain WAY too young to go to the Bridge!

      Love, Sam


    • Clowie I’ve not had much time for napping lately and that’s NOT GOOD…..I get a little bit cranky without my naps!!! Take your jigsaw badge and run with it Clowie!!!!

      }}}}}}}}}}HUGS FOR CLOWIE{{{{{{{{{{{{{


  2. I think its…Zanzibar…I have a feeling in my waters Sammy bwahaahha..oh dear….clueless in Seattle..even though I am here ! We love your header…we are so sorry for your friend Nick that’s so young..and so sad….we send our hugs and lovies Fozziemum xxxx


  3. Oh dear! I’ve looked and looked, but just can’t even pick a continent!! 😦 It looks like the sea with hills close by! Or maybe a lake? The buildings look kind of European! The hills look Welsh! I dunno, Sammy. You got me good and proper! MOL

    So sad about Nick, but we hope his legacy lives on in the research that will be done xox


    • Oh boy – I picked a GOODIE this week huh? YAY! Yes, I know – I think all Scouts are very sad about losing Nick at such a young age and to such a tough disease but hopefully one day a cute will be found for cancer in people and animals and THAT will be THAT!

      Hugs, Sammy


  4. We have no idea…..which is no surprise. Between your Tuesday Teaser and Chey’s Find Chey Friday, we’re getting a good geography lesson.

    We’re still so sad about Scout Nick. We hope the money raised helps to find a cure for his disease as well as for others.

    The Florida Furkids


    • Oh I hope so (Nick’s fund)…..I guess time will tell but you know, it takes TONS of money for research – Mom says “every little bit helps” though so we should be proud of pawticipating.

      Hugs, Sammy


  5. We got here earlier than usual today, but we’s gots NO ideas on the Teaser! We really like your new award (hint, hint)! We’s expecting somewhere between 4 to 12 inches of snow tomorrow. Hope the guessers are totally wrong! We have our alien ready to send in for that particular part of the Moon trip. Glad to see that you also posted about Nick (and Merlin). The research fund doesn’t seem to be getting as many contributions as it could if Nick had a blog. Hope the Scouts can all get the word out. Stay warm, Sammy. Purrs and paw-pats, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


    • WOWZERS….you’re gonna get more snow than we will – the storm did look like it would be a bit SOUTH of us and that would be YOU!!! EEEEEK!!!! I am sad the fund isn’t doing so great BUT Mom says no matter what – the money even if it’s not a lot will help the cause. We’ll see what happens – it will be up to all of us to keep it going I think. You stay warm too gang……….Mom, Dad and I are READY for whatever comes in the way of weather and I hope you are too!!

      Hugs, Sammy


  6. Sammy, you fooled us! I am not a lucky duck or pig today, I just can’t get it and if Mollie says Italy I think I *should* know but I play the blissfully ignorant mini pig card today 🙂


    • Oh Hi Buddy! Thanks for thanking me on my Scout work but hey…..Troop Leader of a Troop like Wildcats is easy because all of YOU are so great! I’m proud of all of you. As for the Teaser – I can’t blame you on not knowing because I haven’t got a clue either – Mom didn’t let me see the photo she stuck on MY (notice I say “MY”) blog. Darn!

      Hugs, Sammy


    • Hey Buddy! Being the Troop Leader for the Wildcats is fun although I do wish we didn’t have so many Hooligans sneaking about! I also wish that everyone who joined up would participate but I know not everyone has the time for that…….Thanks for guessing on the Teaser! We’ll tell the world what’s what tomorrow!

      Hugs, Sammy


    • Hi Crepes! Peru huh? You FEEL Peru? I’m not sure what the weather is like right now there but I bet it’s better than 28 degrees like it is here! I’d take Peru any old day BUTTTTTT I can’t tell you if this is in fact Peru until tomorrow…..can you stand it?????

      Hugs, Sam


  7. Gee, so many families are sad and I’m sorry to hear their news. Hopefully they’ll have lots of nice memories to hug them.

    I have absolutely NO idea where in the world the teaser comes from, so I’m going to throw a mental dart at the globe and say it’s a tropical island, maybe St. Lucia in the Caribbean, they have mountains like that. 😀 Happy Tuesday! xoK


    • I know….it is so sad to lose a young cat too…..and from what I hear, there’s a lot more research on canine cancer than there ever has been on felines. Interesting…..anyway, thanks for taking a peekie at the Teaser!! You have “tropical islands” on the brain after you fab trip recently! BUT who knows – tomorrow I’ll let you know!!

      Hugs, sammy


    • Thank you for donating to Nick’s fund…..that was a very kind thing for you to do…..the more the merrier and we can only hope whatever money is donated will help the cause of research. You’re the BESTEST!!

      Hugs, sam


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