Bacon Bonanza


Oh yah!!!!!  Nothing like the aroma of bacon wafting through my house on a Saturday morning………..and before you ask me, YES they will have bacon for us on board “Ralph” at the space station when we stop for lunch there, AND the lunar hotel is stocking up as well in preparation for our visit.


I received the first spacesuit decorating entry yesterday……woo hoo…….remember, if you have no idea what the deal is for our moon trip – just CLICK HERE to refresh your memory!!

I can’t believe it but the weather guessers experts say we may get a bit of snow today.  Nothing significant – maybe an inch.  Uh-huh….we’ve all heard that one before….Back when I was a young lad and enjoyed playing in the snow, this is what we got after the weather peeps said “an inch or less”:

Yesterday wasn’t such a bad day really and I got to go outside on my front porch again and do a bit of stretching in the sun.  These old bones of mine needed a bit of a stretch and Stevie was on a “walkabout” and not in her heated condo (if she had been she would have come out and pounced on me!) so I felt safe on the porch.  Guess it was a good thing I went out yesterday because NO WAY will I be out today.


Well Mom’s calling me from the kitchen and if my “nose knows” (and it does) that means bacon’s ready!   I know not all of you have access to this luxury food item but I hope you start your day with something ELSE that you love….whatever it may be……..HAPPY CATURDAY!

Hugs, Sammy 🙂


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      • All is fine thanks sweet Sammy 🙂 just part of living in the bush..w ehave had more than ten days here over 40…so it is a bit tiring..i should go to bed but it’s too warm.. Please don’t worry we will be all good Sammy…we have a trip to space and a ball and TCC winter olypmics…so we have to be good!! HUgs Fozziemum xx


  1. Oh Mes wishes wes had bacon today…And it is still furry cold outside! Kozmo is stomping around and growellinglike a old black bear because its even too cold for him!


  2. Great Scott, that seems like a wicked bunch of snow for your end of the continent ! Even your tummy would get cold walking thru that. Glad you can still enjoy a sun puddle on the porch, you look so cute there 😀 I enjoyed mums art as usual. Is it just me or are you almost the colour of Bacon in parts? Oh ooooooo! Sammy, I think you’re turning into bacon 😀 Happy Caturday xoxoxo


    • You know what Boomdee? It wouldn’t surprise me if I not only LOOKED like bacon, but I probably SMELL like it too!!!! I hope Mom’s not planning on making a BIG FAT BLT out of me!!!!!

      Hugs, Sam


      • LOL 😀 You probably smell yummy then. I’m sure the worst mum will do is nibble on your cute little toes and maybe kiss an ear or two…oh, and kitty noses are pretty hard to resist too. Hugs K


  3. Do you know, Sammy? I swear I melt bacon yesterday and I thought of you!! Must have been because I just come from the campfire at cat scouts! Now the Staff Person has practiced a bit with Elements 12, she might be able to do me a space suit. Will go check out the rules 🙂


  4. Always nice to have something you can count on, whether it is bacon or a warm lap, which is what we get. Purrs and paw-pats, Mauricio, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Lisbeth, Astrid and Calista Jo


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