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Moon Trip Teaser!


Hi Everyone!!!   Well, I thought I’d give you a bit of a “teaser” about our upcoming trip to the Moon.   I thought you MIGHT like to see what the rocket ship actually looks like that I’ve chosen for our trip.   This baby is what you’d call LUXURIOUS too………I’ll even show you one of the interior shots so you can see we’ll be traveling in STYLE!

MOON-Rocket1 MOON-Rocket2

I’m working on some fun things for us to do too while we’re on this trip and some of them will involve competitions – WITH PRIZES – that’s right PRIZES – and everyone will be eligible to win!   Fun huh?  Want to hear just one of my ideas for a competition?   Well, everyone is going to be issued a spacesuit because – well – we’re going to be in space of course – you don’t have to wear it ALL the time but you will have to wear it PART of the time, and I’m sure you will want to “personalize” it a bit with your own special touches so everyone will recognize you in your suit.   Anyone who wants to pawticipate in that competition by adding some purrrrsonality to your suit will win a prize if the voting poll shows they’re going to be the “best dressed space cadet” on the trip!

I’ll even show you the spacesuit…………… can be thinking about how you might want to fix it up to your own personal specifications!  You need to photoshop your face in there of course (!!) but add whatever other “stuff” you think will give it some extra personality – unique to you – for instance if you’re a girl you might want to color it PINK (or not).  Whatever – feel free to do as you wish!    Can you start on it now since I’m showing it to you?  Yes you can…………you’ll have tons of time to work on it since we won’t be leaving for our trip until after Valentine’s Day……….Here it is:


I had to remove the “head” that was in the suit of course – so put your own in there!!!!

I’m going to give everyone PLENTY of time to get prepared for the trip – including details on all the competitions – so you can get your photos to me for any of the competitions that we’ll be holding well ahead of the trip.  Don’t send your spacesuit photo to me now – I’ll let you know when.

ARE YOU GETTING EXCITED????   I hope so………because I sure am!   By the way, included in our trip will be a stop-off at the International Space Station where we’ll be having a meal before we continue on to the Moon.

Now that I’ve given you some things to THINK about…………..I’ll leave you – because I hear the monster coming out of the closet now – it’s cleaning day you know…….I want to be well out of the way for that!

Hugs From the Moon Man

Sammy !!!!



Howdy!   Sammy coming to you from the North Pole (well, it FEELS like it anyway!)…………….yesterday morning when I signed onto the computer it was THREE degrees outside.  ONE-TWO-THREE…..that’s only a few degrees right?   Mom and I were looking around yesterday online…….just seeing what kind of fashion statement we could make here in my neighborhood if I were to ALLOW (yes that’s the right word) Mom to put a coat on me when (and if)  I went outside.

Believe me, we are no fans of animals wearing clothes – although dogs and cats can look quite toasty in weather gear…….some examples we found:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

BUT, last winter in a blogville auction, we bid on and won a new leash AND a beautiful blue turtleneck sweater.   “So (we said) why do we need anything ELSE when we have the purrfect sweater already??”……….so Dad went to my closet (well, alright, not MY closet… Mom’s closet) and got my blue sweater out and VOILA!

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But not only that……… may remember that my good friend Cat Forsley, the very talented and pawsome Canadian singer/songwriter gave me some adorable little socks for my birthday this year?  Well, Mom and Dad clipped my claws for me this morning and right after – while I was still helpless in the arms of my Dad for the BIG TRIM – Mom slipped them on my front paws… we could have a photo to show Miss Cat of ME in my socks!   They were nice and toasty and awfully cute……but when Dad put me on the floor I walked like I was walking through mud…..HAHAHA.



Anyway, it’s so darn cold I think we have to do whatever we can to stay warm……………….


Warm hugs, Sammy

Tuesday Tell All


Howdy All !!   Tuning in to find out who/what/where on yesterday’s Teaser I bet…..well, I’m just the guy to give you the scoop……………….so, just to remind you what the big test was all about – here’s the group of photos you needed to peek at and figure out WHERE they were taken:


Did somebody get it right?  Oh yeah…in fact several somebodies got it right – BUT only one person (of course) was the “FIRST RIGHT GUESSER” that these photos were snapped in Charleston, SC……..that was my friend Miss June – who doesn’t have a blog so I can’t link to it BUT she is my girlcatfriend Sundae’s Auntie!  Yep – sure is……and SHE guessed first yesterday morning………here you are Miss June:


BUT she was not the only one to guess Charleston…………nosireeeeee……….some other friends and followers also guessed right and you know who you are – and you know what you get!


Everyone else?  You tried…………you came, you saw, and you guessed but NOT QUITE RIGHT……………so for your efforts (which I truly appreciate!) you get this:


I want to thank those of you who visited my new friend and fellow Cat Scout Nibbler yesterday………..I think she was quite overwhelmed with all the people who visited her blog and Nibbler’s Mom works long hours and isn’t online a whole lot so it may take her a while to acknowledge your kindness in visiting but I’m sure she will………….!!


My friend Nibbler!!

Yesterday was “Toesie Tuesday” at the Tabby Cat Club and of course I HAD to end in a toesie photo………………one of my Mom’s favorites in fact……………..I just HAD to submit a photo because after all, I have EXTRA toesies and my Mom is EXTRA good at showing them off!  HAHA


I hope all of you have a stay warm and cozy kind of Wednesday (except you Fozziemum who needs some COOOOOOL instead of warm because you’re having a heat wave).   If all of us send you some cool – will you send us some warm???? HMMMM??????

Happy Tuesday Tell All Day

The King of Tease, Sammy


Tuesday Teaser


La De Da!  It’s time for the eyestrain, headache, quick look at the atlas day of the week – – – TUESDAY!!!

This week’s photo(s) are from a trip some years ago when my parents were visiting good friends.  But on the way to visit friends they had some stops and this was one of them………..where were they when they snapped these????


Now you need to tell me city/town/state/country or WHATEVER combination of those best tells me you know where or think you know where they were OK?

Easy was the man of the week last week…………..will he be again this week?   Will he again be the winner of this baby???


Then of course there’s always guessing right but not being first which gets you this one:


And if you’re clueless – you still get this!


Thanks to all of you for expressing your opinions about which limo interior you thought Sundae would prefurrrrrr…………she’s leaving it up to me………..but I think I’ll surprise her and won’t say HERE which one we’ll be going in.  However I will share some photos of us on the trip to the event, at the event and coming home……… know me – I love to share!


I wanted to tell you also about a new friend of mine – someone I met on Cat Scouts and she’s JUST started a blog!  You remember when you just started out?   You wanted to meet some new friends and get a bit of a following?  Well, please do my buddy Miss Nibbler a favor and stop by to say “Sammy sent me”…………she’s a BIG help to us in our Cat Scouts Patrol and she’s having a lot of fun right along with the rest of us on our quests and sitting around the campfire together.

So, good luck with the Teaser…………..and tomorrow I’ll let you all know who was FIRST, who wasn’t FIRST but got it right, and who gets the “DUH” award!!!  (haha)


Mr. Tuesday Teaser 😉



HAHAHA!!  I know – I’m being quite silly aren’t I?  Well, I can’t help it – I’m starting to get excited about our trip to the Moon and it’s still a while away…………………….there’s lots of planning to do and things to arrange – I need to pick out the PERFECT rocket ship for us to travel in……anyway, we need to get through the Valentine’s Ball FIRST right?

Speaking of that, you must have noticed that my blog header is a photo of me and my girlcatfriend Sundae practicing our dance moves for the party.   I think we’re ready.  Meanwhile I’m spending some time checking out some limos for our ride down to North Carolina to Madi’s for the Ball…….The company I’m using is giving us a beautiful black stretch limo but I have a choice of interiors….which do you think she’d like the best?????



This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Next item of business is to show you some photos of our outdoor cat Stevie in her new heated house!  She’s been spending lots of time in it…… many of you asked me to capture a photo of her IN the house – I had to do that from inside the house because the minute I open the door she pops out of the house to see me SOOOO here’s a shot of her loving the heat!

Nice and TOASTY!!

Nice and TOASTY!!

This is the house we got for Stevie with the heated pad!

This is the house we got for Stevie with the heated pad!

Moving on – I must give you my reminder that tomorrow is what day????   Hmmmm????   Come on now – you know it as well as I do………………..


So, be sure and stop by and see if you can guess where the photo(s) were taken…………..last week as you know my buddy Easy got it right FIRST but several of you did recognize where the photo was taken…….AND it fooled a bunch of you too – in other words I’d say it was a SUCCESSFUL TEASER!

Before I go, I wanted to show you this pretty sunrise Mom got with her camera on Saturday morning……’s a beauty…………she had to take it from INSIDE the house – out the guest room window (which has a screen) so it looks a bit blurry from the screen but you get the idea – it was BEAUTIFUL…….cold (brrrrrr) but beautiful!