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2013 In Review


The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for One Spoiled Cat and I HAD to share the information with you because without you – I wouldn’t have such a fabulous accounting for this past year.   THANK YOU FRIENDS………you’ve made me what I am today!!!   HAPPY  NEW YEAR!!!

Love and HAPPY NEW YEAR, Sammy

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 46,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 17 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Tuesday Teaser


New Year’s Eve Tuesday Teaser!

Yep I just bet you thought I wouldn’t do a Teaser this Tuesday BUT remember I squeezed one out LAST Tuesday and that was Christmas Eve!!!    So I’m giving you a Teaser to round out the year of 2013.  Tomorrow on the first day of the new year I’ll let you know if anyone guessed it, and if they did, who was the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER!

Until tomorrow though, you have a chance to examine this old photo………..see if you can tell me WHERE this was taken (specifically) OK?  Ready?


Give me your best and final shot of Teaser Stardom for the year 2013 – you might be the winner of this PAWSOME special “First Right Guesser” badge for the FINAL Tuesday Teaser of 2013 !!!


Everyone else who guesses it right gets this one………….

The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......!

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……!

And even if you don’t guess it right, you get this one!   Everybody gets SOMETHING at Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser-Rama !   HAHAHA

"I didn't have a clue but I get an award anyway!"

“I didn’t have a clue but I get an award anyway!”

Oh – and please be safe if you’re going out partying tonight OK?   I know I’m going to make a brief appearance at a pawty or two but want to get home early so I can get my rest….you see, I have my own pretty big occasion to celebrate tomorrow – my 14th birthday!   On your way home tomorrow morning from party land, stop by and have a bit of breakfast…….or a nap……..or just say HI……..I love all of you to bits so I’d be honored to have you come by and help me celebrate.


Good luck with the Teaser – have fun tonight – and I’ll see you tomorrow!!

Party Hearty but be Safe

Happy New Year’s Eve!

Sammy 🙂



Maybe Monday


MAYBE Monday I’ll start making sure I have all the Birthday Breakfast Buffet Party stuff in order.

MAYBE Monday I’ll stay out of Mom’s way because I know she’s got a busy morning planned.

MAYBE Monday I’d better get off my ginger butt and find a photo for my Tuesday Teaser because I haven’t done that yet and time’s a tickin’ !   (Don’t forget – tomorrow there will be a TEASER!!!)

MAYBE Monday it won’t be raining like it did ALL DAY yesterday.  Yuck.

MAYBE Monday I’ll iron my birthday suit (ouch that iron is HOT!).

MAYBE Monday I’ll show a few of my birthday cards I’ve already received.

NO – NOT “MAYBE”……I WILL show some of my cards – SEE????

MAYBE I should thank those of you who sent cards in early because it made me start my birthday celebrating EARLY!    THANK YOU!!

MAYBE I should go see if Mom accidentally made bacon for breakfast this morning……even though it’s not the weekend.

MAYBE I should go now……….I’m getting REALLY SILLY!!!!


Bacon and Boxes


Hi Everybody!    Did you notice yesterday that you didn’t get a blog from me until LATE in the day?????   That’s because my Mom forgot to schedule my blog post….yep – she sure did.  She helped me write it but she didn’t schedule it.  I think she’s had too much turkey – – – I heard her say that turkey has some magic stuff in it that makes people sleepy so that’s what I think caused her to forget.  That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!

Sam on Mom's Recliner

Mom! What were you thinking? Forgetting to schedule my post???

Now here’s some great news.  My super good friend (and yours too!), Texas decided to design a brand new award and it was SO perfect for us kitties because it has to do with BOXES.   Yep – one of my favorite things (in addition to tissue paper and bacon) is a good, comfy BOX.   With yesterday being boxing day, I think the timing of his new Award preview was PERFECT!    The award is called “Share the Love, Share the Box” !!!   It’s a beauty too isn’t it?


I was so very honored to be one of the first recipients……and the rules are ever so easy too.  Just thank the person who nominated you (THANK YOU TEXAS MY DEAR FRIEND!!!), post the award (GONNA DO THAT IN JUST A MINUTE), share the award with FIVE other bloggers (NO PROBLEM!!), then go find a box and have FUN with it (BOY OH BOY IS THAT EASY TO DO!!).

My five nominees are:

Mollie and Alfie

My Three Moggies

Misaki  (you’re gonna need a BIG box Misaki!!!!)

Nellie, Kozmo and Jo-Jo


I think Mollie and Misaki may have a bit of a problem finding a box big enough to have fun in……but then again, Mollie can probably steal one of Alfie’s boxes (haha) and Misaki is VERY resourceful!  I, however, had no problem locating the perfect box on Christmas Day (which I still have and made Mom swear she’d not take it away until it FALLS APART!!!):

Celebrating the new award from Texas!!

Celebrating the new award from Texas!!

Meanwhile, back at my house this morning, we have our bacon and those of you who know how much I adore bacon won’t be a bit surprised to hear that my buddy Bacon sent me a fabulous chef’s hat honoring my complete devotion to the magical food that bacon is!  I got Mom to wear it while she made breakfast in her robe for us the day after Christmas……..what do you think??    THANK YOU BUDDY!   What a kind thing to send – your surprise from me is on its’ way now!


I’m getting VERY excited about my birthday pawty.  I know I’m a bit old to be so excited but I think I’m MOSTLY excited because I feel lucky to be here.  Almost every day I read about one of our blogville buddies going to the Bridge…..a reminder that we aren’t here forever – so let’s enjoy every minute we are here……………….I think a PAWTY is a good way to do that!

Mom promised no exploded at my party LAST year!

Mom promised no balloons… exploded at my party LAST year!


Love, Sammy

P.S.    I’m sending love and prayers to my friend Miss Layla and to Odin, Merlin, and Domino at CatWisdom101.  Gris Gris has

gone to the Rainbow Bridge…….we will miss him.  HUGS…..