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Chillin’ With Bacon


Wait a minute…..what do chillin’ and bacon have to do with each other?  Well how about the fact that I like both of them.  We’re taking it easy around here recovering from Thanksgiving (chillin’) and having my favorite substance in the universe on the menu this morning (bacon).  I’ll just say that to me is a DYNAMIC DUO!


Say – if you like my Bacon Sign – did you know Mollie’s Mom will make a sign for you in her fabulous shop?  She sure will and she’ll put ANYTHING on it that you want her to (YES I SAID ANYTHING).  Talk about a unique gift!!  WOO HOO!

Today we’re having the monster-rama around here….inside and out I think….leaves and housecleaning…..a DOUBLE WHAMMY.   I’m gonna suck it up though and be brave because in return for the racket, I have my Mom and Dad home.  So there.  I’ll be JUST FINE.

I have tons of work to do on Cat Scouts – I’m super behind…….as a Troop Leader I have lotsa responsibility and there’s work to be done so maybe after all the monsterizing is done Mom will lend me a paw (oops – hand) and help me get caught up.  I know a lot of you have joined Cat Scouts…..we have a lot of fun…..if you have spare time and want to come join us, please do.  If you join up and want to join a great Troop – please join mine!  Just type in “Worldwide Wildcats” when you’re doing your profile and joining up.  We’ll happily show you the ropes!!



Thanks to all of you who sent me some ideas for my Santa Paws Christmas Wish List!  It was very helpful……………If you haven’t started your list, you should……Santa Paws keeps lists of GOOD and BAD cats and if you’re on the GOOD list (of course all of us are……tee hee) we’ll get swell stuff………….those of us who are BAD (and of course there aren’t any of those right?) get coal in our stockings.  Coal is dirty and icky and you do NOT want any of that trust me.  So, if you’re been bad, it’s time to shape up (although a it late) – but if you’ve been good – clear out some room in your toy box!   I might have to get a second wagon for my new stuff!

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!


Now if you’ll excuse me I think I’d better head for the kitchen……..I just KNOW you know why.  I smell my fave thing for breakfast………….it’s time for me to indulge myself.  May your Caturday be full of indulgences too!




OOPS – excuse me!!!   Sorry about that……maybe (only maybe) I might have overdone the leftovers Mom brought back from the Thanksgiving eat-a-thon she and my Dad went to yesterday.  But honest, I only ate a tiny bit of turkey and a lick or two of stuffing and THAT’s ALL!


NO this is not me but it could have

been if I hadn’t shown some restraint!

Actually it makes me sad when I see way overweight dogs or cats and people are acting like it’s no big deal………or that it’s funny………because actually it means those animals are going to have BIG health issues if they don’t already……!   I’m glad I’m staying my adorable slim self – I weigh 12 lbs. right now and my Vet says I’m “just right” for my bone structure (Mom uses that excuse herself in fact….HAHAHAHA).

See?  Slim and trim....(even my cat pillow look-alike is slim!)

See? Slim and trim….(even my cat pillow look-alike is slim!)

So, today should be a very quiet day………I know Fridays are my usual Monster Day but since my parents just got back this morning, no monster today – probably tomorrow.  We had a ton of rain from that bad storm that brought lots of ice and snow west of us so the leaves in the yard are still too wet for the outside monster to suck them up.  YAY – I get a break on that too.

This is my first year ever pawticipating in a Secret Santa Paws gift exchange!  The family I got for “Secret Paws” are a blog I’m not familiar with so I’m hoping to make some new friends.  I haven’t started shopping for them yet but I will soon.  That will be lots of fun.  Meanwhile I need to get my Santa Wish List done – I’m still making changes to it.  It’s tough…..there are lotsa things I’d like to get that I see on other cats’ blogs, but most of them are younger than I am and still have the bounce and energy to play with them.  Me?  I’m kind of the quiet, settled (does that mean lazy?) kind of senior citizen.  I already have a new bed (which I ignore) and my arthritis keeps me from being able to climb (so that rules out cat trees), but if you have any ideas – just let me know will you?

Have a PAWSOME Friday everybody………………………..tomorrow is BACON CATURDAY!   Until then I believe I’ll do a bit of post-turkey napping!


Happy Friday!  Sammy




We hope that you who are celebrating these holidays enjoy being with family and friends!   My Mom and Dad are on their way right now to W. Virginia to spend the night with my Uncle Bruce and my Aunt Joan and Aunt Carol.  Mom promises she will bring home some turkey for little old ME!!!  YAY!!!    I put this little poster together for another blog BUT it says what I have in my heart today as my family celebrates Thanksgiving.


And last but not least, I’m sharing as are all those who participated in this great video put together by Michelle at My Three Moggies, this little presentation about today and what it means to all of us all around the world………..I was VERY happy to be a small part of it.  We wish you peace and happiness and of course a heavy dose of joy……………see you tomorrow!!

Holiday Hugs from Me, Mom and Dad! 🙂

Pee Esss………our friend Annabelle asked us to put her Auction link up in the hope that in this season of giving, people would consider pawticipating to help her with the HUGE vet expenses they are having to deal with….an Auction is a FUN way to raise money!    Thank you!


Teaser Tell All


Hi Teaser Fans!

Well, it was one heck of a Teaser wasn’t it?  Just a little bit of architectural detail – not enough to give it away but just enough to TEASE!!!   Here’s the photo one last time:


Interesting photo of a MOST interesting place, and rather than TELL you where it is, I think you’ll get it figured out from these next shots of the SAME location……

And you probably recognize Michelle from My Three Moggies there holding up “THE TOWER” right?  Yes indeed – she was our Guest Teaser this week!   Thank you Miss Michelle!!!!!   You see why I didn’t use those photos for the Teaser?  I do believe they would have given it all away.

Now for the news you’ve all been waiting for……………who was the First Right Guesser this week….well, it was Doggy who guessed Pisa, Italy PRECISELY!   So this my friend is yours for the SECOND WEEK IN A ROW!

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award

HOWEVER, I must mention that almost precisely at the moment the Teaser blog went “live” I had a guess from Misaki that it was “Italy”…..technically correct but not a city named and THAT was one of the requirements this week – Country and City.  So Misaki you get this:

Special Misaki Cuddle For Almost Guessing First!

Those of you who also guessed Pisa, Italy get the HUG!!!!

The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......!

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……!

And those of you who were clueless – you know I love you too and you get this:


Everybody happy?   Good!!!!   Now onward to next Tuesday…………….meanwhile Happy Tell All day to you all.

Warm Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Tuesday Teaser


Hello!!!!   Welcome to “eyestrain Tuesday” otherwise known as Sammy’s Tuesday Teaser………………and as I told you yesterday, this one is a Guest Teaser so I’ll tell you tomorrow WHO sent it to me along with a few other pictures from this same location……

So, grab your magnifying glass, clean your computer or iPad screen or WHATEVER you’re looking at this on, and give me your best shot – you have today to guess because tomorrow is the “Tell All” !   This is (I think anyway) a tougher than usual Teaser because all I’m showing you is a bit of architectural detail here – not the whole building – so squint all you want…..I’m ready to hear your guesses!  Country AND Town or Actual Location should be included in your guess.


I told you it was a toughie!

Now, if you are first (and I think both Easy and Doggy have set their alarms so they can be THE FIRST to guess) and you are right – you get this fabulous award (no cash – just the award):

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award

If you guess right but are NOT the first to do so, then you get one of my very warm, very sweet, very furry, SAMMY HUGS!

The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......!

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……!

And of course if you are totally off base, guess absolutely WRONG, or even if you haven’t got a clue, you still get something because everyone who tunes in on Tuesday deserves a reward of SOME kind right??????



Sammy the Teaser Guy