My Last Spa Day


Well, as they say, all good things must come to an end.  Yep – it’s the last day for me to enjoy my fabulous luxury suite at THE SPA.  It’s been grand……I can only hope my pawrents have had a good time where they are……..tomorrow they’ll be here to pick me up and take me home again to my NON-SPA like home in my NON-SPA neighborhood where I’ll eat NON-SPA food and sleep in my NON-SPA bed. 

However, it’s really been grand being spoiled even more than I already am………………..I had my morning massage just a while ago and I have to say I will truly miss this!!


Wonder if I can have this bathrobe as a souvenir of my days here at THE SPA…………..???  

I really have missed the old folks……….I mean my pawrents.  I’m SURE they’re bringing me some fun souvenirs of their trip too……….wonder what they’ll bring me?  My very own lobster maybe?   Hmm…….maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to go back home if I had my very own lobster!!!!!

I’ve been enjoying this life of luxury so much I’ve been forgetting to remind you that my Costume Contest deadline is coming soon……….you have until October 28th to enter!  Don’t forget now!   And I’m having a FIRST PRIZE and a SECOND PRIZE winner…………woo hoo.

Is this me in my spa bathrobe or am I a ghost???

Is this me in my spa bathrobe or am I a ghost???


Until tomorrow friends!!!   Oh – and Mom will probably take FOREVER to catch up to all the comments you’ve made here on my bloggy since I’ve been at THE SPA so please me patient.  Remember, she’s only got ten fingers.  They might fly over the keyboard but it will take some time! 



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  1. Oh Sammy you will smell all flowery when mum and dad come to get you! you will be loose as a goose and all relaxed…and I hope mum and dad do bring you a lobster…yum yum make sure you ‘pack’ the bathrobe when you get your case sorted to go home 😉 and we hope you get extra snuggles 🙂 hugs and loves Fozziemum xx


  2. We agree with “animalcouriers”; you’re going to be more than happy to see your pawrents tomorrow. (And they’re counting the minutes until they can see you!!)
    Love, Sundae


  3. Bathrobes are super Souvenirs :o) I hope you will get your own Lobster, a real one and the biggest your parents will find on the beach…. oh and maybe the new book of Mr. King – that would be great for Howl-o-ween!


    • Hi Easy! Mom’s FINALLY getting around to responding to older post comments…..good grief…..she can be slow sometimes! Anyway, I didn’t get a REAL lobster but Mom said she tried to find a little lobster stuffie for me. No luck. Sigh. I’ve forgiven her though – she made extra bacon this morning and promised MORE tomorrow! The best part is having her lap back though – napping without that lap was tough!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  4. dood…due knot EEEEVEN let on ya missed de food serviss peepuls while they bee gone N if they due knot bring ewe bak 8 sidez oh bacon…never speek two em again …. !!!

    enjoy yur week end ~~~~


    • Hi Nellie! Well even though it was just a few days it seemed like a few years but we’re all back together again and I got LOTS of extra bacon for breakfast this morning!! WOO HOO!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  5. We iz glad you had such a good time at the spa. We sez go ahead and swipe the robe. MOL We hopez you get plenty of bacon and lotz of cuddles when you get home.

    We iz looking forward to your pawty!!! Our mom made us some lame costumez. She iz still working on one for Andy. Love, Cali, Andy, Tater and Shelly (C.A.T.S)


    • I thought about swiping that robe – it was nice and cozy…..but I figured they’d probably just bill my Mom for the robe and she’d take it out of my allowance 😦 so I resisted temptation!!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy
      p.s. you have time on the costumes – just send them to me before the 28th!!


  6. I’m sure you have been having a lovely time at the spa, Sammy, but I bet you are really happy that your pawrents will be picking you up tomorrow! Home sweet home and all that! I can’t wait to see some of their photos from their trip!


  7. Sam, we know you don’t like it when your pawrents go away, but it sure seems as if you got the royal treatment. Hope you can get your paws back on the floor when you get home. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


  8. Hi Sammy Hi Pam…I hear you on the 10 fingers deal…the past 3 days I have worn mine to nubs with all the comment replying I have done on behalf of Nylablue…..We have our parts crossed that she will be here for your party….I think a first & second prize is an excellent idea!!!
    If you need any more food or bevvies just give us a whap & I will go looking for what you need.
    I think you are adorable in your Spa robe 😉
    Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xoxo


    • Hi ladies! First of all, my heart is with both of you with Nylablue’s latest medical crisis. IT’s not fair – just NOT fair. We are praying along with the whole blogosphere. Secondly, the outpouring of love for both of you is as it should be. Keeping up with comments though is tough when there are so many! Mom had 517 in her inbox from my blog alone!! Thirdly, we’re all set for the Sam-O-Ween celebration – thanks again for the snack photos. We have tons more entries to load up in the poll but all is well – thanks for your help.

      Lastly……..again Nylablue……and Miss Sherri-Ellen…….stay strong……….hug each other……….be brave………..and know you are LOVED!

      Pam and Sam


      • 😉 sometimes Pam & Sammy we know things in Life are not fair. I accept that due to Nylablue’s hard life b4 me she was a chronically ill kitty girl. Altho I rescued her not knowing her true condition, once I knew her problems I knew she was meant to be with me….thru the good & bad times.
        yes the blogosphere have kept me buoyed up & Nylablue too. I read many many comments to her & I know she understands…we are loved & that means the world to both of us!
        Sam-O-Ween…Ii so want Nylablue *here* for this party…that is why I set the date of Nov.2nd if she has to be PTS… we can be with you & have one last ‘Hurrah’….it is not in our control tho’…each day a blessing from the Universe to have her with us still.
        Love Sherri-Ellen & Nylablue xo


        • That’s a lovely way to look at things – we are grateful for every day too. No matter what it brings…it’s another day together. I know you want to be in the costume contest Nylablue and you will be no matter what. We have two photos and we’ll use whichever we need to use………but I think that the injections on Sunday might be the trick. We are praying that it is….I know she won’t be happy as the shots hurt but perhaps she will just “know” that she must allow them. Nobody wants you to promise a thing – including a miracle – but they DO happen – and that’s what we’re hoping for. Please give her a big hug from me AND Sammy.

          Love, Pam and Sam


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