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Time For Sam-O-Ween Fun!



Hello Spooky Buddies……Tonight you will get to tour my HAUNTED HOUSE, enjoy some special scary snacks, see the charming cemetery plot in my back garden AND find out who the two winners of our fantastic costume competition are!

So, please step right up and have some fun with me………there’s someone you might recognize waiting to greet you at the door to the Haunted House and he’ll be happy to close the door behind you…..then you can’t ESCAPE !

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I see you managed to get out of the House before the HOUSE got you huh?  Good for you……Haunted Houses have a way of stealing people who go inside them and they sometimes are never seen or heard from again!!!!  I hope you enjoyed your tour and had some snacks while you were trapped in the dining room…..heh heh heh……

Now – for the SUPER BIG announcement of the two winners of our amazing costume contest.  Obviously it was VERY hard for everybody to pick their favorites – all of the costumes were incredible.  I thank each and everyone of you for entering and making this SO MUCH FUN for everybody!   There were over 800 votes cast – can you believe it???

The two entries that got the MOST votes were (drum roll please)……

Sushi and Cody !!

               Congratulations to you both……..



Now, you can be on your way – visiting other houses in the neighborhood for Trick or Treat but remember to be careful of dark corners, dim corridors, funny sounds, and rooms that lead NOWHERE………it’s scary out there tonight!!!   Make sure and stop by Mollie’s and Misaki’s HALLOWEEN BALL……you can get your freak on or boogie the rest of the night away!

Love and Sam-O-Ween Hugs to you all…..

Sammy the Spook

Last Chance!



Welcome to the final day of voting in my costume contest! 

UPDATE:  Poll has closed!  Visit tomorrow to see winners!…..

That’s right – this is it gang.  After today, the top two winners with the most votes will be announced at my Sam-O-Ween Haunted House pawty tomorrow – a lovely way to kick off a night of celebrating as the Grim Reaper and all manner of spooks and goblins and scary people are out and about Trick or Treating……!!!!

I can tell you are all enjoying yourselves looking at all the entries but as I thought, it’s a VERY tough competition with voting fast and furious.  I made it so you SHOULD be able to vote again today if you wish but I have to say Polldaddy is occasionally not very cooperative so if you can’t – SORRY ABOUT THAT – hopefully you voted yesterday and your vote counted!!!

I put the Whammy on WordPress so MAYBE that will help if you have problems voting again today????!!!

I put the Whammy on WordPress so MAYBE that will help if you have problems voting again today????!!!

WHOOPS!!!  You’re too late – The poll closed at 7:30PM EST and  I removed it from this post so the winners would be a surprise –

Aren’t I wicked??????




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Teaserless Tuesday Still FUN



Hi Everyone!  Today is the start of my official Sam-O-Ween celebration

with DAY ONE for voting on the costume contest!

Yes indeed……..I never EVER thought I’d have as many entries as I got but indeed we have a BUNCH – so many that it will take you a while to look at every single one of them but I hope you do – you can bigify them to see them more closely than I could make them with the Polldaddy poll form so please do.  They are all FABULOUS and I’m just so excited that so many of you wanted to play along.

These photos are not in any particular order – and there are no categories for the contest – this is purely a contest to see who gets the MOST votes………….and there are going to be TWO winners – the top two photos getting the most votes will get a prize from ME!   You may pick ALL of your favorites too – you do NOT have to pick just one – you can vote for as many or as few as you wish.  Also, you can come back tomorrow and vote AGAIN.  The poll will close tomorrow night and Halloween we’ll have my HAUNTED HOUSE and the announcing of the winners RIGHT HERE!   WOO HOO (or should that be BOO BOO since it’s almost Halloween???!!!)

So, without further ado (whatever that is), here’s the poll……………..good luck!

I told you it wouldn’t be easy………..but can you BELIEVE how creative and wonderful these costumes are?   Now if you’re in the contest (or even if you aren’t) make sure and tell your friends to come here and vote – anyone can vote.  The more the merrier!

I’ll see you tomorrow for DAY TWO of voting………….meanwhile, ARE YOU READY FOR HALLOWEEN????  GOT CANDY?????? GOT SPOOKY MUSIC??????? Mom’s decorating our porch today.  I’ll show pix I promise!

Sam Wearing His Halloween Scarf


First and Last


FIRST day of the week and LAST day for costume contest entries!   In fact, have them to me no later than 3PM Eastern Standard Time gang because I want everything to be READY for the beginning of voting on Tuesday.   I also hate to disappoint those of you who ADORE (tee hee) my Tuesday Teasers because I DID promise you a Guest Teaser this week but know what?  I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO busy with Sam-O-Ween preparations I’m going to forego Teaser this week.

What’s that?  Do I hear crying?  Do I hear gnashing of teeth (or fangs)?  Do I hear screams of anguish?  Do I hear swearing (eeek!)………well, I’m sorry gang but hey – I’m working my little ginger tocks off to make my Haunted House and my contest FUN for you.  OK???????

Now I have to tell you that we have a lot of entries – at last count over 35 – so it will be a very BIG poll for you to wade through but take time to bigify the photos and really look at all of them when you start perusing because every single one of the entires if FABULOUS……absolutely FABULOUS and FUN.   You will be able to vote for as many costumes as you want to.  When all is said and done on October 30th and the voting is closed, the TWO entries with the most votes will win.

BUT really everyone is a winner…….every single entry took time to do, took a lot of creativity to make, took either a very cooperative pet (!!) sitting still for getting dressed up OR a creative human helping to “dress up” a pet in something fun or funny or beautiful.   SO – if you haven’t entered yet – enter NOW………we won’t take any LATE entries!!!  Aren’t we mean?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Saturday my Mom went to a kiddies Halloween party and had a blast…….I thought maybe you might like to see some photos from that.  Just to get you in the Halloween mood!

So, that’s about it for my Monday report…………..tomorrow is the BIG DAY with day one of voting……… be sure and come by to see me and please know that I absolutely totally promise that NEXT Tuesday we truly WILL have a Teaser!!!!  Honest!!!

Now 'scuse me while I pass out and rest....I'm exhausted!!!!

Now ‘scuse me while I pass out and rest….I’m exhausted!!!!