Teaser Tell All


Hello Teaser Fans!

Remember I started out my blog yesterday announcing the Teaser as one that I thought would be easier than last week’s “rub out” Teaser??? Well it actually WAS an easy one because bunches of you got PART of the answer right. Here’s the photo again:


Where was it snapped? Ireland – CORRECT!! But where in Ireland? I had several good guesses……BUT nobody guessed what town and actually I think that would have been fairly impossible unless someone had SEEN this cottage with their own eyeballs like my parents had in BUNRATTY FOLK PARK, BUNRATTY, IRELAND!! The Folk Park was this 47 acre park full of replica or in some cases actual historical cottages and outbuildings authentic to the past of Ireland. Lots of people wear costumes and “act” in the park and conduct business like feeding livestock kept on the grounds and harvesting cottage crops, etc. Very cool spot – and my parents started their wonderful trip to Ireland by seeing Bunratty Castle and this folk park on their tour.

As I said, lots of you guessed “Ireland” but the FIRST to guess that was our Teaser Tycoon, EASY !   So he definitely gets the First Right Guesser Award but ALL of you who guessed Ireland get the Sammy Hug…….CONCATULATIONS all of you who recognized the thatched roof and cottage style as Irish.  That it was lads and lassies – Aye – that it was me darlins’ !

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award....this week is EASY's!

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award….this week is EASY’s!

The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......goes to all of you who guessed IRELAND!

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……goes to all of you who guessed IRELAND!

Congratulations Lads and Lassies!!! 

As all of you know, there are tons of things going on right now in Blogville – the latest one involves two dear, sweet cats named Rachel and Ray Charles who have started out their lives in very pitiful straits but who have been helped with their situation by a lot of really caring people.  I read about them on Savannah’s blog – you can read about them too and help to spread the word perhaps to help them find a home.  They will have a tough enough road ahead and a caring home should be the LEAST of their worries!   If you click on this badge that I got from Savannah’s blog, you can go visit her blog to get the story.


Also, Mollie is still having a great raffle to benefit Benny – to help him with his HUGE medical bills for his cancer treatments so make sure and visit Mollie too!

If you can’t keep up with all the activities going on around the blogosphere there are lots of great spots you can join to keep aware – I only talk about a FEW of them on my blog but there are TONS of them.  Cat Blogosphere and BlogPaws are only two BIG sites that have information on what’s going on.  I’m sure there are others but I belong to both of those.   In fact (tee hee, snicker) I’m going to be in the 2014 Cat Blogosphere Calendar for the month of December!!!  Just one of other kitties featured in that month of course but I’ll be there nonetheless – how cool is THAT???????

Well, I hope you all have a fabulous day – – – – – I think I will – – – – – right now I’m waiting for Mom to undertake the job of changing the sheets on her and Dad’s bed so I can enjoy playing in the new sheets and prevent her from putting the quilt back on.  Just another little FUN thing I do every Thursday to keep OLD MOM on her toesies!

Kitty Hugs, Your Teaser Dude, Sammy

Tuesday Teaser


Hi Teaser Buddies!   Today’s the day……….yep here’s one for you and I’m not sure if it’s a toughie or an easy one.  I think you deserve an easy one after last week but that remains to be seen !!!!

See if you can guess where my parents were when my Mom snapped this beauty.  I need to know city/country/state – the details puleeeeeeeeeeeze.  Can’t say “Planet Earth” – that will NOT count.



Whatcha think?  Hmmmm????  You’ve got all day today to come back and peek at it again and again (or look at someone else’s guess and copy them if you prefer….hahahahaha).  If you’re FIRST to guess the right mystery location for the photo, you get THIS!

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award....

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award….

And if you get it right but you’re not first OR you don’t have a clue and don’t know and will never know, you’ll get the appropriate one of these!!

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Good luck gang – you know I’m pulling for each and everyone of you……………..

now come on – get to work examining that photo and send me your guesses!!

Happy Tuesday from Sammy the Teaser

Contest Winners


Happy Monday! Now wasn’t that a super contest???? I thought so………….and you probably know who won if you’ve been keeping tabs on the contest but I closed the voting at 4PM Sunday and here are our FABULOUS winners……..






Nacholookingformissing parsley



Thank you everyone for entering the contest and voting and having such a great time with my SCHOOL DAZE contest! 

Winners, please email me with your snail mail addresses so I can send you your FABULULOUS surprise packages ASAP.

Well that was fun but I'm exhausted.....!

Well that was fun but I’m exhausted…..!

Tomorrow my friends is of course the world famous (well, maybe not the entire world but a lot of it anyway!) Tuesday Teaser so sharpen up your eyeballs and get out your maps, catalogs, travel brochures, and whatever else you need to figure out WHERE the photos were taken.  The fun just never stops on ONE SPOILED CAT does it?!?!

Happy Monday…………

Your Friend Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Not Quite Silent Sunday


Almost Silent……but not quite……have to remind you all that THIS is the last day to vote in the polls…….AND after the polls, just one more thing – I promise – then you can have a SILENT SUNDAY!

The Voting Polls Are Now Closed!!!!  (4PM EST)


Last thing before I go???  Well, I got my package from the Dachsies With Moxie blog auction last month to benefit the Moore Tornado Victims!  I was high bidder on some kitty blankets donated by Miss Dianda at Cats & Co.   Yesterday I got my package from her ALLLLL the way from Holland!  Excited?  You betcha….and there was a mousie and some snackies as well as a card IN ADDITION to my two new blankies!  WOO HOO……THANK YOU MISS DIANDA!

Oh!  This is VERY nappable and cozy.....!

Oh! This is VERY nappable and cozy…..!

Treats and a mousie TOO?  I'm so lucky aren't I Mommy!!!

Treats and a mousie TOO? I’m so lucky aren’t I Mommy!!!

Tomorrow – Contest Winners Announced !!!!

Happy Almost Silent Sunday………Sammy

BUSY Caturday!


Hi Everybody and welcome to CATURDAY with Sammy!

What an exciting day yesterday was. Lots of people stopped by to see the School Daze Contest entries and vote. Thanks to you for that and if you haven’t voted – go for it. Polls will close tomorrow at 4PM EST so there’s time AND you can vote for as many entries in each category as you wish!   Here are the polls again and Savannah – I MANAGED TO GET YOU IN THERE!!!!  Everybody Savannah has votes already – yesterday I couldn’t add her to the poll so asked for votes in comments and she got some…today you can CLICK to vote for her and everyone else!  WOO HOO (thanks Polldaddy for cooperating).


I also want to thank my super duper beautiful friend Misaki for nominating me for an award – this is a way cool award – it’s a “triple decker” one in fact. THREE IN ONE! I actually have all of these in “single” form but this is all three in one badge. Thanks Misaki for thinking of me. I’m linking back to you and going to come up with seven things about me (it’s getting tough to think of seven NEW things!!!) and while I’m suppose to nominate up to 15 friends, honestly I think everybody has these in single form but if you’d like the triple decker – PLEASE DO TAKE IT FROM ME MY FRIENDS – just follow the rules please.  Link to the person nominating you (me!), notify the recipients via comment on their blog, list seven things about you…….


SEVEN THINGS ABOUT MOM (because I couldn’t think of 7 things you don’t already know about me!):

1.  I wanted to be an archeologist when I was growing up……(no kidding)

2.  My first job was with the Department of the Army…….(but I was a civilian, not in the armed forces!!)

3.  I think I’ve already told this BUT I lived in Weisbaden, Germany and Taipei, Taiwan in addition to several states in the US of A thanks to my Dad being in the Air Force – I still LOVE traveling

4.  I’m a cancer survivor – SEVERAL times  (woo hoo)

5.  I used to sell my oil paintings and pen/ink drawings  in shows, studios AND a gallery in a hospital

6.  The most cats I’ve ever had at once was three…..but would LOVE to have a house full (crazy cat lady at heart)

7.  I used to write poetry ALL THE TIME……lots of it……and edited a book of poetry for a publisher some years ago which put me in contact with Maya Angelou who contributed a poem to the book

OK Mom……thanks for that – I think everybody’s tired of hearing about ME now they can be tired of hearing about YOU too….HAHAHAHAHA

The last thing I want to tell everyone is that Mom and I were featured on our beautiful Canadian songwriter/singer/artist Cat Forsley’s blog “Fervour & Forever” yesterday.  You can visit the blog to check it out HERE !   Thank you Miss Cat.  You’re the BESTEST.

That’s about it – don’t forget the polls will close tomorrow so vote while you can – and send your friends to vote if you’re in the contest!


Your Pal Sammy

PEE ESSS   If you haven’t bought raffle tickets at Mollie’s yet to benefit Benny and help him with his treatment costs, PLEASE DO!  We have!