School Daze Contest!


Hi Everybody and Happy Monday!

Yesterday the little boys next door were talking about how excited they are to be going back to school in a few weeks.  My Mom says she remembers when she was a kid that SHE was excited about school (not so much when she got older though….. 😀 😀 :D).   Anyway, I thought just for some fun (and prizes of course) we’d have a bit of a contest – how’s that sound?


AND – there will be TWO categories you can enter…………… can only enter ONE of these!!

Category ONE

If you were getting ready to go back to school and wanted to be the Teacher’s Pet (tee hee), what present would you take her that would be so fabulous that she’d pick YOU to be her “Pet” ??????   Hmmm???   And I’m not saying give her a check for a bazillion dollars either – I mean something totally awesome that she could put on her desk that she’d be so impressed with that you’d be her favorite kid in the classroom.


SO, here’s the deal on Category One  – you have all this week to come up with a picture of what you’d bring the teacher the first day – send it to me in an email ( with the subject “CONTEST ENTRY” !

OR – you can enter the other category….

Category TWO

If you enter this category, you have to send me a photo depicting “WHAT I DID ON MY SUMMER VACATION” – yep – a photo showing everybody what you did while off from school to keep yourself occupied.  For instance, here’s MINE:


I had a very interesting summer away from school – decided to take a little trip to scout out locations for another camping trip – only this time I thought we’d go to another PLANET to camp!  Anyway, if I were entering the contest in Category Two this would be my entry.  Cool huh?

So your photos for EITHER category can be photoshopped, Pizapped, REAL, whatever – doesn’t matter.  Just make sure you send ONE PHOTO in and tell me WHICH CATEGORY YOU’RE ENTERING…………Got it?

Then this Friday we’ll have a poll with YOU voting for the BEST photo in each category.  Winners will get a PRIZE – a real PRIZE – how’s THAT sound?   One prize for the winner of each category.

Put your thinking caps on………………you have until Thursday to get your photos to me – any questions please ask in comments and I’ll respond – then Friday the poll will go up and you will have a chance to see everybody’s entries and VOTE!

Meanwhile, don’t forget tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser…………WOO HOO…………….I’m looking for a REAL “stumper” too so watch out (you too Easy!).

Have a GREAT Monday and get to work thinking about what your present to the teacher would be if you wanted to be the Teacher’s Pet!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy (My Mommy’s Pet!)

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    • Hi Mollie!!! I thought it might be fun…hopefully you and the Alf-dude can come up with something and enter… don’t have a lot of “spare time” but I hope you can play along!!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  1. Wow! Another contest…sounds like fun! (We’ll probably enter contest number two. Motor Mommy NEVER liked school and still doesn’t like to even think about it!)
    Love, Sundae


  2. Oh Sammy, I love a little project to work on! I was thinking though, wouldn’t I be such a great present? I could just send in a picture of myself since Mamma won’t part with me. She said I better keep thinking…

    ~ Coccolino the mini pig


    • Cocco I think you would make a FABULOUS present…..but then again your Mom loves you to pieces and most certainly could NEVER part with you. Put your thinking piggy cap on and see if you can enter my contest though OK???

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  3. What fun contests! I wish I could enter, but it’s kind of hard to choose between the two. About school…I have to start this Thursday. I dislike going to school at times, and it’s hard to get back into the routine. Good thinking for the contests though Sammy!


  4. Oh I remember about “what I did on my summer vacation” that was the first essay what my mom had to write every year . She had always to lie, because that what she really did was not really the stuff you should tell to your teacher. My mom was the pet of the biology teacher and she collected a jellyfish for her. Wow my granny was peeved as she discovered that slimy thingy in my mom’s suitcase. I put my thinking cap on – maybe a jellyfish is not the right gift for a teacher :o)


    • Gosh Easy – a jellyfish is an interesting gift…….my Mom likes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches……wonder what a peanut butter and jellyfish sandwich would taste like? I’m sure it’s as disgusting as it sounds! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  5. this bee a awesum contest smmy…de best oh fishes two everee one in all 5 catty goreez 🙂 !!!! happee bacon monday buddy ~~~~~


    • Hey youz guys – was just visiting your gallery of fur – FURRY impressive!!! You need to enter my contest – I’m getting entries already……AND even if you don’t enter, DO stop by and vote on Friday!

      Kitty Hugs, Sam


  6. Yow me n Mum just sent ya a photo fer kategory #1…Mum sayz she did diz when she waz 9 1/2 years old takin a bunch of wildflowerz to Mr. Drake who she had a BIG crush on!!! She ended up in Principull’z office n got in truuble but she said it was worth it to see da smile on da Teachur’z face!!! MOL!!
    Nylablue xo


  7. My Human has been a teacher for almost FORTY years so she is gonna think REALLY, REALLY hard about the first question and try to get her entry in on time which will be hard for her cause she’s lay-zee AND she has to go back to school on Wednesday of this week. So she’s a little bummed. She says she’ll get it done though!


    • Hi Spitty! Wow – so your human is a teacher huh? Well she should be an EXPERT on what to give the teacher to make a GOOD impression!!! Hope you can talk her into helping you enter the contest – AND of course even if you don’t get a photo to my Mom by Thursday you MUST come back Friday and see the entires and vote – you don’t have to be IN the contest to vote…..YAY!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  8. Wow Sammy, those are two interesting and tough categories. We are going to need to put all eight of our heads together to figure out which one to enter. Bring on the Teaser. We’re ready to crash and burn again. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Misty May, Mauricio, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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    • Hi Timmy! I got a photo from you but it didn’t say if it was for the contest or not – just let me know because it definitely could be in Category 2 about summer vacations!! WOO HOO

      Kitty Hugs, Sam


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