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Silent Sunday


It’s too danged hot to do anything but be QUIET today……so I’m sharing a photo of one of my Mom’s old oil paintings which is a great SUNDAY theme anyway!

STAY COOL………(if you’re hot)………..STAY WARM……….(if you’re cold)…………see you tomorrow!

Mom painted this about 25 years ago from a photo of an Eric Sloane painting.....

Mom painted this about 25 years ago from a photo of an Eric Sloane painting…..

Kitty Hugs, Silent Sam  😀 😀

PEE ESSSSS    Happy Blogaversary to The Cat On My Head today!    Happy Blogaversary tomorrow to Mollie and Alfie!    PAWTY TIME……………….

Caturday Crashing Out


Hi Everybody!  Oh not THAT kind of crash…………I mean the kind where all you do is lie around and relax and rest and hang out and SLEEP……………BECAUSE IT’S TOO DANGED HOT TO DO ANYTHING ELSE!!!

Cousin Toby cooling down in his pond

My Cousin Toby used to have a little natural pool in his backyard and THIS is how he kept cool!

Yesterday we were somewhere in the range of 105 – which is terribly hot when there’s not even a breath of air out there.  And there wasn’t.  Not a breeze…….But undaunted by the heat I bugged Mom two or three times to come out on the front porch with me – just BECAUSE……..I wanted to check things out – take a sniff of fresh air – make sure there were no intruders – you know – the usual “I’m guarding this house” kind of stuff.

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

Yikes – even the SHADE is hot!


Even in the shade on the front porch it was all I could do to handle a ten minute sit down on the concrete!   I didn’t see a squirrel frolicking in the grass – no birds flying around – not a chirp or peep up in the trees even.  Everybody was in SIESTA mode I think.

No sign of intruders AT ALL!

No sign of intruders AT ALL!

Today we’re having more of the same…………so I’ll be taking it easy……… Mom and Dad have NO outdoor plans either.  We’ll all just have a QUIET, CRASH OUT, KIND OF CATURDAY!

Napping with Mom on the recliner

What? You want to know if I want to go outside? Are you CRAZY Mom?????

Boring?  Yep……….but SMART when it’s this hot!!

Enjoy your Caturday – take time to crash out a bit…………it’s weekend time……………

Kitty Hugs, Sammy – One Hot Cat


Pee Ess……………Yesterday we learned that little MJ in the UK has been diagnosed with diabetes so her adoption to the wonderful forever home she had lined up is now on hold again.  Hopefully she can be started on treatment and will find a wonderful family who knows of her condition and STILL wants to adopt her…………so keep your paws crossed for little MJ……..Savannah and Leo and MANY other people worked very hard to find a home for her and now we’re all back at “Square One”!   Hang in there MJ………….



Funny Friday


Hi Peeps!  Happy Friday.

What fun I had yesterday at Basil’s birthday pawty – I hope you all were able to stop by to wish him a happy birthday!

Several of you said you thought those photos of me in my “muscle” and “no muscle” conditions were hilarious (or scary) and it got me thinking about some of the ridiculous photos Mom’s done before………..Yes I’ve shared SOME of them but thought I’d show you a few more for a good Friday Giggle-fest!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

If you were drinking coffee while looking at my slideshow I hope I got you giggling enough to spurt coffee out your nose……… THAT’s a fun way to start a Friday!   Aren’t I a little devil??


Because I love you!


Thursday Stuff


Hi Gang!

Everyone’s still talking about how I fooled you (or Mom did really) on the Teaser this week but believe me – I’m not expecting to have another GOTCHA moment.  It was probably a “one off” because you guys are just so darn smart……….

So, a few goodies to pass on…………..

Today is Little Basil’s FIRST BIRTHDAY and his brothers are giving him a surprise pawty so make sure and visit him today at Hutch A Good Life!

Have a GRAND First Birthday Basil !

Have a GRAND First Birthday Basil !

If you haven’t been by the Hutch lately, maybe you haven’t met the newest addition named Nacho – he’s adorable and he’s now keeping Nutty company.

Also, on Sunday, there’s gonna be a PAWTY at “The Cat On My Head” where on Sunday, July 21st they celebrate their one year BLOGAVERSARY………..woo woo woo!

Guess who else is celebrating a BLOGAVERSARY????  Mollie and Alfie – theirs is next Monday, July 22nd.


So Many PAWTIES – You’ll Have To Keep Your Pawty Hat HANDY

I don’t know about you but with all these parties and all the snacks and food and stuff, I’m going to have to work EXTRA hard to stay in shape…………….I’m thinking of suggesting to Mollie that SHE be the hostess for “AniPal Exercise” – just like her Mom Miss Stella does YOGO……..after all, lots of us are real slugs when the weather gets hot……we need to STAY IN SHAPE!






So, see you at all the parties gang…………….if not, stay cool – I know it’s been HOT HOT HOT almost everywhere.  I’ve been spending extra time inside with Mom in the AC.  I’m ONE COOL CAT!

Kitty hugs, Sammy

Teaser Tell All



OK……..I’ve just gotta tell you all not to count on what Mom calls her photos when she downloads them for a clue because sometimes it’s not telling where the photo was taken but where the whole trip was heading…….why am I telling you that??  Well, yesterday’s Teaser was a perfect example…………’s the photo again:



Mom and I actually had forgotten that if you right click “Properties” you will see the file name for the photo (we made a note to remember to remove that in the future but then again maybe we won’t!).  That would NOT have worked yesterday for you because know where that photo was taken??????

Basel, Switzerland – where Mom and Dad boarded the cruise ship for their eight day Rhine River Cruise !!!!

Avalon Waterways transported all the passengers who were taking this particular cruise from their hotel meeting place in Zurich, Switzerland down to the dockside area in Basel where they began the incredible journey along the Rhine.  Mom has shared some of those photos in previous Teasers but we’d never shown the starting point which was NOT in Germany. 

I guess we kinda fooled you on that one huh?   And once someone says they figured it out and HOW they did, some of you jump on the old bandwagon with them.  Still, isn’t it fun to try and figure it all out?  I’m sure the skyline has changed since this cruise though – my parents did the Rhine River Cruise in 2000 – I bet there are a lot more high rise buildings along the waterfront in Basel by now – but hopefully NOT because my Mom said it was a beautiful town.  High rises kind of ruin that just a bit don’t you think? 

Anyway, NOBODY guessed Basel, Switzerland so all of you get this for this week’s Teaser:



Now remember, next week, don’t rely on whatever my Mom MAY have titled the photo – you just never know if she’s being sneaky, made a mistake, or named it after some particular trip……makes it that much more interesting doesn’t it?????


Kitty Hugs, Sneaky Teaser Sam !!

Tuesday Teaser


So here’s your Teaser today………………get out those magnifying glasses (or clean your eyeglasses!)  and Easy – if you have a catalog of skylines of course THAT will help!   I think this is a really tough Teaser because there’s not much to go by in the way of a hint……other than that skyline and not everybody knows their skylines right?  So good luck to everyone…..give it your best shot!


So what do you think?  Any ideas?  If you have them BRING THEM ON because you only have today to decide!  Tomorrow is the Teaser Tell All and awards will be handed out appropriately!

This is what you get for being the FIRST RIGHT GUESSER:

The Much Coveted First Right Guesser Award....

The Much Coveted First Right Guesser Award….

This is what you get if you’re right but not FIRST:

You guessed the Teaser correctly!

You guessed the Teaser correctly!

And anybody who wants to pout because they didn’t get it – or even if you’re not pouting but want credit for at least GUESSING, gets this!


So that’s my show for today – – – – I’ll be checking back from time to time to see how you’re doing figuring THIS one out………………woo hoo and away we go………………

Kitty Hugs Teaser Buddies, Sammy 😀

Mini-Me Monday


Hi Peeps!

Well I’ve been seeing a lot of little “mini-mes” around on your blogs – some of you have found or made your own “little versions” of YOU and I think they are so VERY cool, I decided it’s high time I do it myself. Mom remembered she had a little stuffed tiger thing and got it out and we tried to do a photo shoot.

Whatcha think?

Mom - you really think I look like this THING????

Mom – you really think I look like this THING????


You've gotta be kidding me Mom.....!

You’ve gotta be kidding me Mom…..!


You wanna know what I think?  I'm heading to my food bowl....see ya.....

You wanna know what I think? I’m heading to my food bowl….see ya…..


Well, as you can see, I wasn’t overjoyed and deserted the sinking ship – I left Mom to her own devices……….of course when I do that, anything can happen and usually does.  So she came up with this Pizap version of me and my mini-me.   I suppose I COULD (if I had to) live with this version.   But just BARELY!


So much for THAT little experiment!!

Don’t forget – tomorrow’s Tuesday Teaser – going LIVE at 6AM Eastern Standard Time!

Happy Mini-Me Monday……..Kitty hugs, Sammy


Wet, Wet, and More Wet


Hi Everyone!

Holy cow did we ever get a LOT of rain yesterday.  I’ve been reading on some of your blogs that it’s either so hot you can barely stand it or you’re getting drenched with rain like me – what’s with that?  Huh?

It's happening again like it did a while back - I'm glad I'm on a hill!  EEEEEK!

It’s happening again like it did a while back – I’m glad I’m on a hill! EEEEEK!


It’s supposed to be better next week.  But I’ve heard THAT one before.   Are any of us ever really, truly HAPPY with our weather anymore?   Maybe it’s time we start a petition to give to the weather guy.

I’m trying to make the best of it though………playing with my toys, napping a lot, pestering Mom at every opportunity, catching up on reading YOUR blogs…….the usual “making the time pass” kind of stuff.  But honestly, it’s not easy sometimes.  I’d kinda like to go outside and munch a little greenery, perhaps play in a puddle – continue searching for the missing Freddy the Frog (alas I think he’s moved away permanently)……but all I do is look out the window and WAIT.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Tomorrow is SUNday… you think because it’s called SUNday that maybe – just MAYBE – we might have some sun?????

A guy can only hope…………….

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😦

I just joined a Bloggy Hop on Ranger’s blog….wowzers – my first one – hope I did it right!

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Let’s Go Shopping!


Hi Everybody!

Friday’s here…..and I thought maybe today I’d do a blog about some of the things you might like to spend your allowance on. You DO get an allowance don’t you? Well, I hope you do….you know I have my very own Kitty Bank where I deposit the coins Mom gives me for doing chores around here. When I get enough in there I can buy stuff that I want. Usually from THIS PLACE!

Mollie's Fab Store!

Mollie’s Fab Store!

Mollie’s WONDERFUL shop on her blog – toys galore and some human goodies too!  I have lots of great things and Mollie and her Mum make all of them!

CLICK on Mollie’s photo to visit her blog AND her shop…..

I also can recommend this place – mostly because I’m one of the lucky product testers for them and I can attest to the quality of their toys – and they sell EVERYTHING for animals – not just stuff I like but stuff any animal would like.  If you click on the logo you can visit them too!

Nip and Bones!

Nip and Bones!

And for the human in your life I just bet they’d love to read my Mom’s mystery novel – OR even either of her kids books!  Yep – the mystery novel isn’t really for kids BUT the kids books truly are and I can personally recommend them both…….The cover for “Rainbow Forest Fables” is one I’m particularly proud of – I helped Mom find the purrfect tree in my woods for her to make the little “fairy house” she photographed for the cover.  It’s a book full of stories with lessons for kids AND my Mom did all the artwork for it too!

Rainbow Forest Fables Cover

My Mom’s first kiddies book! (that’s KIDDIES not KITTIES !)

Mom's mystery novel: available on Amazon as a Kindle download OR a paperback book

Mom’s mystery novel: available on Amazon as a Kindle download OR a paperback book

About a feral kitten who starts his own cat colony in the Rainbow Forest

About a feral kitten who starts his own cat colony in the Rainbow Forest

I know it’s not fair for me to plug my Mom’s stuff – but this post IS about shopping right? 

Both “The Mystery of David’s Bridge” and “Rainbow Forest Fables” are available on Amazon – just enter Mom’s name in their search box!

“Ferol’s  Rainbow Forest Family” is only available on Lulu.  Just go to and enter the name of the book!

Now, just when you think what a self-serving kind of guy I am putting all my Mom’s books up here YET AGAIN, now I’ll remind you if I may that I myself have a spot where you can shop – yes indeed.  WAY WAY WAY down on my sidebar (beyond all the bling) is a link to my Cafepress store.   It’s actually a work in progress because my “assistant” hasn’t loaded up too much stuff there as yet BUT never fear – all the most popular stuff is there including my famous mousepad with YOURS TRULY on it snoring away.  So if you feel inclined to visit THAT, please do!

Click to visit my fab store!

Click to visit my fab store!


Well I don’t know about you, but I’m tired from all that shopping – I do believe I’ll go curl up somewhere and REST – spending money is EXHAUSTING!


Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀