Teaser Tell All


Howdy Everybody! WOW……that was a GREAT Teaser wasn’t it? Hmmm??? Several of you really REALLY did a lot of close examination of that photo but only ONE guessed it exactly right and of course was FIRST with the right guess………

Here’s the photo one last time!

MysteryPhotoJuly29This photo was taken by my Mom in 1990.  She and my Dad were on their honeymoon – the SECOND stop of their honeymoon – which was in VENICE, ITALY !!!!!   Congratulations to Boomdeeadda for guessing it exactly right and in doing so she was the FIRST (and only) one to do that!!!!   These are for you Boomdee:

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award....

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award….


The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……


If you don’t know about Boomdeeadda you SHOULD.  I love her blog (and Mom does too).  She’s VERY crafty (as in makes incredibly wonderful things!) and artistic.  We love all her ideas!  She also has two beautiful girl kitties named Petals and Blossom.  Please make sure you visit her blog because I think you’ll enjoy your visit!

Several of you actually DID guess “Italy”…….not Venice, but still Italy – and you were also right so please if you’d like to award yourself the “Big Sammy Hug for Guessing the Teaser” it’s all yours…….there are a lot of rile roofs in Europe and while Mom and Dad have never been to Istanbul, we loved that many of you thought that’s where these particular tiled roofs were located!

The picture was taken from a little rooftop bar on top of the Hotel Ala which was where my parents stayed in Venice.  I’ve shared a photo from that time before – might have been one of my first Teasers in fact….a photo of my Mom and Dad having some wine (maybe a bit too much wine…but it WAS their honeymoon after all!!).  It was right on a little side canal and just a few steps from the Grand Canal.  My Mom and Dad LOVED Venice and it’s my Mom’s dream to return there some day.

YAY!   That was fun wasn’t it?????   Oh yeah……those of you who didn’t get it right – or even come close to getting it right – or were miles and miles and miles off – or guessed some other planet in another solar system (haha), this is for YOU!

The less coveted but lovely "I have no idea WHERE this photo is from" award......

The less coveted but lovely “I have no idea WHERE this photo is from” award……



Kitty Hugs, Sammy


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  1. Yay…..I knew I was wrong Sammy hahahahahaa and I was right..that I was wrong..if that’s right!!! hehheeheeeh and a romantic pic too 😉
    Have a great day sweet gingerbread man hugs Fozziemum xxxxx


    • I love being a gingerbread man…..and that photo of Dinnermintz on your slideshow this morning was amazing because I think she and I are TWINS!!!!!! TWIN GINGERS!!!!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


      • Well Sammy I know!! that is what I thought first time I met you..and I think that’s why people think she is a boy!! you are Gingerbread Twins ..G.T’s rule!! and yet you look very manly and she looks very girly! see the perfect girlfuriend for you 😉 together you could rule the world! hahaaha
        Big hugs Fozziemum xx


        • Oh we gingers know we could rule the world but it’s kind of fun to see how many people we can MANIPULATE into waiting on us hand and foot vs. then feeling “obligated” due to royalty status! Tee Hee!

          Kitty Hugs, Sammy


          • See Sammy you are wise! and indeed that’s how it works..this one has me wrapped around her little fluffy tail…three times on foster to me…she knew what she was doing…knew I would not be abe to take her back,knew we would have to adopt her…and we don’t regret a minute…;)
            Hugs Fozziemum xx


          • Oh we gingers (male and female) know what we’re doing EVERY SINGLE MINUTE……if we seem dumb it’s because we’re acting that way on purpose……if we seem extra smart – it’s cuz we ARE!!!! Hee Hee

            Kitty Hugs, Sam


    • Hi Sundae! It was quite a toughie and it’s amazing Boomdee got it right – I’m not doing much today – right now I’m heading in to take a snooze on Mom’s bed while she takes a shower….then I guess I’ll find another snooze spot OR maybe whine for her to take me out on the front porch……what a life huh? Hope you find a sun puddle today – we’re not going to see Mr. Sun here I’m afraid! 😦

      Love, Sam


    • Hi Miss June! I have some regular “I have no idea” badge prize winners and everybody seems to be quite happy with that one……See? Even losers are winners ’round MY bloggy!!

      Happy Wednesday, Kitty Hugs, Sam


    • Oh your people will LOVE Italy – my Mom was just a few minutes ago telling my Dad that she absolutely MUST go back herself……she fell in love with Italy but especially Venice. Jail – a necessary evil when the peeps wander away from home!!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  2. Wahoooooooo! Thanks everyone and how the hey did I guess right? LOL. I’ve actually been to Venice and it’s sooooo gorgeous and wonderful. Thanks for the teaser, the hugs and all the nice words about Boomdeeadda. So much fun!!! xo Boomdee


    • FABULOUS!! WOO HOO!! So happy you won – the only one to guess Venice too – bravo. My Mom adored Venice and cried when they had to board the train for the next leg of the honeymoon which was Lucerne, Switzerland. Of all the places they went on that trip, Venice felt the most like a place she’d lived in before in a previous life (!!!!).

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


    • Hi Miss Deb and gang! I’m glad you liked my Tuesday Teaser…..I do one every week and it’s a challenge finding a tough one but it seems at least ONE PERSON always gets it right each time. I love teasing people (just ask Mom!!!).

      Kitty hugs, Sammy


  3. Mom must really be losing it. We know we wrote a comment here, but she must not have hit the Post Comment button. No wonder we keep getting further and further behind. As usual, we didn’t get it right, and our humans were even in Venice just a couple of years ago. Someday, somehow, our time will come. And we don’t even care if we are first. Purrs and hugs, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo


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