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Teaser Tell All


Howdy Everybody! WOW……that was a GREAT Teaser wasn’t it? Hmmm??? Several of you really REALLY did a lot of close examination of that photo but only ONE guessed it exactly right and of course was FIRST with the right guess………

Here’s the photo one last time!

MysteryPhotoJuly29This photo was taken by my Mom in 1990.  She and my Dad were on their honeymoon – the SECOND stop of their honeymoon – which was in VENICE, ITALY !!!!!   Congratulations to Boomdeeadda for guessing it exactly right and in doing so she was the FIRST (and only) one to do that!!!!   These are for you Boomdee:

The Much Coveted "First Right Guesser" Award....

The Much Coveted “First Right Guesser” Award….


The "I Guessed RIGHT!" award......

The “I Guessed RIGHT!” award……


If you don’t know about Boomdeeadda you SHOULD.  I love her blog (and Mom does too).  She’s VERY crafty (as in makes incredibly wonderful things!) and artistic.  We love all her ideas!  She also has two beautiful girl kitties named Petals and Blossom.  Please make sure you visit her blog because I think you’ll enjoy your visit!

Several of you actually DID guess “Italy”…….not Venice, but still Italy – and you were also right so please if you’d like to award yourself the “Big Sammy Hug for Guessing the Teaser” it’s all yours…….there are a lot of rile roofs in Europe and while Mom and Dad have never been to Istanbul, we loved that many of you thought that’s where these particular tiled roofs were located!

The picture was taken from a little rooftop bar on top of the Hotel Ala which was where my parents stayed in Venice.  I’ve shared a photo from that time before – might have been one of my first Teasers in fact….a photo of my Mom and Dad having some wine (maybe a bit too much wine…but it WAS their honeymoon after all!!).  It was right on a little side canal and just a few steps from the Grand Canal.  My Mom and Dad LOVED Venice and it’s my Mom’s dream to return there some day.

YAY!   That was fun wasn’t it?????   Oh yeah……those of you who didn’t get it right – or even come close to getting it right – or were miles and miles and miles off – or guessed some other planet in another solar system (haha), this is for YOU!

The less coveted but lovely "I have no idea WHERE this photo is from" award......

The less coveted but lovely “I have no idea WHERE this photo is from” award……



Kitty Hugs, Sammy


Tuesday Teaser


Hear Ye, Hear Ye…….is everyone ready for Tuesday Teaser?  Hmmm??? 

Good!  Then let’s get to it……………


Today’s Teaser is just a little something I put together to keep you on your toes.  My pal Easy won’t be able to use his “figure it out tools” which are – as we all know – his bench, costume, trash cans of the world, etc. catalogs that he’s ordered from Amazon so he can put all the clues together and guess the Tuesday Teaser first every week!  This time it’s definitely got NONE of those things visible.  It’s an enigma.  Yep – sure is.

Everybody take a look, give me your best shot – I want to know what city in the universe these roofs are in????  My parents snapped this little gem on a trip.  But WHERE WERE THEY????  Hmm?????MysteryPhotoJuly29

Remember you have to let me know TODAY because tomorrow is award day…….you’ll get one (or more!) of the fabulous, personally designed badges for Tuesday Teasers!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then of course you all know by now that if you would like to display this little gem on your blog you most certainly can…………….why not raise your hand (or paw or claw) and admit to the fact that you’re addicted to my Tuesday Teasers????  Tell the world you’re not afraid to get out there and GUESS every week!



There’s not much else to share today – all eyes are on the Teaser on Tuesdays around here!  I did, however, hear a little rumbling in my house that my parents are planning a getaway in October.  Just a few days BUT it will involve yours truly having to visit Paws A While… favorite (and only) kennel where I will bask in the sunshine of their love in my own private cell space while my parents are missing me desperately (I’m sure!).  Where are they going?  Some place called MAINE.  Why are they going there?  Mom wants LOBSTER……can you believe it?  She can have a furry ginger kitty on her lap but she wants a hard, claw snapping lobster instead!

Oh well – they do deserve a break.  I guess.

Now get to it and take a peek at the Teaser……………………I’m waiting to hear from you!!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy The Teaser Dude



NO that’s not a typo…………today is Momday.  I decided that today is going to be all about Mom.  YES I know she has her own day once a year anyway – Mother’s Day, but today is MOMday here in my house.

Sam's Mom, Writer and Artist Pam Kimmell

Hi Mom!

So why Momday?  Well, a better question might be WHY NOT?!   Yesterday as I was watching Mom clean out my litterbox for the third time since morning I got to thinking about how much she really does for me.  She does LOTS.   From my first meal of the day to my last hug of the night before bed, she’s there for me.  If I need her and I call, she’s there…….if I feel the need to go potty and want her standing by to clean the box, she’s there…….if I want to go outside and I stand by a door and scream, she’s there…….if I want a nice cozy nap and hop up on her recliner to give her the BIG HINT, she’s there…… My Mom is THE BEST.

Wonder if her arms are aching from holding all fourteen of my pounds!

Wonder if her arms are aching from holding all fourteen of my pounds!

In fact, she does so much stuff for me (and Dad too I suppose) how does she find time to do anything for herself????   (TRUST ME…..SHE DOES!!)

See?  She does do SOME stuff for herself like buy a new car......

See? She does do SOME stuff for herself like buy a new car……

Do you tell your Mom how much you appreciate her?  What do you do to show you love her?  Hmmmm???????

zzzzz.....snoozin' on Mom's leg....zzzzz

Snuggled next to my Mom’s leg… personal heating pad.

Now peeps and peepers, do you know what TOMORROW is?  Do you?  It’s Tuesday Teaser.   I have a bit of a different kind of shot for you to examine tomorrow.   That’s all I’m saying……tune in tomorrow and take a peek and you’ll see for yourself………….OR NOT!


Now, do me a favor and to find your Mom right now (if she’s home of course) and tell her you love her.  Head bonk, leg rub, licky face, eye wink, whatever!  And if she’s not home right now, surprise her with a special WELCOME HOME (whatever that might be).


Kitty Hugs, Sammy

PEEEE  ESSSSSS – Today is also a special day for MY THREE MOGGIES – their GOTCHA DAY and Archie’s Birthday!  CLICK HERE TO VISIT!


Baconize Me!


Yowza!  Baconize me Mom…….I’m ready!  I can ALMOST (not quite) smell it frying in the pan………….WOO HOO.  I really do look forward to weekends when the frying pan comes out of the cupboard and shortly afterward the refrigerator door opens and I hear the drawer where the bacon lives open and close.  I know my sounds – yep I sure do.  THAT’s a sound I know quite well.


Mom makes other stuff for her and Dad on Bacon day – you know like eggs and toast and all that stuff…………but for me?  Bacon does it.  Now while I’m enjoying my bacon and you’re listening to me crunch crunch crunch away – may I say that if you haven’t done so, you MUST visit Cat Forsley’s blog so you can see the fabulous video she put together with all of you who wanted to be in it and sent your info to her!!!  I’m not sure she was able to put EVERYONE in that wrote to her after I told you about it, but if she could, she did, and it’s fun to see all of us.  Just click on her link below to check it out!


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to see if by any chance Mom or Dad might possibly have accidentally on purpose dropped a bit more bacon into my dish!





OK – seems I’m irritating my Mom a bit lately with my meowing. Well, maybe more than a little bit but I can’t help myself – honest! You see when Mom’s downstairs on the main floor where I usually hang out I’m happy. Mostly I’m either following her around or lying in her lap or on her legs snoozing.

No problem right?

If she goes down into my the basement I go down there to see what she’s up to. I have no problem going DOWN stairs.

But if Mom goes upstairs to the top floor where her studio and the computer and the bedrooms are, I get cranky. I stand at the bottom of the stairs and call her. I start out quiet….you know…..meow…..quietly…..if after five of the quiet ones I get no response then I turn up the volume… MEOW – just in case she didn’t hear me. I’ll do that for a while and usually Mom will yell downstairs “Sammy – I’m coming – soon!”……however usually she doesn’t so I notch it up even more…….MMMMMEEEEEEEOOOOOOWWWWWW  (with several exclamations points). 

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

C’mon down here Mom!

Now I think this is perfectly acceptable.  Mom, however, doesn’t much care for it.  Sometimes she comes DOWNSTAIRS and picks me up and brings me upstairs but what I really want is for her to come downstairs.  Where I am.  Without relocating ME.   She thinks the reason (so does my vet guy) is because of my wonky leg – I have a touch of arthritis – nothing BIG but enough that when I go upstairs I have to use a different muscle than I do going downstairs (and my weight shifts differently).    Until we move to a new house which is mostly on ONE floor, I’m kinda stuck.   So Mom ferries me around from floor to floor.  I keep telling her we need an elevator.

Sam on Mom's Recliner

Going upstairs? Take me with you!!!!

I know I’m being a pain but I can’t help myself.   I’ve probably exaggerated just a TAD in my story here…..I mean it’s not like every time she’s out of my sight I scream – no – not at all – but if I WANT her near me I let her know.

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

I’m talking to you Mom – are you listening???

Just part of the wonderful world of getting older……………….my Mom even talked to the vet about it at my last checkup.  He says it’s normal behavior – what I really want to know is how can it be NORMAL behavior when I’m hardly a NORMAL cat????  I’m an EXCEPTIONAL cat….not a NORMAL cat.  I should think he would know that by now since he’s been taking care of me for thirteen years!

Excuse me while I go somewhere and pout…………and on top of all of this, today is monster day.  A guy just can’t relax around here!

Kitty Hugs and Happy Friday (anyway!)

Fursday (Without Fur)


Hi Peeps! Imagine what it would be like to have NO fur coat all you doggies, kitties, and guinea pigs out there – just imagine……but on a HOT HOT HOT day, we’d sometimes like to slip out of our fur coats and chill – right?   Well as you know there ARE some of us who ARE hairless………and frankly, they kinda make me glad I have a fur coat even if I get HOT in the summertime!

Mexican hairless dog……..actually hard to tell he’s hairless – could just have a shiny short cropped coat I suppose…but he’s got “worry lines” in his forehead!  Maybe he’s wondering where his coat is?????

And this little sphinx kitty – he’s only 12 weeks old and already he looks COLD and like he’s somebody’s grandpa.  Also has “worry lines” – see what I mean?  There’s a lot to worry about when you have no “protective coating”.

I really am not poking fun at these guys – there’s room on the planet for ALL of us and we ALL deserve a wonderful life – right?  I just got to thinking the other day when some of my bloggy buddies were saying they wish they had a shorter coat or less hair just exactly what that might mean for some of us and all I can say is that I will not be complaining again about being warm because I have a coat on!

Nuff said?

To be super fair, I have to say while looking for those pix online I saw some totally ADORABLE pictures of “baby” sphinx and hairless that were BEYOND cute.  Have you ever noticed that baby animals (and baby humans too!) are almost always totally adorable?  It helps us find our forever homes early on I think.  As for human babies – I’m sure when they’re waking their parents up every two hours all night long at first with dirty nappies and being hungry it HELPS a lot that they’re adorable (if you get my drift).    I think the bottom line is beauty is all around us – and takes all forms and shapes and sizes.  Hairy and hairless, we’re all worthy of love.   Right????


Gosh – I really hadn’t intended to do a lecture on babies or hairlessness but there it is anyway huh?  I think I’ll go admire my ginger furs in the mirror.   I’ve certainly learned to APPRECIATE my gingerness, that’s for sure!

Just checking....yep - I'm ginger alright!!  That leg definitely has ginger fur on it!

Just checking….yep – I’m ginger alright!! That leg definitely has ginger fur on it!


Teaser Tell All Time!


Tell It Like It Is!

Hi Peeps!

Well that was a pretty darn good Teaser yesterday don’t you think?  For one thing it looked VERY SIMILAR to a photo I had on a previous teaser that my parents snapped in Ireland – – – VERY similar and in fact so similar someone guessed Ireland!

BUT, it was NOT Ireland…………….here’s the photo again:


This photo was taken by my Mom in the area of the Petrified Forest in ARIZONA, USA!!!

AND – GUESS WHAT – the FIRST person who guessed right was the ONLY person who guessed right and that was EASY !!  Our favorite weimaraner guy is turning into a force to be reckoned with on the Tuesday Teaser isn’t he????

The Much Coveted First Right Guesser Award....

The Much Coveted First Right Guesser Award….



You guessed the Teaser correctly!

You guessed the Teaser correctly!


Everyone else?  You get this one:




I’m just FULL of awards and badges these days aren’t I ?????

Thanks for playing along on my Teaser everybody……….I hope you have as much fun on Tuesdays as I do

Hanging out in the living room waiting for breakfast to be "announced" !

Love you guys!!!

SEE YOU TOMORROW……………………………Your Friend Forever, Sammy

Tuesday Teaser


Hi Teaser Buddies! 

Are you ready to begin agonizing over today’s photo???

Well, I had a time deciding…..I really did…..but because I had three photos to choose from this time I’ll just use the OTHER two for the next two Tuesdays.  Today’s is a toughie – at least I believe it to be – why?  Mainly because it could be a snapshot taken on SEVERAL of the trips my parents have taken.  Truly.  This particular landscape looks like one they could have seen in at least THREE places they’ve been as long as I’ve been around here and probably more in the “Pre-Sammy” days!

Ready?  Catalogs handy?  Glasses cleaned?  Dust off the computer screen?  Here it is:


So now you see what I mean.  This is a photo that could be anywhere (including the moon probably for all we know….HAHAHA).  Take a look and study it but make sure and give me your guess before the day is out.  If you’re FIRST with the CORRECT guess (town/country/area….details) then you’ll get this:

The Much Coveted First Right Guesser Award....

The Much Coveted First Right Guesser Award….

If you’re right but not first, you’ll get this:

You guessed the Teaser correctly!

You guessed the Teaser correctly!

If you haven’t got a clue and your guess is as crazy as “THE MOON” then you’ll get this:


AND – here’s something ALL of you can have no matter what…………….if you want to display this on your blog please do…………..if not and you have enough bling and “stuff” already, don’t worry about it!  It’s just a little thing I put together for Teaser Fans in case you want the world to know that you’re addicted to my Tuesday Teasers!


* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Now for those of you who visited Mollie and Alfie yesterday thinking you’d be attending their Blogaversary as they told us last week you may have discovered on your own that they were still working on their PAWTY preparation – they delayed their party until TODAY.  So before you forget, you can click HERE and be transported magically through cyberspace where you (hopefully) will see the Blogaversary Pawty at their place in FULL SWING.  If not this early in the day, then probably later……so keep checking!  I know I sure will be and I’ll see you there!   They got PLENTY of rest so they’d be ready to boogie!



Monday Mania


Hi Everybody! Did everyone have a good weekend? We did although it was HOT HOT HOT and while we had a brief shower, we didn’t get the rain the liar weatherman said we would. Oh well. Maybe THIS week?

So do you know what today is? It’s Mollie and Alfie’s BLOGAVERSARY!!!! That’s right – you better not forget to stop by and wish them MANY more years of hilarious posts and adventures because who else would bring you YOGO and a fun shop full of incredible handmade goodies to buy???

UPDATE!!!   Mollie and Alfie have decided to celebrate their blogaversary TUESDAY instead of today – they’re taking their time prepping for all the guests – so I’ll remind you again tomorrow, but right now the PAWTY is on hold for today………….


I’m hoping Mollie’s pinky paws are all healed up by now otherwise she’ll have a tough time boogying around the house to celebrate at the PAWTY! Alfie’s so laid back I bet he sleeps through the entire thing! 😀 😀 😀

Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser day. I’m still deciding on what photo to use. I have it down to a choice of THREE…that’s right THREE…and remember that it won’t go “live” until 6AM Eastern Standard Time. I don’t think I need to remind you about that anymore because you Tuesday Teaser fans know by now that I post that blog later than my usual 3AM timeslot the other days of the week. And for those of you who want to cheat and peek at “properties” on the photos (hahahahaha), Mom’s going to remember to change them to something mysterious so don’t let that fool you OK?????? Just part of the fun-packed Tuesday Teaser service ya’ll (that’s southern talk for YOU ALL in case you didn’t know!!).

See you in the morning……….meanwhile Happy Manic Monday!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Me and Mini-Me Say Happy Monday!

Me and Mini-Me Say Happy Monday!