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Tuesday Teaser Time


Hi Everyone!   Gosh I hope you all made it by Mollie’s yesterday for the super duper extra special Auction event – WOW……things got pretty “heated” over several of the items in the Auction – bidding wars were rather exciting……………Hopefully a whole lot of money was pledged between the Auction and the Raffle to help Leo out.  We’ll probably get all that info on Wednesday after all the DUST settles!

So today is that day you all simply CANNOT wait to come every single week – Tuesday Teaser when you have to stare for hours at the computer screen trying to figure out if you recognize ANYTHING about the photos I post from my parents vacations (or sometimes a Guest Teaser!!).

This week’s might just be a BIG challenge…………..why?  I don’t think there are ANY clues in it that’s why!   Without further delay – here’s your Teaser for this Tuesday….(drum roll please)…



See what I mean????   No clues (at least I don’t THINK there are!!!!)

Now if you think you might know where Mom and Dad were on this particular trip – let me know TODAY because tomorrow is Teaser Tell All when I announce who the weekly group of “SMARTY PANTS” are and you will be the ones to get THIS!


AND YOU KNOW YOU WANT ONE OF THOSE RIGHT????????????????????????

Remember I told you that I had my very own tomato plant in a big pot on our back deck?  Well I haven’t told you this because it’s rained so much I’ve not been going outside much but today the sun came out for a while and I gave it the old Sammy Peek………………IT HAS TWO FLOWERS ON IT – that means at least two tomatoes might be coming along soon!  How exciting…………Do any of you have gardens of your very own?????  If you do, whatcha growing?   Hmmmm?????


SEE YOU TOMORROW…………Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Auction Time!


Hi Everyone!  So today is finally the day of the big auction for Leo on Mollie’s blog.  I do hope you’ll stop by and maybe bid on something – remember that all proceeds are going to benefit Savannah’s friend Leo who is piling up a lot of medical bills to treat his Hepatic Lipidosis Syndrome.I’m going over as soon as my Mom gets up this morning – after all, she’s the one with the money – I do have a little change in my kitty bank but Mom’s got that paper stuff along with some plastic stuff so she’s got me beat!  If you click on Leo’s picture below, you can go directly to Mollie’s!

Leo would thank you if he could !!

Leo would thank you if he could !!

Yesterday we had a super lazy day around here……… was raining off and on and when it’s like that – there’s not a whole lot we can do to keep ourselves entertained.  I was napping a lot (no surprise there huh???).

Sam Under Afghan on Couch

Huh? Did somebody call me???

Mom did exciting stuff like laundry – Dad did exciting stuff like – well – er – um – NOTHING.  So you see what I mean?  It was a lazy day.

One thing I DID decide to do this week on my blog though was tell you a little bit about my Mom’s book which is recently republished on Kindle.  Why?  Well, you couldn’t possibly know unless I told you but there’s a CAT in the story.  Yep – his name in the book  is Eddy and Mom named the cat after her “before me” cat named Eddy.  The Eddy in the book belongs to the main character Bailey Ferrol who is a private investigator in a small Virginia town called David’s Bridge  (which ACTUALLY is my small Virginia town but Mom changed the name to protect the innocent….HAHAHAHA).   Mom has some photos of HER Eddy and when she describes the Eddy in the book, he’s who she’s describing.

Eddy 001

These are old photos – almost 20 years old in fact – but Eddy was a way cool cat.  He “found” my Mom in the old neighborhood where they lived.  Neighbors said he was just a “neighborhood” cat – his family had just moved one day and left him behind and he’d been on his own for a year until one day he wandered into my Mom’s yard and THAT was THAT!   He decided that would be his new home and that was fine with my Mom and Dad.

So anyway, back to what I was saying – one day this week I’ll tell you all a little bit about Mom’s book.  It’s a mystery and there’s all kinds of quirky characters and lots of action and of course A CAT !   There’s a link over on the side of this page that takes you to Kindle where you can get the book FOR CHEAP (did I say CHEAP?  Well, I mean CHEAP!).

Speaking of pets (were we speaking of pets???)….so far no sign of my friend Freddy the frog so I’ve sort of decided that he moved out of my neighborhood.  Probably hopped down to the pond two houses down from mine.  I can hear the bullfrogs making their sounds down there in the morning and for all I know, Freddy decided life under my front porch just wasn’t exciting enough for him!

So long Freddy!  Have fun in the pond!

So long Freddy! Have fun in the pond!


Tomorrow is Tuesday Teaser you know and we won’t be having a Guest Teaser this time around.  Miss Michelle from My Three Moggies is home safe and sound from her trip to China and Japan where she taped two awesome Teaser Tell All videos for us which I think you enjoyed as much as I did!   Tomorrow will be photos from one of my Mom and Dad’s vacations so be prepared…………

Now go visit Mollie’s auction now before you forget it – OK?   See you there!

Happy Monday………….Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀


Silent Sunday


Mom brought this IMPAWSTER/LOOKALIKE home from the street fair yesterday!

Mom - I'm WAY cuter than this pillow!!!!

Mom – I’m WAY cuter than this pillow!!!!





Well, it wasn’t QUITE a “SILENT SUNDAY” – but it was close !!  😀 😀

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Scaturday !



HAHA!  Kinda sneaky way to spell Saturday huh?  Well, I just HAD to get the word “CAT” in there somewhere right?

Now – where should I begin?  So much to tell you………………I think the most impawtant thing is to remind you to send me photos and descriptions of any auction items you’d like to donate to the BLOGVILLE AUCTION coming on Monday on Mollie’s Dog Treats blog to benefit Leo – the cat Savannah’s parents are taking care of.  Did you scout your humans’ closets?  Did you dig something out of a cabinet they haven’t seen in years and don’t really need?   Mollie needs auction items and I’m helping her to get them sorted.  If you have something, please email my Mom a photo of it (or them) with a short description and what you think would be a fair “starting bid”.   The highest bidder on Mollie’s blog Monday for your item(s) will donate that money to Leo’s care AND take care of sending the item to the highest bidder.  Seems fair right?  Sure it does!   If you want to catch up on Leo’s story – please visit Savannah’s blog and you can scroll back through her posts to hear all the details of Leo’s rocky life road which led him to the shelter and the vet to be treated for his Hepatic Lipidosis Syndrome.

I NEED YOUR PHOTOS AND DESCRIPTIONS BY TODAY – Mollie has to have time to put everything together so if you have items to donate now’s the time to send them to me.  Need our email?  Tell me in a blog comment and I’ll send you an email right away!


Another FUN thing to benefit Leo is a BLOGVILLE RAFFLE!   Go to Mollie’s or Misaki’s to buy a raffle ticket – and you might win an AMAZON gift card (first prize) or a cartooned YOU on a mousemat (second prize)!

I’ll have a way cool surprise to share with you next week……I’ll probably find out about it on Monday but won’t share it with you (unless I do TWO blogs on Monday which I might do!!) until Tuesday Teaser day.  We’re having a regular Teaser next week BUT I may include something extra if I get details in time.

SCATurday means bacon and if you’ll pardon me – I do believe my nose KNOWS – and Mom’s making a lot of noise down in the kitchen right now – that means one thing (well it could mean two things – like maybe she’s putting the dishes away from the dishwasher….) and that’s she’s starting to make breakfast!  WOO WOOOOOOOO

Hope your SCATurday is a super one………….because you DESERVE it!  Are you gonna do anything special today?????    😀 😀

Sam Loves His Friends!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy


Helping Hand Friday


Hello Everybody!

If you’re like me, you’ve been concerned about Leo, the kitty Savannah’s   folks are helping to underwrite the medical bills for while he’s being cared for at the Civic Feline Clinic.  Leo has Hepatic Lipidosis Syndrome and is currently being fed with a feeding tube – he won’t be able to leave the clinic until he’s eating on his own.  That means MORE medical costs.   There are a lot of efforts being conducted to help out and one way is to make a donation to Contra Costa Humane Society and earmark your donation for Leo’s medical care.  

If you aren’t familiar with Leo’s story – just visit Savannah’s blog and take a look at prior posts about Leo’s tough time trying to get well.

But ANOTHER way to support the effort to help Leo is a WAY WAY WAY WAY cool auction that Mollie is having on Monday!   There will be all kinds of things that you can bid on that have been donated by Mollie’s friends and YOU (or your human of course) can be sure of finding SOMETHING that you will love if you visit the BIG BLOGVILLE AUCTION on Monday at Mollie’s.

Make sure and put that on your “gotta do this next week” calendar for Monday – and I’ll see you there because I just KNOW my Mom’s gonna want to shop – she’s really very good at it – I suspect you have a human or two in your household who has “SHOPITIS” too right?  Maybe there will be a thing or two that YOU want for your toybox ?  You never know!


Now – what ELSE can you do to help??????   Well, I, Sammy Kimmell, have volunteered to help Mollie by getting the word out about the BIG AUCTION and asking you to take a peek in your closets, your attics, your basements, WHEREVER and see if you have anything you’d like to DONATE for the auction.  All those who participate by contributing items for the auction will be asked to post/mail the items to the highest bidder at the auction.   So obviously if you donate a set of weight lifting equipment that weighs several hundred pounds (YIKES!) it will cost you a small fortune to mail it to the winner.  Take that into consideration when you think of something to donate OK????????? 

So you have something (one or more) that you want to toss into the auction????  Huh?????   Well, I’m helping Mollie collect photos of those items – complete with a short description of what they are and a “suggested starting bid” – and then I’ll send them on to Mollie for inclusion on her AUCTION PAGE on her Monday blog.

If you want to be involved – you can just email my Mom with a photo, description and suggested bid but PLEASE send them to me NO LATER THAN SATURDAY NIGHT so Mollie will have time to put them into the auction. 

GOT IT?????????????  Good!  Leo, Mollie, Savannah and ME (and lots of other people who are helping out) thank you in advance for helping……….you guys are wonderful.   Any questions?  Put them in comments and me (or Mom) will answer them for you!   Just remember – whatever you put into the auction will be your responsibility to get to the winner – Mollie can’t do it all – she needs your help.

Leo would thank you if he could !!

Leo would thank you if he could !!

Happy GENEROUS Friday to all of you!  

Kitty Hugs, Sammy



Hi Kids!

Fursday……….a day reserved for keeping our furs in good order right?   I’m good at that………..wanna see?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A guy needs to keep everything shipshape right?

I know a lot of you have humans who have deserted run away from home left you alone gone off to party   attend BlogPaws in Virginia which starts today.  Well, since your humans are gone – I really think we’ve missed the boat by not planning some kind of party………BUT………..maybe there have been enough parties lately in blogville huh?  I mean I had one last week and yesterday was Nellie’s birthday.   Maybe what we should do while the humans are away is just REST up.  Good quality nap time for all.  Sounds good doesn’t it?

While you’re resting you should let your paws do the walking across the keyboard (your human probably took her laptop to the conference but left the PC at home right???  Bwwwaaahaaahahahaha) and go visit Mollie’s shop.   She’s added another NEW item – a really cute greeting card that’s “3-D” – and best of all, it’s a kitty!

I think I’m going to make this a shorty blog today because while my Mom didn’t go to BlogPaws, she is in the mood for breakfast this morning and if I give her THE FACE I think I’ll get some bacon out of the deal – what do you think??????


Have a great FURSDAY……..and have some fun today !

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

Teaser Tell-All


Hi Teaser Buddies!

Well, I didn’t really have many of you fooled this week when it came to WHO did our Guest Teaser did I ??  Anyone who has followed Michelle from My Three Moggies as she traveled throughout China and Japan knows there are some incredible sights to see and she captured a bunch of them for US !  We were so lucky she wanted to give all of us some extra fun with Teasers by snapping photos and doing Video Tell-Alls so you can see some of the places she’s been.  She had a wonderful trip and is home now with Oscar, Archie and Henry who were VERY happy to have their Mum back home.

Now – ONWARD to Teaser Tell All…………….

TEASER #1 – Here’s the photo one last time:


What a lot of “CREATIVE” answers you gave me!   There were a lot of people who recognized it though for just what it is a photo of……………….however I’ll let Michelle tell you in this video!

Here’s some detail on where Michelle is standing and what you’re seeing that she provided to us as well:

Here you have the tallest Japanese tower called Sky tower which will be
celebrating its first birthday in May.  The building in the middle is the Asahi
building the famous beer from Japan hence the frothy head on the top :-).  The
statue on right is meant to face up originally however due to earthquakes the
Japanese decided to upset the artist and put it on its side!

Teaser #2 – Here’s the photo one last time:

Teaser Two

I got a few really INTERESTING answers on this one too (tee hee)……………but here’s Michelle’s video with the info on where she took this photo!

Isn’t that fun?  There are a LOT of Cat Cafes in Japan …… Mom and I have seen a lot of them on the Japanese channel on the International TV station we get here and we think it’s so great that these places exist where people and cats can hang out together.   Here’s some info I found on the Purina site about cat cafes!

The customers of cat cafés are often young working people who don’t have the time or the space for a cat, but who still want to experience the joy of interacting with pets. “This place isn’t on my way from work, but even if I’m pretty tired, I’d still stop by,” one cat café regular, Kazunori Hamanaka, told Reuters. “It is really soothing.” Many customers come often, and have favorite cats that they spend time with, almost like their own pets. Taking photos of the cats is a popular pastime, and several customers have devoted blogs just to their cat café photography collections.

Cat cafés in Tokyo charge between 1000 and 1200 yen (between about $13 and $15 dollars) an hour to spend time in the cat room. They often provide food and drink service, cameras, music, and even video games, though many customers simply bring books to read while they sit quietly with the cats.

I’m sure the cats in the café reminded Michelle of her three moggies who were very patiently waiting for her return and since she was missing her guys, this gave her a chance to experience some LOVE from some Japanese kitties.

Wasn’t that FUN?  If you don’t know Michelle and her boys, you really should visit them at My Three Moggies.   We are EVER so grateful to her for these past two weeks worth of great photos and wonderful Tell-All videos…………………..

A Very Special Hug for Miss Michelle From Sammy !!

I suppose you’d like to know who guessed RIGHT on the Teasers?  If you did guess right and your name isn’t on the list – it’s only because I did this blog Tuesday evening so if your answer came in AFTER I wrote my blog – TRUST ME – I’ll add your name to the list in the morning I PROMISE  (as soon as my Mom/Typist wakes up of course)!


Hailey & Zaphod – GUESSED RIGHT ON TEASER #1





Will & Eko – GUESSED RIGHT ON TEASER #1 (guessed Tokyo!)

Janet from The Cat On My Head – GUESSED RIGHT ON TEASER #1



Nutty, Basil, Nibbles, Buddy – GUESSED RIGHT ON BOTH TEASERS







Kitty Hugs, Sammy the Teaser Guy

Tuesday Teaser’s Here!


WHOOOOP WHOOOOP it’s time again for the Teaser!

As promised, we again have a Guest Teaser and again it’s going to be up to you to figure out WHERE our Guest Teaser took these photos.  I mean not just the state, or country, or planet (hahaha) but WHERE specifically.  I know you’re up for the challenge – you’ve done it before and will do it again I’m sure.

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

C’mon Teaser Fans! Let’s see who guesses right this week!

So are you ready to go on a magic carpet ride again?  There are TWO photos for you.

Teaser #1


Teaser #2

Teaser Two

So what do you think you’re looking at in the Teaser #1 photo and the Teaser #2 photo????   When you give me your guesses, make sure and tell me “Teaser #1” and “Teaser #2”.  Give it your best shot….come on – you know you can do it!   Easy – I don’t see any trash cans in sight but I bet you can find OTHER clues – You may be a weimaraner but there’s a lot Sherlock Holmes in you!!!!

All surprise package winners – Mom is FINALLY getting the packages mailed TODAY – keep your eyes open………………hopefully you’ll eventually get them.  You know what I mean!

Also, if you haven’t done so (or even if you have) you MUST visit our buddy Mollie’s shop because it’s all re-done and jazzed up and ready to order from now.  So many grand things to choose from – order one or ALL of them.  Mollie and her Mom Stella make ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL these things themselves and that means they’re made with LOVE !!   Just click my Mousemat that I got from the shop and wham, bam, you’ll be in the UK shopping your socks off!





Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀



My Monday


It’s the day after Mom’s Day and we’re just hanging out at my house………..Mom spent yesterday doing stuff like buying plants and planting them in the yard (with my snoopervision of course), doing two loads of laundry (hey – if she wants to celebrate Mom’s day by doing Mom stuff it’s OK with me!)……..and uploading the cover of her book to my blog with a link to Kindle for those of you who have a Kindle and wanna read a fabulous book (yes of course I’m prejudiced).    The cover art is my Mom’s painting of an old covered bridge.  Anyway, if you look to the RIGHT here on my blog you’ll see this cover and if you click on it you go to Amazon/Kindle – isn’t she clever?????  YAY MOM!!!!!


Dad napped.   I think he got worn out watching Mom work.  😀 😀 😀

We had a nice sunny day……..and I visited lots of great blogs by those of you who blogged about Mother’s Day – so many sweet posts – obviously you feel like I do about the “human who takes care of us” in our lives.  YAY!

Today Mom’s going to get the surprise packages ready to send out to the winners of my blogaversary competitions – I hope it doesn’t take a bazillion years for them to arrive at their destinations – you know how the mail is……I could probably deliver them faster using my hang-glider!

Sammy's new hobby - hang gliding!

Sammy’s Mail Delivery Service !!

Now don’t forget that tomorrow is TUESDAY TEASER and as promised, it’s another very special one with our Guest Teaser……………… may remember we had TWO great mystery photos with TWO great Tell-All videos last week.  Just wait until you see this week’s!

Have a great Monday………see you tomorrow!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

Mom’s Day


It’s a BIG day………I know there are some of you humans out there who have pets and don’t consider yourself a “Mom” or a “Dad” – you’re caretakers of your pets – but my Mom is much more than a caretaker…..she truly is my Mom (without a meow).   I was only a few weeks old when I was pulled out from under a house and taken to the shelter – luckily I was only there a few days when a nice couple of humans came in and saw me in my tiny cage pushing a little plastic ball with a bell inside all around my two foot square “jail cell” !  Those two people became my Mom and Dad that very day.  They’re all I’ve known in the way of family and all I remember – after thirteen years of love, they ARE my parents.

Neither my Mom nor my Dad have Moms who are still here…….in fact, they don’t have either their Moms or their Dads any more……..I’m their only “child” too as they never had human children of their own.   I guess we just might have a pretty special relationship because of that.

I got my Dad to help me put some photos together of my Mom – not a lot – just a few – so you can see that my Mom ALWAYS has a smile on her face – to me, her smile has always meant “LOVE” …….

So, you can imagine that Mother’s Day in my house is SPECIAL.   I’m going to spend all day today showing my Mom how much I love her………..I don’t think she’ll mind that ONE BIT – do you????

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀