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Friday Fun



Happy Friday!

Today is my friend Henry’s birthday party.  Are you going?  Everyone is you know……….we’re all going to help him celebrate turning SIX today.  I’m on my way now – I’ll see you there?

Click Here To Visit My Three Moggies and go to the PAWTY!

Click Here To Visit My Three Moggies and go to the PAWTY!


Something else that’s FUN is that our friend Mollie has put some NEW stuff in her shop – have you been there lately?   She and her Mom are always cookin’ up something new for cat, dogs and critters (including HUMAN critters) so make sure you visit the store on her blog just to keep up.  No doubt there’s something that you simply CANNOT do without !

Another FUN thing is that tomorrow is my friend Odin’s birthday – PAWTIES, PAWTIES, PAWTIES……make sure and wish him a happy third birthday tomorrow and I hear he’s having some giveaways to celebrate – wowzers!

And one more piece of news…….although maybe this isn’t in the FUN category – I guess my Mom would have to make THAT call – but day before yesterday she decided to start another blog.  Yep – sure did.  It’s going to be about writing – her writing and other people’s writing and who knows what else she’ll get up to over there but now she won’t be putting stuff on MY blog about HER writing!  Here’s where she is but trust me – it’s probably going to be BOOOOOOOOOOOOORING unless you’re a writer or want to write or wish you could write – know what I mean?????   I mean if you had two different blogs you could look at – which would you choose?  One about a fun-loving ginger kitty OR one about writing.  Easy-Peasy…..ME ME ME!

Just kidding Mom – I’m sure your blog will be very stimulating (tee hee)!


Yesterday on Savannah’s blog I read the good news that our friend Leo who’s currently residing at Savvy’s place while her parents are fostering him, is EATING A LITTLE BIT OF KIBBLE on his own!  That’s what we were all hoping for.  That’s a very good sign – let’s all hope he eats more and more and soon he won’t need that feeding tube.  She also told us how much money was raised by Mollie, Alfie, and their Mum’s FANTABULOUS auction and raffle and it was a LOT LOT LOT of money to help with Leo’s care.  YAY!

Leo would thank you if he could !!

Leo would thank you if he could !!


So, let’s all make this a HAPPY Friday OK?   We’re in the middle of a rather HOT spell here where I live – hopefully you will have a nice day wherever in the big wide world YOU are!

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

I’m going to be in the SHADE today!



Love and Kitty Hugs, Sammy



Thursday Tag


Hi Gang!

I’ve been TAGGED – by a ginger girl kitty cat named Dinnermintz HERE !  If you don’t know her and her animal and human family, you should check her out – there’s a LOT going on there.   Tag is a meme that gets passed around the blogosphere and involves telling some things about yourself, answering questions posed by the GRAND INQUISITOR (hahaha), and then after you answer their questions, you make up more of your own and pass the “tag” on to more of your friends.

The rules for this meme are that I must post a photo of myself (gee – I suppose I might have one or two here somewhere…..HAHAHA):

Me napping (which is a frequent occurrence around here).....

Me napping (which is a frequent occurrence around here)…..

Then I need to list ELEVEN random facts about myself!

  1. I’m very nosy….I like to explore drawers, cupboards, cabinets, closets…..and if I can’t open it myself I scream until my Mom finds me and helps!
  2. I get upset if I’m on my Mom’s lap and she starts TALKING – I want quiet when I’m sleeping!!
  3. I let my Mom and Dad trim my nails but my little “extra toe” is hard to get at and I usually give them a HARD time when they’re trimming that one…..
  4. My favorite time of the day is early morning when it’s dark outside – not in the evening when it’s dark – just in the morning.
  5. I only eat fishy things….(other than people salami which I admit to enjoying a teeny tiny piece of once in a while).
  6. I MUST have a clean litterbox at all time.  I run to tell my Mom I’ve used it and get her to follow me down to the basement to clean it out – I watch her CAREFULLY to make sure she’s done it!
  7. I truly hate being in a car.  On the way to the vet once a year (hopefully that’s as often as I have to go!) I hide my head under my Mom’s arm – Mom says if I don’t SEE that we’re moving then I’m OK.
  8. I love the place where I have to go when my parents go away for more than two days.  It’s a wonderful kennel run by two nuns whose mission is to take care of animals.  They spoil me rotten!
  9. I really enjoy listening to classical music – very much.
  10. When the doorbell rings I run fast as my legs can taken me to the basement.  I do NOT like strangers!   If the doorbell rings on TV I do the same thing…..HAHA
  11. I love all my blogging buddies – they make my life so much fun!

Now to answer Dinnermintz’ questions!

  1. Favorite Music:  Classical
  2. Do you have an animal or creature that frightens you?  I’m “wary” of other animals and creatures but not frightened.  THINGS frighten me though like the vacuum cleaner!
  3. Do you have a big family?  Nope – just Mom and Dad.  Neither of them has a big family either.  We’re just a cozy little bunch!   Also, I’m an ONLY cat!
  4. Have you ever run away from home when little?  Yes!  Just once… Mom was with “baby” me on the trail in our woods and thought she’d try taking off my leash/harness since it was daylight and she was with me.  Well, I was good for a few minutes then decided to chase a bug into some sticker bushes where Mom couldn’t go…..she tried to get around them or through them but I was little and went right through and kept going!  Mom called and called for me but I wouldn’t come back.  She looked and looked then came back into the yard and sat in a chair and waited – about 30 minutes later one very tired and scared little kitten (me) came back and apologized!
  5. Favorite toy when I was little:   A wad of paper.  I loved to play fetch with paper.  Mom could wad up any kind of paper – any size – and throw it and I’d run and get it and bring it right back to her.  Wouldn’t do it with toys – just paper wads.
  6. What do you miss the most sometimes?  Well, I’ve never know anything but HERE other than a few days at the shelter before my humans adopted me…..I do miss my Mom and Dad a whole lot when they leave me for a night or two.  I make it perfectly clear that even though they left me plenty of food and water while they were gone I missed them and I expect them NEVER to do that again (which they ignore of course).
  7. Do you tell people your age or fib?  I don’t mind admitting to being thirteen years old!  Also neither of my humans have a problem telling their real ages.  Mom is 64 and Dad is 67 – so there!
  8. What would you like to be remembered for?  For being a loving and special cat – just like my Mom has had before me.
  9. Have you ever been on a plane trip?  Nope…..don’t like loud noises – my parents have their own airplane and I could ride in it since there’s room for me (it’s a little 2-seater) BUT no way would I enjoy it – EVER.  My parents LOVE to travel though on plans, boats, trains, cars….whatever!
  10. Who do you admire the most and why?  I know some very brave animals thanks to blogging.  Blind cats and dogs, deaf cats and dogs, animals with fewer than four legs – any animal who just loves life and makes the most of being here has my admiration.  I hope I can be that brave if something ever happens to me.
  11. Blog or Facebook – which is more rewarding?  Blogging definitely.  Facebook is fun for quick connections and maintaining friendships but blogging is about my life and having adventures in the blogosphere…..


Now who would like to follow the meme???  I’m supposed to pick ELEVEN of my friends…………….I honestly would MUCH rather say “if you’d like to play along with the meme, please do!!!” – so any of you who read my blog and want to answer my questions (below) PLEASE DO!  😀 😀 😀

My Questions For You:

  1. If you could be another animal, what would it be and why?
  2. Do you wear a collar? If so, what color is it and does it have tags on it?
  3. Do you like cold weather or warm weather?
  4. Water, milk, or “something else” for a favorite drink?
  5. What’s your FAVORITE toy?
  6. What do you do when your human calls your name out loud?
  7. Do you watch TV and if so, what do you watch?
  8. Do you ask for treats or do you just get them from time to time anyway?
  9. Where’s your favorite napping place?
  10. What’s your favorite time of day?
  11. What’s something that you really truly do NOT NOT NOT like?

So – there you have it………some stuff about me, some answers to questions from Dinnermintz (don’t you love her name??) and if you’d like to play along with the meme, some questions you should answer.

Cool huh?

Now before I forget……….remember that Henry’s birthday is TOMORROW and Odin’s is June 1 OK??????  Both are having special celebrations so don’t miss out!

YUM!  Odin how did you know moths are my favorite snack???!

Remember Odin from our camping trip??? He brought SNACKS!!!!!

Henry is one of the boys at My Three Moggies - he's going to be SIX!

Henry is one of the boys at My Three Moggies – he’s going to be SIX!

Everybody have a grand Thursday…………………..I’m going to!  

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Teaser Tell All


Okee Dokeee Friends and Neighbors!

What a Teaser yesterday was huh?   My Grandmom’s ancient photos really were a bit of a stumper although we DID have some correct guesses as always.   Actually the very FIRST right guess was Easy’s Dad who guessed Portugal but then Doggy and Leo got SPECIFIC with their guesses and told us EXACTLY where the photos were taken in Portugal !

Here are the photos again………….


Here’s what Grandmom wrote on the back of each of these photos (which my Mom hadn’t seen until she took them out of Grandmom’s old photo album).

Top photo:  Nazare   Bottom Photo:  Lisbon from St. George in Al Fama

When I posted these yesterday I thought it would be safe in saying that while these were very old photos that had been taken in the late 70s or early 80s, the place probably hadn’t changed much.  I suspect that may be true although I bet there are a LOT more people on the beach in that top shot these days than back then!   Lots of you thought the photos were in Italy or Greece and I believe there are spots in both of those countries that look very similar to this – my parents have been to Italy and say that’s right about THERE, but Greece (for us) is just a guess.

Anyway, bravo to all of you who even took a stab at it this week since the photo quality was NOT very good. But I thought it would be fun to use old photos and from a place where my parents hadn’t been for a visit but someone in my family HAD!

Who gets hugs this week?

Easy (and his Dad)

Doggy (and his Dad)

AND – I’ve decided starting next week we’ll have an extra added feature on the Tuesday Teaser Tell All.   Whoever is FIRST to comment on my Teaser photo CORRECTLY is going to get a special NEW award in addition to my Teaser Hugs………how cool is that?    Before I show you the new award, here’s what Easy and Doggy get from me!



And, here’s the official unveiling of the little award that SOMEONE will get every week who is the FIRST to post their correct guess in my comments!!!



WAY COOL HUH??????????????????   Now you have more reason than ever to get here on Tuesday mornings to guess !!

Happy Wednesday Peeps !   Sammy


Tuesday Teaser


Hello Everybody!

Did everyone (well not QUITE everyone but LOTS anyway) have a nice 3-day weekend?   We did…….we got in lots of R&R (that’s Rest and Relaxation for those of you who never heard of that term before) and food (we all have heard THAT word before!), and some fun thrown in (who doesn’t like that?!?!).

Yesterday was a day of remembering – which is what Memorial Day here is all about.  I did that post on my Granddad but also went around to all my friends and read their blogs with their own remembrances and it was one of those “bittersweet” kind of days I suppose.

But today – TODAY is another matter!  It’s that time again……..yep – you guys are getting awfully good at these Tuesday Teasers of mine and this one today might not fool you either but one thing I can promise you is that you’ll wonder who on earth took such horrible pictures?  Well, it was my Grandmom who took them – my Mom’s Mom – She took them on a trip back in the early 80s with an “Instamatic” camera.   She was traveling with a friend and they visited this ONE place although stopped at several cities.   My Mom has all my Grandmom’s old photo albums and sadly she didn’t take very good care of all her photos because the albums are a mess.  One of these days my Mom says she might get around to taking all of them out and putting them into decent photo albums.  In the meantime, see if you can see enough detail in these TWO photos to tell what country she was visiting?????

MysteryPhotosMay27Sorry about the horrible color – but what can I say?  Mom tried to adjust the colors a bit (obiously!!) because the photos were so faded.  I wanted to use these because they were INTERESTING!   I’m not sure, Easy, but I don’t believe you’ll find a garbage can in sight!!!  HAHAHAHAHA

I’ll be anxious to see how many of you guess this one………..I do believe there WILL be some correct guesses though because I have a feeling if you’ve been here (even though these are old photos) this place probably hasn’t change a WHOLE lot from about 35 years ago!  Some places are just like that……..stuck in time.

You know what you win right?  Those of you who guess correctly will get:




So have a super duper day…………and I’ll be handing out hugs tomorrow – will YOU be one of those who gets one???????????   Hmmmmm?????????????????



Today it’s Memorial Day in the US of A and Mom and I are doing some remembering.  It’s a day to remember all those who have served in the armed forces and really just remembering how much they sacrificed for all of us.

As many of you who know me and Mom know, my Grandfather served in the Air Force.   This is him when he was just a lad in high school (I think it’s his high school graduation photo):


He joined the Army Air Corps before there even WAS an Air Force and he really REALLY wanted to be a pilot.  Back in those days though unless you had perfect vision, you couldn’t fly a plane and he was rather upset about that!   He loved flying (and actually DID fly thanks to some of his buddies…tee hee).   He also loved traveling and seeing the world and after he married my Grandmom and they had kids they traveled as a family.  They lived in Germany, Taiwan, several places in the United States and traveled on vacation to many, MANY more places.   He loved serving his country until he retired and remained a very VERY patriotic man for all of his days.

My Granddad passed away in 1992.  He’s buried in the absolutely gorgeous Arlington National Cemetery.


The flag banner to celebrate Memorial Day!

The flag banner to celebrate Memorial Day!

There are many people who have tales of having served in the armed forces – but today in my house  we’re thinking of my Granddad and how much he loved wearing that Air Force uniform – my Mom still has his “dress uniform” hat in his old footlocker…..Memorial Day is just one day out of many that we honor him and all who served.

Have a super Monday!  Whatever it is that you’re doing today………………stop and REMEMBER……………………..

Long may she wave....

Long may she wave….



Caturday Award Catch-Up


Happy Caturday everybody in Blogland !

Yesterday after talking it up about my Mom’s mystery novel I included a Pee Ess that today I’d thank my beautiful friend Misaki for honoring me with a couple of awards.  SO, that’s what I’m going to do!

She very sweetly nominated me for two awards…… of them I already have but the other is a “new one” on me……..Here they are:

shine-on-awardThis is the one I already had but it’s just so beautiful I’m reposting it…………there’s something kind of magical about the artwork on this don’t you think??

dragonsloyaltyawardThis is a new one – the Dragon’s Loyalty Award – and it’s quite pretty too isn’t it?  Very colorful and who doesn’t like a dragon???!!!  I like to watch dragonflies in my yard – that’s close right?

My awards on the side of my page go ON and ON and ON – and each and every one of them are important to me in some special way.   Mostly for me it means that I have friends and they think my blog is worthy of some kind of recognition……that feels great don’t you think?

Since I already received the Shine On some while ago, I thought I’d comply with the rules of the Dragon’s Loyalty Award (well, MOSTLY comply anyway!!!).


This award is to be given to people who are loyal to your blog or to someone you follow loyally.  You should:

  • Display the award
  • Announce you’ve won it and link back to the person who nominated you
  • Give the award to 15 nominees
  • Post seven interesting things about your blog

Well, I intend to display it, have announced it and linked back to Misaki above, and now for the 7 interesting things about my blog then my nominees last!

  1. I think it’s interesting that Mom chose to let ME speak in my blog rather than her being the “voice” of the blog (although I do allow her to talk once in a while!)
  2. I think it’s interesting that every week I try to give my followers a challenge (that darned Tuesday Teaser that drives you all crazy!)
  3. I think it’s interesting that I blog EVERY SINGLE day instead of once a week (although my Mom doesn’t necessarily agree since she spends LOTSA time at the keyboard helping me!)
  4. I think it’s interesting that I have followers who are birds, fish, dogs, cats, mini pigs, guinea pigs, AND even humans without pets at all!
  5. I think it’s interesting that my blog is read by bloggers who live all over the world – even as far away as Bali!
  6. I think it’s interesting that I’ve managed to list FIVE things that are interesting about my blog so far.
  7. I think it’s interesting that I can’t think of ONE LAST thing that’s interesting about my blog.  (I know – I’m cheating aren’t I??)

Nominations?  Well, here’s where I’m going to stray from the rules.  I’d like any of you who don’t have the Dragon’s Loyalty award but who would like to TRY (notice I said TRY since that’s all I was able to manage) to comply to take the award for yourselves!

If you don’t know Misaki everybody (and who doesn’t know her?  I’m not sure anyone doesn’t know her!!!!)……….but if you don’t, please visit her.  She’s beautiful, very generous, very happy, and she loves her Mum and Dad a bunch.  Just like I love mine!

Now – onward to Caturday……………..which means (as you all know) BACON!   BACON, BACON, BACON (I just enjoy saying that word almost as much as eating it!).



See you all tomorrow for Silent Sunday!!!

Pee Ess………..Don’t forget Henry’s birthday is May 31st AND he’s having a birthday cake decorating contest !   Also, don’t forget Odin’s birthday is June 1st!  So many pawties!

Happy Caturday Hugs to Everybody……………..Sammy


Cats and Mysteries


Hi Peeps!!

Nothing like a good mystery book and a niptini to make a guy relax in the evening!

Nothing like a good mystery book and a niptini to make a guy relax in the evening!

I think all of us are familiar with a lot of the authors who have great series written that include cats in the cast of characters.  There are some especially fun mystery series involving cats who actually help with investigating!   Mom likes to read those.   However, when my Mom decided to WRITE a mystery wanted the cat in the book to be just  a companion for the main character rather than a partner helping to actually solve the crimes.

Enter Eddy the cat………..he’s the companion to Bailey Ferrol, young female private investigator in the small Virginia town of “David’s Bridge” (yeah – the name of the book is The Mystery of David’s Bridge…..get it???).


Yes there is a bridge in the town of David’ s Bridge and yes there is a mystery involving something NEAR the bridge……….but you need to read the book to find all that out.  What I REALLY wanted to talk about is Eddy the cat and how the “real” Eddy the cat inspired Mom’s cat character.

The "Eddy" who inspired my Mom!

The “Eddy” who inspired my Mom!

You all know by now that Eddy was the “before me” cat in my Mom’s life.  The day after my Mom’s Dad passed away Eddy decided to adopt my Mom – he was a stray in her old neighborhood and Mom was sitting on the steps in front of her house that morning and here came Eddy – he gave her a big head butt and lay at her feet looking adoringly up at her.  Anyway, after investigating his circumstances, she found out he’d been abandoned so that’s when Eddy (at age six or seven) came into her life.  Later when she and my Dad built a new home in the country (where I live now) Eddy came along and lived out his days here.

The Eddy in Mom’s book has some endearing qualities too……..for instance he sleeps with Bailey in her cozy attic bedroom and follows her everywhere when she’s home.  He has a basket by the fireplace in Bailey’s living room and Bailey is constantly finding “treasures” that he’s either brought in from outside OR “borrowed” from Bailey’s room…….or in one instance, REMOVED from her favorite comfy bunny slippers (Bailey finds the ears in Eddy’s basket at one point!).   When Bailey’s had a bad day – Eddy’s there to make her smile.   (BY THE WAY CATS – that’s what we do right?  Keep our humans smiling?????)   Eddy even passes judgment on some of the men Bailey has as friends – he knows when someone is dangerous and he knows when someone is “on the up and up” and in fact when Bailey really does find a good guy and starts dating him, Eddy makes it clear that he approves!

Eddy is Bailey’s “soft place to fall”……………the live of a private investigator can be rather dangerous (as you see in the book) and busy so as Bailey’s cat, Eddy keeps the home fires burning and gives her the love and affection she needs greeting her when she walks in the door after a long day helping the police on a case or investigating something on her own.

In a book full of mystery and intrigue – scary situations and tense action – reading about Bailey and Eddy’s relationship gives little moments of fun before the next round of excitement hits!

Mom had intentions of writing a sequel after this book first came out a few years ago – she even started writing it and then became sick and had a year of treatments which kind of left her not interested in writing anymore.  A very NOT HAPPY situation for her as she loved writing.  Guess what – in the second book (the one she didn’t finish writing), Eddy comes through the cat door one day in Bailey’s house with a tiny kitten that was abandoned by it’s Mom…….Bailey bottle feeds it – and know what she names it????????????????  SAMMY!!!!!  Yep – I was going to be one of the STARS of the second book.  Well, Mom still has that old manuscript and who knows – maybe one day she’ll feel like finishing it (and the other novel she had started which wasn’t a “Bailey” book).  Meanwhile she helps me write my blog……….SO she’s still writing!

If your human likes mysteries – especially with cats in them (!!) – give “The Mystery of David’s Bridge” a try.  It will be back in print soon but right now it’s available on Kindle (there’s a link to it on Kindle on the RIGHT side of my page here!!).

I can highly recommend it………………(tee hee).

Happy Friday………….

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Pee Ess………….tomorrow is Caturday and I have some Award Catching Up to do!   My buddy Misaki gave me a couple of awards this week and I’ll thank her properly tomorrow! 😀 😀

Whew! Pawties, Auctions, WOW


Hi Everybody!

Well, the month of May is slowly grinding to a close.  We here in the USA will be celebrating Memorial Day this coming Monday and that means a long weekend for people who NEED long weekends.  Around here, where my parents and I are in “retired and loving it” mode, every weekend is long and every weekday is long – so it’s no biggie.  There ARE things that we specially think about on that day but I’ll blog about that then.   Meanwhile, there’s some other FUN things coming up!


Well, first of all my very good buddy Henry from My Three Moggies is having a birthday!  His birthday will be on May 31st so put that one on your calendars.   Woo Hoo!

THEN, even though it’s not REALLY in May, it’s darn close so I’m telling you now in case you didn’t know, Odin from Cat Wisdom 101 is turning THREE on June 1st but his birthday pawty will be on June 3….pencil THAT one in too!   In case you don’t know Odin, he’s one of my heroes – when Miss Layla found him on the streets in NYC he was a tiny guy with a VERY bad eye and when she took him to the vet they said it had to be removed.  Odin the one-eyed wonder hasn’t let that stop him for one minute.  You can read his story on Miss Layla’s blog.    YAY!

We heard from Mollie yesterday that the big blogville “rally around Leo” auction and raffle that she was the hostess of was a BIG success.   Misaki was a huge help to Mollie too and everyone who chipped in at all for any reason to pull this big event off deserves a BIG SAMMY HUG…………but also if you stop by Mollie’s blog you can take the WAY WAY cool Badge that Misaki and her Mum made for all those who helped in the effort to raise money for Leo.   The auction and raffle brought in somewhere in the neighborhood of $400 and that we hope will help with Leo’s vet bills.


I’m proud to display my badge – my Mom and I donated some items to the auction !!

So what else happened yesterday you ask?   Mom went shopping and came home with something she had to HIDE in her office so Dad wouldn’t want her to SHARE.  Tee Hee   Mom has a sweet tooth and probably shouldn’t eat anything sweet but honestly, I think I can understand WHY she had to have what she got.  See, our Hallmark store sells fudge…….extremely yummy fudge according to my Mom.  Today she was there doing some shopping (not for fudge) and they had JUST loaded up the fudge counter with fresh stuff.   Easy, my cheesecake friend, know what the special fudge of the day was?


Mom bought a half a pound weight of it all sliced up and ready to gobble down.   Well, I tried to keep her from going nuts but she almost ate HALF of it before I convinced her to tape the box shut and hide it from herself – much less from Dad!    I can tell you this – I certainly didn’t WANT any of it (nor should I EVER have any of it because of the sugar) but it DID smell good…….it really did……….

Gee, that smells delightful Mom!

Gee, that smells delightful Mom!

So of course even though she finally STOPPED eating it I had to keep a close eye on her whenever she was on the computer today……………fortunately I can see/watch her from three feet away when I’m in my afghan tent!

No you don't Mom - I'm WATCHING you!

No you don’t Mom – I’m WATCHING you!

Yesterday afternoon Mom and I got a BIG SURPRISE too!   Our friend Michelle from My Three Moggies sent ME (yes ME) a special present – a surprise she said she was sending me that would be something she got in Japan on her trip (remember her Teaser??).   I was SO excited!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you Miss Michelle for the lovely (and tasty!) package of things from Japan.  Mom says she might make a small pillow AND scarf from the beautiful material and I only get ONE TREAT every few days because I want them to LAST!!!!   BIG HUGS FROM ME AND MOM….

Well, that’s about it for today guys…………..tomorrow I’m doing a special post all about my Mom’s book and the role Eddy the cat plays as the “sidekick” to the main character, private investigator Bailey Ferrol.  My Mom says she doesn’t know what she’d do without ME………..well Bailey says the same thing about her cat Eddy!!

Have a great Thursday – see you on FURRRRRIDAY!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Teaser Tell All



Helllloooooooooooooooo !!!

Bet you tuned in this morning to find out WHO guessed the Teaser yesterday correctly right? Well, I won’t make you suffer and wait – I’ll let you know right away what the scoop is………first of all here’s the photo yet again:


I honestly didn’t know there were real CLUES in this photo but those of you who have either eagle eyes (!) or the ability to “adjust” light/dark, or even have BEEN here yourselves, figured it out.

My parents were on a cruising vacation along the Rhine River and visited Heidelberg and the beautiful castle grounds one day on their tour………..this is the gate at the entrance to the castle complex.  It truly was one of the most beautiful views from on top of the hill overlooking the town of Heidelberg and the buildings associated with the castle were impressive.  Now I have to take my Mom’s word for it because I was NOT there…….I was home in Virginia safely boarded at my most favorite boarding place EVER – The Paws Awhile Pet Hotel.  They spoiled me even more rotten than I already am!

So who guessed it right?  As of time Mom helped me write this (4PM Eastern USA time Tuesday) here’s the hug winners list!

Easy from Easy Weimaraner (Easy found clues in this photo – he’s got great eyeballs!!)

Mollie from Mollie’s Dog Treats  (Mollie’s eyes were working well even after being on the computer running the auction all day Monday!)

Layla from Cat Wisdom 101  (Miss Layla has PROBABLY been here in this very spot before!!)

Animal Couriers from Animal Couriers (they’ve been EVERYWHERE!!!)

And you know what you winners get………………………… 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


Now, here’s something WAY WAY WAY cool that you’ve just GOT to check out!   Singer-songwriter, artist and writer extraordinaire Catherine Forsley (“Cat”) put together a really cute little cat tribute called “Inspiring Cats”  and I’m PART of it along with my buddies My Three Moggies, June Buggie, Misaki, and Alfie!   You’ve just GOTTA see it……………….CLICK HERE  !   Thank you Miss Cat!!! 😀

I’m so flattered to be a bit of a creative effort on Miss Cat’s part…………she seems like a really super and VERY talented lady and I sure have enjoyed meeting her (Mom has too).  Her music is great.

Today we’ll all find out how the Auction on Mollie’s went so don’t forget to stop by and check things out.  We hope a whole pile of money was made on Leo’s behalf.  Leo needs all the help we can give him!

Either tomorrow or Friday I’m going to do a whole blog about my Mom’s book and the cat named Eddy who is one of the “stars” of the book………….I keep saying “My Mom’s book” but really she has THREE books.  The one I’m going to talk about is the adult mystery novel but she’s also written two childrens books.   Of course I helped her wrote those……I’m NOT just a pretty face you know!  😀

Happy Wednesday and concatulations to Teaser winners………….the rest of you?  Next Tuesday you have another chance for BIG SAMMY HUGS.

Love You All – Kitty Hugs, Sammy