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Tuesday Teaser Time


What better thing for me to do on a rainy Tuesday morning than load up a challenge for you – and this might be a BIG challenge……why?  I’m doing something DIFFERENT (again) and here’s the scoop.

I was going through an old box of things that belonged to my Dad including some old photos and found lots of photos of places he’d been or we’d been as a family.  Old black and white pictures.  So first challenge is that they are OLD, second challenge is they’re black and white, third challenge is they’re not TOTALLY clear (but you can bigify if you want to see them better as always).   Usually I say these are from a vacation my Mom and Dad took but strictly speaking that’s not the case this time – – – – my Mom was there but this was MANY MOONS before she met my Dad.  Did I say MANY?  I  should say EONS of years.  😀 😀 😀   Anyway, here’s the photos – three of them – same place, different views!

mystery photos 2

I do think some of you will recognize this place even though others of you will think that’s impossible…….anyway, GOOD LUCK!!   Get your guesses to me (SPECIFIC guesses!) today because tomorrow you and I both know there will be winners and losers and you wanna be a winner right???  Right?   Because you will get:


Now onward to other news………..

I was the lucky recipient of another award given to me by my good friend Nerissa from Nerissa’s Life.   This is the Best Moment Award – another new one for me.


I went to the website Moment Matters to find out a bit about this award – and apparently if you get awarded this one a number of times there are different looking badges you can download from their site to put on your blog.  The one you see above is for the First Nomination.   CLICK HERE to see what I’m talking about.

Winners re-post all of this information completely along with their “Acceptance Speech” (wow – I’ve never given a speech before!).  This can be written or a video.  Winners have the privilege of awarding the next awardees.  The re-post should include a list of those people or blogs you feel are worthy of the award and you should notify those people/blogs of the GREAT NEWS.


What makes a good acceptance speech?

  • Gratitude: thank the people who helped you along the way
  • Humor: keep us entertained and smiling
  • Inspiration: make your story touch our lives

Get an idea from the great acceptance speech compiled HERE   Then display the badge on your blog/website which you can download HERE.

So that’s the business part of the post…….now for my Acceptance Speech!

My sincere thanks to Nerissa of Nerissa’s Life for thinking me worthy of the award.  Hopefully I’ve provided some moments that matter to him and many of my other friends out in blogland in my almost two years of blogging.  My aim is to entertain you – share my life and fun with you every single day.  I also want you to know how much you all mean to me.   I enjoy spending time with you and knowing that you’re spending time with me every day when you read my blog.  Hopefully you have as much fun as I do!   We seniors DO have a lot of fun – we love to play and see our humans smile at us no matter WHAT our age is or our health might be.  We’ll keep going on until we’re summoned to join the “others” over the Bridge.   It’s ALLLLL about love.

Who am I nominating?  Well, first of all I think this award is traveling already – just like the last one – I may put you on my nomination list and you might (a) have it already or (b) not wish to participate – it’s all up to you OK?  I did TRY to find people who don’t have it yet……but you know how that goes!

Pedro The Cat

One Blue Dog

The Princess Tails

Clowie’s Corner

I could go on and on and on and on but I’ll leave some folks for the rest of you to nominate (!!).


little happy facelittle happy face

I’ll see all of you tomorrow!  Good luck on the Teaser…………. Tee Hee

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Soggy Monday


I just KNEW it wasn’t gonna last……sunny Spring days……well, at least they are SPRING days even if there’s no sun.  We’re in for rain the next four days (so they say) so that means I won’t be heading out for a grass munch or lying on the sunny front porch.  I can live with that I suppose.  I can’t steal the sun from everyone else ALL the time now can I?

I thought perhaps it was time for me to remind you all that the deadline for submitting your PJ pix for my Blogaversary Slumber Pawty “BEST PJs” contest is coming soon.  In fact, you have to have your pix to me and my Mom by MAY 8.    Other than THAT, here’s the rest of the scoop AND I’m including a photo of me in my PJs since I won’t be IN the contest with you guys!!


Yep – nice warm jammies for this Cat Cookie Monster!!!

I guess I’ll go look out the window at the rain pitter pattering everywhere………know what?  Rainy days are PURRRRFECT for one of my most favorite activities anyway!

Rainy Day Monday is good for "ZZZZZs" !

Rainy Day Monday is good for “ZZZZZs” !


I say when you're good at something - you should do it all the time!

I say when you’re good at something – you should do it all the time!



Kitty Hugs, Sammy





Hi Everybody!

Sunday…..bacon…..sunshine…..parents willing to escort me outside for a breath of fresh, non-house scented air…….life is GOOD.

Enjoying the yard and the nice fresh air!

Ahhh…’s NICE out here!

Some of you may have been just a tad confused by my Saturday post… appeared on Friday along with my Friday blog because Mom (sorry Mom but I gotta tell the truth here) didn’t post-date it to appear on SATURDAY when she loaded it up so it posted Friday AM.  Happily dear old Mom realized it when she visited my blog Friday AM and immediately fixed it but not before SOME of you had already seen it.  WHOOPSIE!

Anywho – it was only a poster to remind everybody that May 10th is the BIG HAPPENING DAY around here.  I’m getting PJ pix – keep ’em coming gang!

For the blogaversary pawty I’m going to have a couple of other fun activities – one of them will be a “How Many Words Can You Make” contest – I’m going to give you two words on the day of the pawty,  and whoever can use the letters of the two words to make the MOST other words will win a prize?   They will have to be ENGLISH words and they will have to be REAL words (because we’ll be checking to make sure!!).  Doesn’t that sound like fun?


PAWTY – if you rearrange the letters of the word PAWTY, you can make other words like “Tap”, “Yap”, “Paw”, “Way” – get it?   But I won’t give you the two words I have in mind until May 10th at the slumber-fest. 😀

I’ll think of at least one other fun thing we can do for a prize……….I’ve got time to come up with something swell I’m sure!   Mom’s working on a pawsome menu of snackables for us to enjoy too.  What’s a pawty without food right?

My Mom went shopping yesterday and guess what was in the bag when she got home…….some fresh tissue!  And not just regular tissue either – because we keep tissue here (of course) which Mom doles out a sheet or two at a time when I’ve suitably shredded my old tissue – this was tissue from a STORE – with different human smells on it !  It was ever so much more interesting tissue than OUR tissue!

Oh this smells delightfully different!

Oh this smells delightfully different!


Our garden is really loving the nicer weather we’ve had too…….Mom still wants to get more plants but for now, everything in this picture that’s popping up is just the perennials that pop up every Spring – nothing “new” but give Mom time – she’ll manage to spend some bucks on MORE plants………..TRUST ME…………..I know this to be a fact!

Front Garden 2012

Yep – my old friends are back again….one NICE thing about perennials!

I do hope you have a nice Sunday………has Spring finally made it to your house?  I know some of you had LATE snows….hopefully they’ve decided to pack up and go back to the North Pole or Antarctica and Spring has SPRUNG where you are?????

Happy Sunday Peeps!

Sammy 😀


Lucky Friday


That’s right – lucky Friday!!  Actually yesterday was my lucky day but this is the first time I’ve had a chance to TALK about it so it’s “Lucky Friday” !

Ahhh...this seems like a good spot to celebrate my good luck with a nap!

Ahhh…this seems like a good spot to celebrate my good luck with a nap!

Yesterday I received a pawsome award – THREE TIMES…….that’s right – THREE.  Here’s the award – I love it and I’ve never received it before either:


This award’s purpose is to celebrate other WordPress bloggers who inspire, help and encourage us….just like “family” does – isn’t that a nice thing?

I received this cool award from my friends Misaki, Dianna and Sundae, and Nylablue.

To properly receive the award I have to thank those who gave it to me (ALL OF THEM!!! – THANK YOU!!!!), and post the award (DONE) and then list ten other bloggers who have impacted my WordPress experience and WordPress “family”.   Well, due to the apparent popularity of this award, I think it really got passed around the last couple of days, and I’m not sure who received it and who hasn’t received it but let me just say this:   Without a doubt, I have found that everybody I have met through their blogs on WordPress – and really EVERYWHERE else not just WordPress – have been the most supportive, helpful, kind, generous, and talented bunch of people EVER.  If not for everyone’s encouragement and help while I was learning what to do and not do with blogging, I would not be just about to celebrate in a few days my TWO YEAR blogaversary.

So what I’d like to say is, if any WordPress peeps DON’T have this award yet – please feel free to take it with my absolute and total blessing and sincere thanks.   You all truly ARE my family.

Sam Loves His Friends!

What else is going on around here today?  Well, I can update you on the Slumber Pawty PAJAMA-RAMA (hahaha) and let you know I’ve received five entries already – that’s right – five of you sent me pix of yourselves in your PJs for the “BEST PJ CONTEST”.  YAY!  Keep ’em coming gang…’ve got until May 8th to send them in – the PAWTY is May 10th.  There will be a poll to choose the winner.

I also learned that Hutch A Good Life guinea pig boys are about to celebrate their FIRST blogaversary soon and they’re having a contest – you’d better go over and check everything out ASAP!

THEN, as if that wasn’t enough excitement – Austin from Catachresis has a birthday on May 1st.  So many PAWTIES and fun here in blogville huh?

I bet you’re wondering why I’m not complaining or talking about today being MONSTER DAY right?  That’s because my parents pulled a fast one on me and did the housecleaning yesterday – imagine that – a break in their routine – I think they’re just trying to keep me on my toes (paws??).

Happy Friday peeps………..see you Saturday!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀