Post-Camp Post

Hi all!   Well, I’m home and I guess everybody else made it back to their homes safely after we broke camp at that beautiful park on Vancouver Island.  Now I can get back to my routine.  I’m one of those guys who likes routine……..!

I do have a little “leftover business” though.   I never did tell you on the Scavenger Hunt drawing which Zena won, that the others who entered that contest and found EVERYTHING on the list were:   Easy, Brooch Czarina, and Clowie!  They all located links online for the list of things I gave and all the names went in a hat and I drew Zena’s name out!  YAY ZENA! 

AND, you saw which poem was Misaki‘s because I read it last night at camp around the bonfire since she was the winner with the most votes for “Scariest Poem”, BUT you don’t know who wrote the others.  I’m going to feature the other poems on my next few blogs so you know who wrote what.  This one was submitted by CUPCAKE!

Once upon a time,

On a dark and scary night,

I was feasting on a candy bar,

But something wasn’t right.

I asked my friend Gorilla

If he heard a funny noise.

He said, “Let’s go and check it out.

Just let me get my boys.”

We hopped into their garbage truck

And took a ride around.

Saw fireflies and yellow eyes

But that’s not all we found!

A scary, monster orchestra

With zombies playing flutes,

Ghosts on violin and bass

And skeletons in suits,

Was entertaining werewolves

And vampires and freaks

With howling and growling

And grunts and groans and shrieks!

Bravo Cupcake and Miss Genevieve – PAWSOME poem!

The next few days I’ll feature the other poems in the contest which were written by Mollie, Hutch A Good Life, and our friend Easy.  You ALL sent in fabulous poems……you made it very hard to choose just one!

I also know that you all missed having a Tuesday Teaser yesterday BUT remember I said I was taking this week off since we’d be wrapping up the camping trip.  However, I’ll be back next week with a Teaser you can count on that.  

I suppose you’d not find it surprising that most of today I plan to spend like this:

With my Mom.....catching up on favorite place to be!!

With my Mom…..catching up on naps….my favorite place to be!!

Last but not least my friends, for all of you who were at Camp Sammy, I offer this token of my appreciation……….something you can put on your blog if you wish…………..just a little campers souvenir of the wonderful time we spent together!    Help yourself if you’d like to have it.


You guys and gals are THE BEST friends………..I love you all!

Kitty hugs, Sammy (the former Camp Counselor)

48 thoughts on “Post-Camp Post

    • I agree with you……everybody who came along was a winner in one way or another. It was a lot of fun AND a lot of work but worth every second of it! Thanks for letting Sabre join in. He was a CHAMP!

      Kitty hugs, Sammy


  1. I was trying to respond to this on mummy’s phone and hit ‘reblog’ instead of ‘like’ bol
    Obviously this was the fault of mummy’s phone and not my massive paws!!
    You definitely deserve a rest after everything you’ve done over the past few days.
    Looking forward to finding out who authored the other poems!


  2. What a fun time that camping trip was! And you look so cozy there beside your Mommy. (I hear that if she has a “throw” across her legs, you like to nap under it… I do that too!)
    Love, Sundae


    • Katie I’m glad you were keeping an eye on us even though you were silent! Sometimes being a “stealth kitty” is a handy thing to be! So happy you enjoyed watching the fun.

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  3. I’m sure everyone is napping and resting from the camping trip, Sammy! Having fun is darn hard work. Feels like a Friday to me….wonder why? I was about to ask you if you had your bacon until I remembered it’s just the middle of the week and not the end! Silly me!


    • Hi Miss June…….yes I do believe there will be a lot of catnapping in blogville today with everyone recovering from camp. Mom knows I had plenty of bacon at camp (those bacon cheeseburgers were SO good!!) so I’ll have to wait til the weekend for more.

      Happy Wednesday!
      Love, Sam


    • I know Isobel…..they really look SO similar……Loved your post about Cat today – that photo of him sniffing the carnations is one of my favorites. He was just so photogenic.

      Thinking of you tonight………


  4. Oh Thanks for the cool badge Sammy! Yous did such a pawsome job, me thinks both yous and your Mommy deserves a long rest. Me really enjoyed the visit to our old stomping grounds and it was so noce that all our furrends was there too!


    • Nellie we owe that beautiful trip to you – you told us about that pretty spot in the world and it seems that every single friend who came loved the woods AND the beach sites. SPECIAL KISSES TO YOU!! It’s something I’ll never forget that’s for sure!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  5. Wow, we’re startin’ to think that even though we don’t like campin’ that we missed a really fun time. And you certainly deserve a rest for all your hard work. We are looking forward to reading the other poems. That one was fun. Purrs and hugs , Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Josette


    • It was a fun time…….I wasn’t sure I’d like camping either (since I’d never been and my parents certainly haven’t!) but it was grand. Another poem coming tomorrow…..

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  6. After a few days camping, we think you’ll need a few days’ rest! Enjoy it and take as many cuddles as you can find. No campfire at home…you’ll have to settle with warm laps 🙂

    Piggy kisses,
    Katie and Coccolino the mini pig


  7. I’m so sorry I missed the camping trip Sammy…Momz was having problems with her eyes and couldn’t use the computer for a while…Momz has read me all the posts and it looks like a pawsome time was had by all…Just one thing…I got all the scavenger hunt items right too (you sent me an email that said i did) but you didn’t include me in the drawing 😦

    Hope there’s another camping trip so I can join in


  8. We’ve only just got back. Well, it’s a long trip and Raffles is still a pup.
    Love the badge. As soon as I’ve slept a while I’ll be putting that up and other news.
    Thanks again Sammy. Maybe it should be an annual event 😉


  9. Dere shure are sum tallented 4 leggedz amongst (VBP) us aren’t dere Sammy!!??
    Me iz home safe n sound n Mum iz all over me…..she missed me A-L-O-T!!!! 😉
    Me iz gonna cpoy n paste da badge…me will see if Mum can put it on da blog page; if not it will be in me AWARDZ!!!! Fanks again Sammy fer da trip of a lifetime!!!!
    Me had a pawsum time!!!!
    Lub alwayz Nylablue =^..^=


    • So happy that you and your Mum worked things out Nylablue…..AND glad you enjoyed the camping trip – everybody seemed to have a blast and THAT makes me very happy!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


      • Yow Sammy…me cud not stay angry wif me Mum fer long!!! She didn’t mean to gib me too much meddycashun n she waz misseable wifout me…..n me waz missin her strokez n singin….
        Me DID have a pawsum time campin wif all of you n me neber forget it!!! Me iz so glad you iz happy me furend. Lub alwayz Nylablue xo


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