Caturday Camp Update


Well everybody tomorrow’s the BIG DAY………yep – we’ll all be at the campground and in our tents or at least enjoying the woods site and finding our way around.  Actually what we’ll probably be doing is visiting each other!!  All of the tents I’ve seen are amazing…….and everybody seems to be bringing just about everything they can THINK of for the campout!  Food, games, toys……….you name it – it’s gonna be there!

In the meantime, I’ve received some more pictures from friends who are obviously READY to camp!

Savannah’s having a bit of a problem cramming all her gear into her teleport tunnel to get to the camp site….if I know her, she’ll manage somehow!!

Teleporting to camp...good luck cramming all that stuff in there Savvy!

Teleporting to camp…good luck cramming all that stuff in there Savvy!

Here’s the Hutch A Good Life guinea pig boys’ suitcase – already packed up!

Yep - looks like they've got everything they need alright!

Yep – looks like they’ve got everything they need alright!

Our friend Odin from CatWisdom101 has decided to bring some “special snacks” along to enjoy around the campfire……here he is putting them in his snack tent before packing them to bring to camp……..YUM.

YUM!  Odin how did you know moths are my favorite snack???!

YUM! Odin how did you know moths are my favorite snack???!

Please remember today is the LAST DAY you can submit anything to me for the contests because Sunday’s blog will have the polls – remember to tell your friends to visit my blog on Sunday to vote for their favorites!!

Well, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow at the entrance to the park – look for me in my St. Patty’s Day green hat and let’s get this camping pawty started!!

Can't miss a ginger cat in a green hat !

Can’t miss a ginger cat in a green hat !

Kitty Hugs, Sammy, Your Excited Camp Counselor!

About onespoiledcat

We are Angel Sammy and Teddy......! Two ginger cats - one left for the Rainbow Bridge in December of 2016 (but still keeps in touch...) and the other in the "here and now" having lots of fun. Join us as we try to bring smiles to everyone around us with our blog.

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    • Hey Rumpy……I think Odin has a little bit of everything in his snack tent…..I’m particularly fond of moths myself but would be “up” for a crunchy cicada too.

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


    • Hi Sundae……our tents will look nice next to each other since they are the same design TENT even though we’ve decorated them differently. It won’t be long now before we’re with all our friends having a vacation from our humans.

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  1. Oh gosh, I’ve had such a week that I completely forgot. Going to have to do something about this real soon. Wish real life would stop getting in the way of blogging. Haven’t even got a blog out on my own site. Tut, tut!!!!


    • Hi Cody……it sure is gonna be fun. We’ll miss you but I think it’s lovely that you’re going to be home taking care of your Mom after her last litho. you’re a good boy….between you and Dakota and your Dad, she’s in GOOD paws AND hands!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


    • Hi Easy! Yes Savvy has her teleport tunnel to help her arrive quickly – the rest of us are traveling in other ways…some (like you, Hitch and Nylablue) started out a few days ago to get to the campground – others – like me – will arrive tomorrow morning JUST IN TIME TO GREET THE REST OF YOU!!!!!!

      See you there…….
      Kitty hugs, Sammy


  2. Love, love,love the pictures of everyone’s preparations for the camping trip. Can’t wait to see everything tomorrow. Hope you got some bacon to keep your strength up, Sammy!!


    • Hi Miss June! We had bacon for breakfast – I asked nicely although I thought briefly about doing Mr. Pouty Face when I thought Mom had forgotten to get that frying pan out!!

      See you tomorrow at camp (virtually of course)!
      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  3. Sammy it looks pawesome! I’m not able to come unfortunately because I was busy helping mum get better instead of packing, but ill be thinking of you all! It’s not too bad I’m happy to hang out here with dad on the boat. Can’t wait to see all the entries to your competitions, I’m sure they’ll be excellent. Bisous Bailey


    • We will miss you Bailey but it’s very impawtant to take care of your Mum AND enjoy some time on Nocturne with your Dad too! At least I’ll be blogging from the laptop throughout the camping trip so you can keep up with us AND vote too!!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


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  5. Can’t wait ’til tomorrow. Got the portabellow shrooms ready for the barbi. Hmmm… bet that’s the wrong kind of barbi. You know what I mean thought, right? And I thought perhaps some clovers for garnish?


  6. Frum Nylablue: Diz iz da Life!!!! Fresr fisn n bacon n hangin wif me belubbed Hitch n Easy iz our guide dog n furend!! It iz lubly to meet all of da otherz…..haz anyone herd frum me Mum back home????


    • Hi Nylablue……so far no calls from your Mum – I’m sure she misses you though. I’m glad you’re having some fun with the friends you came with AND some new ones too!!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


        • It shure iz fun here…lub da sand ‘tween me toesiez n da Sun iz so warm…snakcz iz pawsum!!! Lub playin wif Savannah n Hitch…Easy iz da BEST doggie takin me fer walkz wif him n Misaki…me shuud be happy happy… me iz…but me iz missin me Mum….me wrote her a letter////me bunderz if she got it??? Nylablue.


        • Hi Nylablue……got a message from your Mum that she’s missing you and wants you to come home! Her compawter has been acting up……you should consider heading back home after the camping trip is over – when our humans love us THAT much, we belong with them!!

          See you later…….


          • Fankz Sammy fer passin on da message….do ya know if Mum got me letter?? Oh da compawwter iz actin stoopid again…it iz a piece of poopoo sumtimez!
            Me iz missin da Hum’man so me will purrably go home after da campin trip 😉
            Let’s go play on da beach b4 supper ok??? Lub Nylablue


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