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Hoppy Easter!


Hoppy Easter Everybody!

Sam's Easter Card

Well, Mr. Bunny didn’t let me down………he came last night and left me an Easter basket and I was ALSO right that he recycled last year’s basket.   Very environmentally smart of him don’t you think????

I’m wearing my monkey bandana – it’s yellow and Eastery looking.  I got it from my “almost birthday girl” Mollie!  I look quite dashing don’t you think?

Hey!  Lookie here!  The Easter Bunny really DID recycle!

Hey! Lookie here! The Easter Bunny really DID recycle!

Gee I like this little wabbit in my basket - and doesn't my monkey bandan look nice????

Gee I like this little wabbit in my basket – and doesn’t my monkey bandana look nice????


OK....enough photos Mom, let's have Easter breakfast (with bacon of course)!

OK….enough photos Mom, let’s have Easter breakfast (with bacon of course)!

This morning I accompanied my Dad around the house (indoors of course since he was in his PJs) while he hunted for his Easter eggs.  That was quite a treat……see, I’d been napping in the living room when the Bunny arrived last night and I hid behind the couch and watched while he hid Dad’s eggs!  I knew where they ALL were!  I gave him a hint a couple of times….I just couldn’t resist. 

For all of you who celebrate Easter – Happy Easter from me, Mom and Dad and to those of you who don’t celebrate it, I hope you have a VERY wonderful Sunday!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

So Many Birthdays!


My oh my………….I was just looking at my calendar for the next week and there are a LOT of birthdays on it!   April must be a good month for kittens and puppies to come into the world because a bunch of you made your debut this month didn’t you…………TEE HEE

April 1 is my buddy Cody’s  (CAT CHAT) birthday, April 2 is Mollie the Magnificent’s (Mollie & Alie) birthday, and Texas celebrates his BIG #7 birthday on April 4th.   There may be more of you who are celebrating in April too that I don’t even KNOW about!
I know today is only March 30th but just in case I should FORGET before April starts to give you birthday babies your due, this is for everyone I know about and those I don’t know about!
Now, moving on to tomorrow………….Easter Sunday.  I don’t know if you saw my Easter photos from last year but I got a way cool Easter basket.  I’m wondering what I’ll get THIS year?  
Sam's Easter Basket 2012

Last year’s loot

It’s possible that the Easter Bunny might use this same basket this year – how do I know that?  Because I kept my basket by my toy wagon after last Easter and it’s been MISSING for the past two days!  I think the Easter Bunny may have stopped by this week and “borrowed” it for recycling purposes!  Guess I’ll find out Sunday.

I’m having bacon for breakfast shortly but the rest of the day I might be in and out and in and out of the house.  It’s actually supposed to be a pretty nice day today.  Too dark to tell yet….but I’m hopeful.  My little “rant” yesterday about Spring being a bit late in arriving this year might have done some good.  I’m hoping for some sunshine so I can get a little grass munching done.

Hey – who knows – maybe I can find some sign that the Easter Bunny really did hop through my yard to get here and borrow my last year’s Easter basket??????   Mom says bunnies tend to leave some signs that they’ve been in your yard….hmm…wonder what she mens by that???

Happy Caturday!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy the Easter Bunny Hunter…..

Where’s Spring? Ask The Lion!



The one thing I’m reading on almost all my friends’ blogs is they are READY FOR SPRING!!!  

Sam Lion

That old saying about March “coming in like a lion and going out like a lamb”…..well, I’m going to be watching for a lamb or two believe me!  

The poor Easter Bunny is going to have to wear a heavy coat when he delivers my Easter eggs on Sunday…… 😦

Kitty Hugs, Sammy……………….. 😀 😀 😀

Trial and Error Thursday


Gosh…….finding the right costume to wear to Mollie’s birthday party bash is kind of turning into a big problem.  Mom keeps having me try on different costumes and so far I’m not totally thrilled with any of them. 

See what I mean?

Hmmm….I look like a pilot with a long white beard…..


Sammy "Rocky" Kimmell?????

Sammy “Rocky” Kimmell?????

Well, I do look rather distinguished as a Bobby....."Bobby Sammy"???

Well, I do look rather distinguished as a Bobby…..”Bobby Sammy”???

You've GOT to be kidding me Mom!!!!

You’ve GOT to be kidding me Mom!!!!


Now THIS I could possibly live with!!

Now THIS I could possibly live with!!

Well, obviously the search goes on!!!!!  I’ll find something that’s really ME I’m sure….meanwhile I suppose I have to admit that seeing myself all kitted out in some of these outfits is pretty – well – HILARIOUS!!! 😀 😀

Remember to send your costume photo to Mollie by March 31st!!! 
Then don’t forget to put April 1st on your calendar for Savannah’s blogiversary……gosh…….so many pawties for us PAWTY ANIMALS in blogville huh????
Kitty Hugs, Sammy  😀

Teaser Tell All


Hi Folks!

Well, I sort of had some of you fooled – at least a little bit – but my friend Mr. Pit got it TOTALLY right – why?  Because he’s been to this exact spot and been on a narrowboat on this canal!! 


My parents took these photos (and many others) in Stratford-On-Avon in England!   Lots of you said “a canal in England” or “in the UK” or “from a bridge in the UK”…….so really anyone who got THAT close deserves one of these don’t you think????

I don’t know WHY I thought I’d used the photos before…….maybe my parents are going to visit there again and I’m psychic and knew they’d see this view once more??????   Looking into the future????? Naw…..I’m just getting old and my memory isn’t working right!   😀
So, are you going to go to Savannah’s blogaversary ball?  Well, you better go check things out – it’s going to be on April 1st and you need to comment on her post in order to be eligible for a way way cool prize!
What else is going on in the world of bloggies?   There’s always SOMETHING happening isn’t there!!
Happy Tell All Day………….
Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 

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