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Furrsday Chill


Hi All!

Looks like it’s gonna be another cold day here but from some of the photos I’ve seen around the blogosphere we have been SOOOOOO fortunate not to be snowbound like some of you! 

We visited A Tonk’s Tail….errr….Tale yesterday and saw poor Allie trotting along the sidewalk outside her house surrounded by walls of snow.   lots of you are getting extra home time with your humans because they can’t get out to go to work.  Assuming that means extra treats, tummy rubs and chin scritches for you – it’s pretty grand huh? 

Anyway, we hope Spring will be here soon……….for ALL of us who are in the midst of Winter right now.  So far THIS was our “biggest” snow this year – remember this?  Many weeks ago – and we haven’t had anything CLOSE to this since!

Not exactly a blizzard huh???

Not exactly a blizzard huh???

Am I complaining?  Not really.  I’m just amazed at what a rather strange Winter we’ve had.   As I napped this afternoon, visions of Spring danced through my ginger head…….

Can you see me in this photo?????  I'm there!

Can you see me in this photo????? I’m there!

Spring makes me think of the camping trip I thought we should organize………I’m thinking about some ideas now……….stay tuned.  That good camping weather will be here before you know it!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Teaser Tell All Time


Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Time for me to tell you the scoop on yesterday’s Teaser.  I had a feeling (and so did Mom) that it would be super easy for some of you and a toughie for others.  Turns out there were several CORRECT guesses – some “ballpark” right guesses and lots of folks who had no idea.

Here’s the photo one last time……….


Where was it taken?  The Column of Antoninus Pius in the Cortile della Pinacoteca at the Vatican Palace in Italy!   Mom and Dad were waiting with the rest of their tour group to continue their tour but because there were a lot of people there – they were taking folks inside in “batches”.  They only had to wait about 30 minutes and with surroundings like these, they didn’t mind one bit just enjoying the sights.  It’s a beautiful place to visit – inside AND outside.

Now here’s where it gets tricky………several people said “Rome”, several people said “Italy” – I feel like YOU folks should get a hug too so if you were one of the “almost got it totally right” peeps – take a hug for yourself too OK???









Good for all of you who got it “right on the money” and BRAVO to those of you who almost had it perfect too!  Not easy – could have been several places that’s for sure……………
Hope everybody has a HAPPY WEDNESDAY………….I’m gonna……….I just KNOW it!
Kitty hugs, Sammy the Teaser Guy 😀 😀 😀

Tuesday Teaser!


Howdy Peeps!!

You’ll no doubt be happy to hear that Monday was purrfect.  Mom and I had a snuggly day in spite of the fact she was up and down working on laundry and other things – I was her #1 priority. 

Mom's home!

Mom’s home!

We looked together for a really good Tuesday Teaser…….guess what…….we both decided that we’d post a “semi-easy” Teaser photo this time.  Yep – I think there will be some people who will know instantly where this is.  Not everybody of course but SOME, and we all know that if SOME know, OTHERS WILL FOLLOW.   Yes – YOU know who I’m talkin’ about! 😉 😉

Anyway, here’s your Teaser photo – remember to let me know where this is SPECIFICALLY before the day is over because tomorrow morning bright and early I’m doing the Teaser Tell All – yep – don’t be left out in the cold!  Make sure and guess and win your BIG SAMMY HUG!


Good luck.  Mom says she missed my Sammy Hugs while she was gone and I know that if you haven’t had a BIG SAMMY HUG for a while because you’ve not been able to guess the Teaser, you would like one.  I’m ready, willing and able.  OK???

Mom at the book fair...I'm SURE she's thinking about me!

Mom at the book fair…I’m SURE she’s thinking about me!

This was taken by one of Mom’s friends at the book fair…..we swiped it from Mom’s friend Bonnie Watson’s Facebook album.  Bonnie is a VERY talented writer and gifted artist.   Thanks Bonnie!

Happy Tuesday Teaser

Kitty hugs, Sammy 😀

Happy Sam Monday


YAY!  Mom’s home and she had a wonderful time at her big fat book event – and of course I’m one happy boy now.  All is well in my world.

First of all, I overheard Dad telling Mom on the phone Saturday that I had been searching for her all over the house – crying and yelling and calling for her and looking EVERYWHERE.  Well, I know that sounds silly but I have to admit it’s true.  I simply could not find her on Saturday and that upset me tremendously.  I tried to sleep as much as possible but it didn’t work.  Every time I’d wake up from a nap I’d go searching again.  Daddy was getting worried about me.  I heard him tell Mom that I’d horked up a couple of meals (true), and meowed and cried almost non-stop (true). 

Yes my friends………..I was a royal pain in the rear end all weekend – poor Daddy – he didn’t know what to do for me because I was truly inconsolable and I freely admit that I was.  I am VERY attached to good old Mom.  Well Sunday afternoon when she came home, I was hiding in the basement – even though she came right down to see me I still was squished under the sofa and wouldn’t come out (tee hee).  Finally she coaxed me out but I wouldn’t let her pick me up.  I was a real Mr. Pouty Pants!   So she went upstairs and got in her recliner and as soon as I heard her put the foot rest up – I popped up the stairs and made a beeline for her chair.  I let her brush me and talk to me and I finally forgave her.  I’m a REAL PRINCE huh?   Actually, I’m a real BABY and I know it!

Here’s a picture of Mom’s table at the book event.  Looks pretty cute huh? 

Who could resist this table??

Who could resist this table??

Well the whole idea was to get the kids to drag their parents over for a look at the cute little poster and kitties and then Mom put the squeeze on them to buy books – clever huh?  Well, it worked because Mom sold a bazillion books!   Even though they had monsoon rains in Lumberton, NC for the event, lots of people came to the college and attended the talks and met the authors and bought lots of books which benefited a lot of schools and libraries in the area.  YAY!

I’m so happy Mom’s home………..I’m also happy that tomorow is Tuesday Teaser.  Now all I have to do is fine the perfect photo to stump you.  Gonna be hard to find something better than last week’s though don’t you think?  I TOTALLY GOTCHA with that one!

Oh – before I forget – make sure and visit Mollie’s new SHOP on her blog.  Wait til you see all the totally cool stuff she’s got!  Check it out ASAP!

See ya tomorrow for the Teaser!!


peee esss  It’s gonna take me and Mom a while to get around to responding to all the TONS of comments from the past few days while she was away…..your patience is of course appreciated! 😀 😀  (humans can be so slow sometimes compared to we felines….. he he)