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Hodge-Podge Thursday


Hi All!  

What’s Hodge-Podge mean?   Well, I’m glad that you asked………..

Hodge-podge is a word used to describe a confused or disorderly mass or collection of things; a “mess” or a “jumble”. The UK term is hotchpotch”

So I guess I could have called it Hotchpotch Thursday too!  Point is I have several things to share today.

One is my good little piggy friend Bacon from Pig Love awarded me the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.   I do have this one already but reading his “Share Seven Facts” which were really fun, made me realize that maybe I should do that AGAIN!  So here’s the award:

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I’m to link back to him (see Bacon above!)… the award (done)…..then share seven facts about me and nominate other awards.

Well here’s my seven things!

1.  I pout when my parents BOTH leave at the same time to go somewhere together.  I sit in the living room and move my mouth like I’m meowing but don’t make a sound…..I just try to look as pitiful as possible and make them think I’m saying “please don’t go!”.    If just one of them is going, I don’t do this – I’m just FINE!

2.  I love it when Mom gets home from the grocery store.  I have to inspect every bag thoroughly.   If she puts some of the bags on the counter instead of the floor where I can see them, I’ll poke my paws WAY UP HIGH and try to pull the bags down (in 13 years this has never worked though….I can’t reach that high!!).

3.  When I was little, and Mom and I went for a walk early in the morning in the dark, sometimes I’d put my paws up on her knees and meow for her to pretty please pick me up.  She’d carry me around the yard and let me sniff the tree branches and bark – and talk to me the whole time.  I liked that.  It was “Mommy Time” !

4.  The only way I can stand being in the car (which always means I’m going to the V-E-T!) is if I’m in my Mom’s lap, with my head buried under her arm.  I don’t want to see anything……Mom says probably I have motion sickness and not seeing out the window helps me STAND it!

5.  My eyes are sometimes green and sometimes gold…..if they get VERY DARK BROWN – watch out!

6.  I let my Mom and Dad trim my nails at home and always have – Dad holds me and Mom clips…..I behave very well EXCEPT for when Mom is trimming my little extra claws on my extra toes (I’m polydactyl remember)……I really HATE her to trim those – I guess they are extra sensitive or something!

7.  I’m not sure how many of my nine lives I’ve already had but I hope I have bunches more and that I can come back as a cat AGAIN AND AGAIN and belong to my very same Mom and Dad……

Now as to nominating other blogs?  I actually think almost everyone I know has this one…….if you don’t – please please take it with my blessings and make sure and answer the 7 questions!! 

Now, another bit of business is to tell you that if you haven’t done it yet, you should get over to Mollie’s and order a special “cartoonized” drawing of YOU on a custom mousepad!  Mollie and her Mom are very artistic….here’s the one she did of me (I was one of her models!!):

Lookie!  It's ME!

Lookie! It’s ME!

If you’d like to have them make one JUST FOR YOU go to Mollie’s and let her know.  She has other samples on  her blog along with details how to order………AND if you mention that “SAMMY SENT ME” it will count for me to get a special Mollie Treat Box after THREE orders have been placed by peeps who say they heard about the mousepads from ME ME ME!!!!!!

The last thing to tell you is that I’m thinking of organizing something FUN for us to do – not for several weeks though because everybody is really busy with Valentine’s Day and the Blogville Circus and other stuff.  What I thought would be fun is a CAMPING TRIP!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Whatcha think????

Hope you have a terrific HODGE PODGE Thursday…… 😉

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Tuesday Teaser Tell-All


Happy Wednesday All!  Well, I do hope that you enjoyed trying to figure out WHERE these Teaser photos were taken………

It was super fun having a “Guest Tuesday Teaser” this week but now’s the time to give you the scoop…………and in order to do that, you need to watch this video!

Now this is my first time putting a YouTube video on my bloggy so I’m hoping it works……….IF it isn’t working when Mom comes online this morning, we’ll get things straightened out but we DID follow WordPress’s instructions last night.  (you know how THAT goes sometimes! 😦 )

We have a huge THANK YOU to send to our friend Michelle for letting us use her vacation photos from her FABULOUS trip and making a movie for us with the Teaser answers from a really gorgeous spot on the planet!     VERY COOL……….

Thanks Michelle!

Thanks Michelle!

We also have some HUGS to hand out for those who guessed what Country #1 Teaser Photo was taken in, and what City #2 and #3 photos were taken in.  Who gets a BIG SAMMY HUG for getting ALL THREE photos right?  Here they are!



Mollie and Alfie



There were a BUNCH of you who guessed Peru correctly and also guessed Lima correctly so you guys get 2/3 of a BIG SAMMY HUG!

2/3 Big Sammy Hug



Will and Eko



Long Life Cats and Dogs

And Michelle??  You make sure and take one of the BIG SAMMY HUGS too because you made this week’s Teaser so much fun!

Happy Wednesday All……….

Sammy the BIG Tease 😀 😀 😀

Tuesday Teaser


Hi Teaser Fans!

Guess I have you wondering WHAT in the world is different about this week’s Teaser “event” right?  Well, I’ll tell you right now and put you out of your misery…………..we are doing a GUEST TEASER.  In other words, one of our good blogging friends offered us a chance to use some of their photos AND in addition they’ve made a special Video which you’ll see tomorrow that provides the answers as to WHERE the photos were taken!

How cool is that?  I’m not telling WHO it is – that’s part of the big surprise for tomorrow OK?  So, without further ado, here are THREE photos for this week’s Teaser.  Your assignment (in order to win the BIG SAMMY HUG) is to guess all three correctly

Picture #1 - What COUNTRY is this?

Picture #1 – What COUNTRY is this?

Picture #2 - What CITY is this?

Picture #2 – What CITY is this?

Picture #3 - What CITY is this?

Picture #3 – What CITY is this?

Quite a challenge?  Yes indeedy……….remember if you want the Full Monty BIG SAMMY HUG – make a guess on all three.  Tomorrow you’ll get the answers in a way cool video (assuming Mom sets it up right!!), winners will get their hugs, and we all have EXTRA fun courtesy of our Guest Teaser friend!


Sammy the Teaser Guy 😀 😀 😀

Moaning on Monday


UP AND AT ‘EM EVERYONE!  Monday has arrived again…..time to start another week. 

Yesterday was a really delicious day……it was cold and sunny and Mom and I spent a bit of time out on the front porch enjoying the sun.   Since I have a fur coat on, I was comfy but Mom sat there on the cold step in her parka, hat, gloves, and boots while I felt free as a bird in my fur coat! 

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

This is from early Fall when the mums were still blooming but you get the idea!

I did, however, witness a murder while we were out there. 

WHAT???????????????????????  DID SAMMY SAY MURDER??????????


Yep – that’s exactly what I said.   We have a LOT of hawks around here – gray hawks, red-tailed hawks, ALL kinds and sizes of hawks.  Remember we have a woods behind us and all around the neighborhood and a TON of birds including owls, hawks, turkey buzzards and tons of smaller birds too. 

So, there we are sitting on the steps and I hear a hawk – I know their sound !  Mom and I see a small hawk land on the lawn right by our driveway and then a lot of “squeaking” – like a vole, mole, or field mouse would make if it had just been grabbed……the hawk had his wings out and down on the ground sort of “trapping” his catch to keep it from getting away.  In about 15 seconds the squeaking stopped and the hawk flew up and away with his prize.   MURDER – right there in my front yard! 

Such is the way of mother nature…….and of course the hawk got a meal and maybe he shared it with his family too (although it looked pretty small to me whatever it was!). 

Never a dull moment around here……………….even on a MOANDAY!

Hope your day isn’t dull………

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Pee Ess……..tomorrow’s Tuesday Teaser and boy do I have a WHOPPER for you!!