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Just In Case……


Hello Friends……….

If you’re reading this, then we’re all still here…..that Mayan calendar thing about the end of the world happening on December 21, 2012 is perhaps not right….not gonna happen….at least I hope not.

Mom where does it say today's the day???? I can't read this dingy-dang thing!

Mom where does it say today’s the day???? I can’t read this dingy-dang thing!

What WOULD be nice is if as of today the world did at least CHANGE… know, like “peace on earth, goodwill toward men” kind of change.  Now that’s something I could wrap my paws around and hold onto.  That’s something to wish for.  If starting today, there would be no more war, no more poverty, no more pain, no more disease, no more starving, no more homeless people or animals, no more – well, you can see my problem here – I couldn’t possibly name everything I’d wish “no more” of because there’s too much stuff!

We’re lighting a candle to wish on!!

But I realize that might be asking a bit much…….perhaps I should just be happy to be HERE period. 

If, on the other hand, the end of the world just hasn’t happened today as yet – like maybe it’s happening later in the day or something….may I take this opportunity to bend your ear and say how happy I am you’re my friend?  How happy I am that you visit me every single day (or as often as you can anyway) and listen to my tales of cattitude???   I LOVE YOU!!!!   

Today is cleaning day and I know my Mom wouldn’t mind if the end of the world happened before she has to get the vacuum monster out of the closet………so, Mr. Mayan Guy – go ahead and pull the plug!!
QUICKIE NEWS UPDATE:  Wanna make Christmas super special for our friend Miss Stella (Mollie and Alfie’s Mom)???  She loves answering questions (ALL kinds of questions if you get my drift…tee hee) and you can submit your questions on Doggys Style in the “Comments” area and not only keep Miss Stella busy (!!) but there’s a PRIZE to win……We all love prizes right?  We all love Miss Stella right?  Go to Doggy’s now and ask WHATEVER you want to ask!

Happy Friday Peeps!!!!

Sammy !
Hey Mom…..if the world is ending today can we open our presents NOW??????? 

Snow? Maybe?


Good Morning!

The weather people around here are so rarely RIGHT, but this is one time I wouldn’t mind TOO MUCH if they ARE right because they say over the next week there is a chance we’ll get some snow! 

Normally I’d say EEEK……so would my parents……but they don’t have to go anywhere – no holiday pawties, no grocery trips, no shopping (all done!) so we can just enjoy it if we get some.  Here are some snows of the past – wonder if we’ll have a winter wonderland like this!

January 2012 Snow

The view from my porch toward our driveway, January 2012

Snow and Pink Sky - Pretty Combination

Icy trees, snow and a pink sky early in the morning, January 2012

When I complain about the rain, remind me of this!

Hey Mom! Wait for me!

It would be pretty to have a “White Christmas”…..which, by the way, was the old movie my parents watched on TV the other night – the one with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye.  All those old familiar Christmas carols and a story that makes my Mom get “leaky eyes”…..why?  There’s a scene where the “Grandpa” who was an Army General but now retired, has to don his old uniform for a surprise par-tay in his honor.  He comes down the stairs in his uniform to join his granddaughter at the bottom of the stairs and she tells him he looks so HANDSOME in his uniform… Mom says she remembers telling her Dad that same thing the day he dusted off his old Air Force uniform to walk her down the aisle to marry my Pop in 1990.  One of those “leaky-eyes” kind of moments.

Mom With Her Dad In His Uniform

“Oh Dad…you look so HANDSOME in your old uniform!”……

So, yes there are a lot of OLD photos in this post but they remind me that every day is another day to make NEW memories… we sneak up to Christmas day, make some of your own everyone!

Sam on Christmas Morning

Making Christmas memories……

Kitty Holiday Hugs, Sammy


Teaser Tell-All Time


Hi Teaser Fans!

Before I get to the Teaser I want to thank Leo AGAIN for inviting me to be a guest blogger on Doggy’s Style yesterday – my Mom stepped up and took care of writing the blog and answering comments all day AND we met lots of new people – some of whom joined in on the Teaser fun yesterday!!

Well, it seems that for the most part – with a few exceptions – yesterday’s Teaser was a GOTCHA…..Some of you have xray vision or some kind of special software that will “un-blur” photos because there is indeed a sign or two on the old Cape May Inn.  But one of you has actually BEEN there and recognized it.

Cape May Inn

Cape May Inn

Angel of the Sea Inn

Cape May, New Jersey is a national historic landmark – this nation’s oldest seashore resort town in fact.   Over ten years ago my Mom and her sister Carol took THEIR Mom on a “girls trip” to Cape May in the Fall.   The town is pretty quiet in the Fall as most beach towns are.   My Grandma’s health was failing by then and Carol and my Mom thought it might be the last time they’d be able to take Grandma on a little trip to the beach.  They stayed in the beautiful Cape May Inn which is indeed one of the photos.  There are TONS of beautiful old homes, B&Bs, and Inns in the city and Mom took a lot of photos because she loves the architecture – she likes to draw them in pen and ink.  If you’re curious about Cape May, try THIS LINK.

Who guessed it?  Well lots of people said “on the ocean” or “near the beach” but some of you guessed it purrrrfectly:

Leo of Doggy’s Style

Layla of Cat Wisdom 101  Layla has STAYED there before!!

Easy of Easy’s Blog

Margarita of My Small Still Voice

YAY!    You all win the HUG:

That’s the special HOLIDAY version of a Sammy hug.  Concatulations!
Mom and I talked about it and decided that because next Tuesday is Christmas Day, we won’t be doing a Teaser……..I know……..I know……your hearts are breaking right?  Actually I think everyone will be pretty busy that day with family, friends, food, church, etc. so who will have time to visit blogs????  We’re taking a break but will be back on Wednesday to tell you what Santa Paws brought me AND to find out how YOUR Christmases were. 
Meanwhile, thanks for playing the Tease with me and I’ll see you here tomorrow same time, same channel.
HOLIDAY HUGS ALL AROUND…………(even if you didn’t guess the Teaser right!)
Pee Ess…… would have been my Grandma’s 96th birthday….