Silent Sunday


Shhhhh…..!  Silence is golden…….!


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    • Thanks Miss Molly! I hope you’re having a nice Sunday too…..tomorrow things will start getting crazy won’t they….Christmas Eve and Day and pressies all around. May you get your share!!!

      Meowy Christmas, Sammy


    • Hi Bailey! Nice to hear from you and Mom and I enjoyed seeing your Mom’s photos of “Nice Dressed For Christmas”….beautiful lights and sights. I know you’re heading to the boat tomorrow and I hope you have a MAGIC Christmas my friend!

      Love and Holiday Meows,


    • I know it’s super busy around your house getting ready for Christmas Mollie but please give Alfie AND your Mom a hug for me will you? Then ask Alfie to give YOU a hug and pretend it’s ME OK? It’s time to spread love and holiday hugs….tomorrow is Christmas Eve! YAY!

      Hope you and your whole family have a truly wonderful Christmas
      Super Big Holiday Hugs, Sammy


  1. Hey Sammy we were just in the neighborhood and thought we’d check out your blog! Sammy I must say you look like a tough cat, our cat Rascal might have finally found his match. Especially in that picture! Are you getting all ready for Christmas! Hey you should add the blog hop badge i just made today to this, its all in the Christmas spirit!


    • Hi Kirby! Sure is nice to meet you – thanks for stopping by. So I look tough do I? Well, Mom says I’m just a great big baby but when I put the “bitey-bite” on her when we’re playing I guess I can be kinda tough! I’ll come visit your blog as soon as I get my morning comments answered – it’s Christmas Eve Day and I’m pretty darn excited about Santa Paws coming tonight………..

      Meowy Christmas Kirby!
      Sammy 😀


      • “Me tooo! It being my first Christmas and all! I hope you and your mommy have the best Christmas ever! Your blog is also very pawsome had to follow, just another great gift I consider during the Christmas holidays! Have a amazing Christmas Sammy!


        • Oh Kirby I can remember MY first Christmas. I was adopted in February so I had to wait FOREVER for Santa to come again but when he did – well – Santa must have known what a good little kitten I’d been – I got LOTS of pressies and I’m sure you will too!!

          Holiday Snuggles……..Sammy


          • Aww you were adopted what a great christmas present in itself. My cat buddy Rascal was also adopted. He had been abandoned at a trailer park where my mom was on a camping trip at, where a old man was feeding him but hoping he found a new home. My ma was a teen then so she had to get her ma’s permission but she agreed. So on the last day of the trip she looked high and low with her mom hoping to find him. After about an hour and realizing they had to get back to camp before their transportation left they found him,just as they were about to have to walkaway. He is still here happy and healthy 9 years later! It looks like Rascal and Sammy have even more in common!


          • Oh what a GREAT story about Rascal! He sure was lucky to run into your Mom wasn’t he Kirby? I hope Santa Claus brought you all lots of great stuff……he was very good to me and Mom has taken some photos to share on my blog tomorrow……..MERRY CHRISTMAS KIRBY!

            Hugs, Sammy


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