Silent Sunday



My Mom meeting Santa Claus for the first time!

Happy Silent Sunday………Sammy 😀

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    • Hi Pix….she might have asked him for a kitten but he wouldn’t have brought one – Mom’s Dad didn’t like cats AT ALL and they always had dogs when Mom was growing up. But she couldn’t wait to be on her own so she could get her first kitten and she’s had cats ever since!!! Smart lady (HAHAHAHA).

      Sunday Hugs, Sammy

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    • I’m glad I still have it too…..I owe that to my Mom because she was really good about keeping things like that she thought we’d want when we got old enough to APPRECIATE them!

      Happy Sunday…….Pam


  1. WOW! Was your mom ever lucky! I’ve never met the big guy in red, myself. I write to him every year. And I think I’ve heard the sound of his sleigh bells ringin’ on Christmas Eve. But I’ve never, ever been face to face with the dude. Bet he was super-duper nice, huh? purrs


    • I figure it’s part of the job description that he be super-duper nice, wouldn’t you think?? I mean if you’re gonna let little kiddies pop up on your lap and tell you what they want for Christmas you’d just HAVE to be nice! I’ve never seen him either although I sure have TRIED to stay awake Christmas Eve to catch him popping down our fireplace………

      Sunday Hugs, Sammy


  2. I think everyone can recall their personal warm memories involving Christmas. On Christmas Eve my brother & I were rushed off to bed after taking our bath. Little did we suspect that was when Santa(my sister) arrived to put the gifts under the tree. I was a sad day when we scampered out of bed to catch Santa in the act.


    • Awwww Nellie what a sweet thing to say…..I don’t think I’m gonna tell her though because it will go to her head and she’ll be impawsible to live with! 😉 I’m very sad about the missing Allred by the way – – – I’m purrrraying that he comes home just in time for Christmas – what a wonderful prezzie that would be!

      Holiday hugs and Kisses, Sammy


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