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Rockin’ New Year’s Eve!


ARE YOU READY?????????   We’re going to start partying tonight and not stop until AFTER my birthday tomorrow!


I’ve been doing some party preparations around here…….typical stuff you need for a New Year’s Eve party you know……….

Getting ready for the new year!

Let’s see….confetti, uh huh…. lampshades in case someone decides to wear one….yep I’m set!

My parents aren’t going anywhere for New Year’s Eve – Mom’s still sickly and while they used to go out to party hearty on NYE in their youth, now that they’re “pawrents of a certain age” they just stay home – watch TV – crack open a bottle of bubbly at some point to toast the new year and go to bed early.  That’s when MY party will start!  YAY! 

Balloons...of course!

Balloons…of course!

Hats - definitely!!

Hats – definitely!!

Remember to stop by my place tomorrow for my birthday party – I know that’s a whole lot of partying for you but we blogging buddies are:


Right??????????  Right!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whatever you do, don’t forget that Savannah from Savannah’s Paw Tracks is having her very first GOTCHA DAY celebration on January 3rd – if you don’t have that pawty on your calendar you’d better put it on there RIGHT NOW!  
Now – go grab some snacks and dance around the living room – just try to do it a little bit quietly so we don’t wake the old folks! 😉  😉

Silent Sunday


Before I get to the SILENT part, just wanna say Mom might not be around much today…….I’ve got her on bed rest.  She’s got the flu says the pharmacist.  Juice, rest, soup – you know the drill………I knew she was really SICK when this happened this morning!!!   See ya tomorrow!!!

Healthy Hugs,

Doctor Sammy

Mom - go back to bed!

Mom – go back to bed!

Pee Ess   Guess who’s on the Sunday Spotlight over at Miss Katie and Coccolino’s blog today???  ME ME ME!!!  Check it out – I look a lot cuter in the photo on Cocco’s blog than I do in this wacky picture here….tee hee


Doctor Sam


Hi All!

Well, it’s official…….Mom has the plague…….OK – so it’s not the plague but she’s sick and that’s that!  However, I’m “on the case” so to speak so you know she’s in good hands between me and Dad.

She thinks it might be a mild flu…….who knows……all I know is she’s up for a couple of hours then has to take a nap (snuggle time!!)…..then back up……then back down……you get the picture – kind of like a human yo yo.

This morning she felt good enough to clean the house with the monster though – – – but by the time it went back in the closet she was pooped.   She’s not coughing a lot though – YET.  As her physician, I predict (I’m a physician and fortune teller combination) she will be coughing actively by tomorrow.  Yep. 


Dad and I are hanging garlic wreaths all over the place and…….what?  What’s that you say Dad?………that’s to keep vampires away? ………. oh……… sorry about that ……… a little misunderstanding…… well, Dad and I are keeping our distance from Mom anyway – neither of us want to get “IT” (whatever she has).  I have to admit though, I’ve taken advantage of her lap whenever she’s been seated while resting.  Can’t resist her lap….it’s my favorite napping spot after all.   I just don’t breathe her air so I don’t get her germs.  I mean I love her and all but honestly………there’s a limit. 😀 😀

Don’t worry Mom…….Doctor Sam is gonna take GOOD care of you!  Trust me……….

Hope all of you have a grand Caturday!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀

peeee essss  Today would have been my Grandpa’s 96th birthday…..I never knew him but I know my Mom misses him tons so that’s good enough for me……Happy Birthday Grandpa in heaven……. 😉

Giving Mom A Break….


Well everybody – my poor old Mom seems to be coming down with SOMETHING…….like a cold or cough or flu or something icky.  She really didn’t feel good yesterday AT ALL but she was brave and did the grocery shopping, laundry, ironing, then shared her lap with me (yay) for nap time and by evening she felt worse……..

Sam on Mom's Recliner

Come sit down and rest Mom….you don’t look well! I’ll keep you warm!

I haven’t seen her yet this morning so I’m not sure how she feels after sleeping last night.  Poor Mom.   It’s bitter cold here – yesterday was super windy and while she had on a heavy parka with fur-lined hood it was still mighty darn cold.  I DO try to take care of her but you know how stubborn humans can be.  They insist on doing stuff they maybe shouldn’t do like indulge their spoiled rotten cats by going outside with them in the ice cold to let their cat children have a munch of grass (yes – I confess – I did that twice yesterday)…….

So, if we’re not hopping on and off responding to your comments quickly today – please forgive us…….I’m going to concentrate on “TAKE CARE OF MOM DAY” today.  I need her to be totally feeling good for my birthday pawty next week you know.  But I also love her a lot and don’t want her to be sickly! 

A sickly human is NOT fun to be around…….but Doctor Sam is on the case!

Huggies on Friday……..(oh – and yes it’s monster day but Dad’s going to do the housecleaning all by himself – what a guy!!).

Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Did Somebody Say Boxing????


Boxing Day………..yesterday was Boxing Day and I missed it……I’m ready now of course as you can plainly see but NOBODY TOLD ME so I missed out on showing my stuff in the ring……………..

I'm ready to rumble!

I’m ready to rumble!

What?  What did you say Mom?  OHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  Not THAT kind of boxing…… mean the cardboard boxing – I love boxes…..I even talked you into saving some of them from that mess you and Daddy made in the library with paper flying, ribbon ripping, boxes tossed to and fro….I rescued some and insisted you KEEP them for me!  THAT kind of boxing.

Another boxtop in Sam's collection of boxes

Love those boxes!

Hey! Get these presents out of the box so I can have it for a racecar!

Boxes with toys are even better!

Anyway, guess what else happened yesterday……we got MORE snow!  We did…….close to two inches…….but late in the day it turned to rain which means we now have about two inches of SLUSH everywhere.  Slush is nowhere near as pretty as snow.  Oh well.  Can’t have it all right?

I think a bunch of my friends are taking some extra time off for the holiday because I didn’t have a lot of “blog hopping/visiting” to do yesterday.  Maybe today will be different…..I’m dying to know what everybody got from Santa Paws. 

Well, please excuse me but I believe Mom and Dad are about to leave for the grocery store.  Mom usually goes by herself but because we’ve got some icing on the roads, Dad is insisting on driving Mom there.  I just want to check and make sure “SAMMY FOOD” is on the list – not that I don’t trust Mom to remember – but I don’t want ANY POSSIBLE EXCUSES……..yesterday I got my last container of my favorite food and the only stuff we have left in the cupboard is yucky. 

A guy has to look out for his interests you know…………Happy Boxing Day Plus One!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀