Tuesday Teaser


Well La De Da…..welcome to Tuesday Teaser with Sammy…..the day of the week you need to dust off your computer screens, clean the lenses in your eyeglasses or put in a new pair of contacts and take a peek at the photo. 

No hints this time either…………..but if you can tell me where you think my Mom (or Dad as the case may be) snapped this photo, you know what you’ll get right?  If you don’t remember, all correct guessers will get:


So here’s your Teaser gang………gimme your best shot and see you back here tomorrow when I “spill” the details.  I admit this is a toughie because again – it could be almost ANYWHERE – a place where you can eat or drink or whatever outside…..but some of you probably HAVE been at this specific place and will recognize it – something might tip you off…..others will go “huh??????” but that’s what a Teaser is all about, right?  

Good luck Teaser fans……………oh and Doggy?  I think this one might even stump YOU!

Kitty Hugs, The Teaser Guy

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    • Hi Zena! Well, you know you’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see if the Producer is right…..I’m with you though – I’ve never been out of Oz either so when Mom tells ME where the photos are from what the heck do I know?!?!?! Gotta take her word for it!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


    • Easy you’re such a gourmet….pizza, popcorn while watching Dad blow up the computer, and even cheesecake! As for the Teaser and your guess – come see me tomorrow big guy and I’ll tell you if you’re right!

      Kitty Hugs, Sam


  1. Yes, Motor Mommy and I are going “huh???” too. Good teaser this morning, Sammy. But I just betcha that I can get a big Sammy hug anyway…..right….? How’s that nip….???
    Love, Sundae


    • Oh Sundae you know you get a BIG SAMMY HUG any time you want it! I’m acting quite silly with the catnip….one minute I’m trying to “bury” it in the rug and the next I’m lying next to it like it’s my best buddy. 😀 😀 😀

      Happy RAINY Tuesday!
      Love, Sammy


  2. Well, this will be the third ‘HUH” or should I just say a big old “DUH”. I don’t have a clue, as usual. But it looks like a really fun place! It’s not raining here yet but it sure is dreary!!


    • Hi Miss June….well, my parents had fun there but I’m not sure I would with all those people everywhere (being Mr. Shy you know!!). It’s raining here…but that’s great nap weather.

      Kitty hugs, Sam


    • Now Cupcake I don’t see any goose poop in this photo AT ALL…..and absolutely no grass for it to be a field! BUT you have a great imagination and if you think REAL HARD, maybe it WILL be the field near your house…! As for a hug? Come see me tomorrow – who knows – maybe there will be one for you.

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀


    • Hmm…..Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery interesting Doggy…..I “ain’t sayin'” whether you’re right or wrong til tomorrow but I think I see another guess from you in another comment….ONE of these guesses must be right – – – – right? We’ll see tomorrow!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  3. I see beer… and it’s October… so I’m gonna guess Octoberfest even though I know darned well it can’t be that ’cause I think peep dress up funnily for that and drink out of funny beer steins or something. But it’s the best guess I’ve got so I’m sticking with it! purrs

    PS. Germany? Someplace on the east coast where they celebrate Octoberfest?


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