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Furrrrrriday Round-up


Happy Friday!  It’s been a most interesting week around here……not that there’s been any particular excitement, but it was just kind of busy.  I was, as always, a BIG HELP.

My Mom had to hold down the fort (aka house) while my Dad prepared for the annual inspection of the airplane.  Dad likes to play mechanic assist the maintenance guys who do the inspection by removing panels, etc. ahead of time so the maintenance guys can do their thing more quickly!  Then Dad swears a lot  calmly puts everything back together afterwards, thereby saving a few bucks.  The inspection went perfectly (of course). 

Stevie the “yard cat” and Freddy the Frog are getting pretty chummy apparently.  There are many theories being tossed about as to WHAT precisely their relationship consists of……hunting buddies, some kind of funky romantic thing, total coincidence – but the fact remains, they are quite often found TOGETHER on the front porch in the morning in the dark.  This morning Mom found them out there AGAIN.  She didn’t bother with taking a photo – you know this “dynamic duo” by now – but they WERE together again when she put some food out there for Stevie this morning.  (WINK WINK)

On a sadder note, I lost a very sweet little buddy of mine this week.  Bingo from Hutch A Good Life went over the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly.  If you don’t know the boys from Hutch A Good Life, let me say they are my first encounter with guinea pigs and they are totally adorable and so much fun to read about.  Anyway, my kitty heart goes out to Bingo’s other brothers and their Mom.  If you don’t know them, you should stop by.

Today is housecleaning day as you all know by now – or “Monster Out Of The Closet” day as I personally call it.  That means a lot of shuffling around as I stay clear of all that flurry of activity……I’m doing MY part in the effort though – taking care of my tissue pile and my toy box.


Sam's Wagon

See? Nice and neat….! Well…sort of…..

Sam loves newspaper and tissue - go figure!

Goodbye to the old tissue pile – every Friday I get FRESH tissue!


Other than that, my Mom is planning a visit up to West Virginia to see my Auntie Carol and her two doggie children, Mollye and Toby.  She’s only staying for the day – it’s a two hour drive – but you’d think she’s going for a month!  There’s a shopping bag in Mom’s studio that’s starting to fill up with “stuff” to take….I’ll have to keep an eye on it – don’t want any of MY things accidentally winding up in Mollye and Toby’s toy box by accident!

Aunt Carol, and Cousins Mollye & Toby!

Toby is sitting on Aunt Carol’s shoulder and that’s Mollye the “lap dog” in Carol’s arms…..

That’s about it gang………I’d better get on the move……….Mom’s starting to dust down in the family room so it won’t be long before THE NOISE starts up.  Better find a quiet spot – like the BASEMENT – while I can!

Happy Furrrrrrrrrrrrrrriday to you! 😀 😀

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

An Unlikely Couple….


Good Morning!  So here’s the deal………I’m starting to suspect something might be going on between our “yard cat”  who visits us off and on during the day for a mooch, and Freddy the pool-loving frog.   Mom and I have both noticed that frequently (like yesterday morning for instance) the two of them show up on the front porch at the same time.  Yep – they sure do. 

Yesterday morning at 5AM when it was still pitch black outside, Mom looked out the windows around the front door and saw Stevie so Mom got Stevie’s food, opened the front door and there sat Freddy AND Stevie.  Mom bent down and filled Stevie’s bowl – and Freddy moved under a plastic table that has a big plant on it.  Mom quickly ran upstairs and got her digital and snapped these:

I think Freddy was embarrassed for Mom to catch him with Stevie on the front porch…..or maybe he’d just popped out of his “pool” ??

“munch….crunch….hmm…wonder why this water has a decidedly froggy aroma and taste???!!!”

The distance between Stevie and Freddy was about two feet.  Freddy was WET……I suspect Freddy was taking a soak in Stevie’s water bowl but I can’t prove it.  The other possibility – that they arrived on our doorstep TOGETHER is too mind-boggling for me to handle.  Is this a case of “THE ULTIMATE ODD COUPLE” ??????????????????

Freddy is a big froggy and undeniably handsome I’m sure to a lady frog, but for Stevie and Freddy to be anything other than friends that hang out?  Well that’s downright impossible.  I think they are “night time friends”…….Freddy’s out at night just like Stevie is – I guess they’re hunting or whatever it is they do……..and maybe they’re just good company for each other……..whatcha think?  Reasonable assumption? 

Sam On His Tissue

I’ll have to spend some time today pondering this “odd couple” theory of mine….it’s rather mind-boggling isn’t it?!

Perhaps it will just remain one of life’s little mysteries………but I do LOVE a good mystery! 

Kitty Hugs, Sammy “Sherlock” Holmes-Kimmell 😀 😀 😀

The “Impossible Teaser” Tell-All


Well!  I’m here to confess that this week’s Teaser was just plain too tough and it was because of how old and blurry those photos were.  Not fair of me to use them but I wanted to sneak in some photos of a “new” place that I hadn’t used before.  When I asked Mom about it she said she had some REALLY OLD photos from a trip she took many years ago and then she spent a couple of hours digging around in an old cardboard box she’s had stashed in her studio closet.   Here they are one last time:

Where did she take the photos (yes that is her in the bottom picture) ??? 

She had gone on vacation for two weeks to Puerto Rico!   The place that looked like a “fort” that a couple of you mentioned was El Morro Castle in San Juan – the capital of Puerto Rico.   The other two photos were taken there as well although while Mom was visiting she traveled to all parts of the island.   She had some beach photos which really were just shots of the ocean……..they could have been ANYWHERE so we didn’t use them. 

Now, since that was practically IMPOSSIBLE to guess, I feel it’s only right and fair that every single one of you who TRIED to guess on the Teaser this week get a reward…….that’s right……..everybody gets to have one of these:

Special Big Sammy Hug!

I promise never to use forty year old photos again……..OK?  Tee Hee

Hope you had fun with it anyway even if it was “dreaming the impossible dream” to get the Teaser this week. 

Smoochies all around……………..Sammy 😀

Tuesday Teaser and ME!


Hi Everyone…………first of all I’m just FINE!  Thanks for all your notes and messages and comments after I told you all Monday that I had been SICK Monday morning.  Well, about an hour AFTER that blog went out, I was just dandy.  You know how we cats are sometimes – as soon as we “get it all out” – we bounce back pretty quick.  That’s me alright – at least this time.  I was my usual self all day yesterday and I’m also happy to report that the carpets all look just fine.  All that hard work my parents did paid off!  😀

Now on to bigger (and better) things.  The Teaser.  I have to apologize this time around because these photos of my Mom’s truly are VERY OLD.  They were taken on a trip she took back in the 1970s!  Did I say VERY OLD????? I should have said ANCIENT!  The quality is not good (her camera was an old instamatic with no quality controls on it at all) and that means there’s not much in the way of detail.  The color is faded/off.  Do you think there’s enough challenges with this one???  So in many ways it’s not a “fair” Teaser.  In other ways, maybe it’s the hardest Teaser of all !  So click to enlarge if you like and see if anything gives you a hint (Mom says you might find some if you enlarge enough!!).  I know this is a toughie but you guys surprise me OFTEN with how even the smallest things click and you guess right!   Ready?

GOOD LUCK………..I’ll see you tomorrow with the answers and if there are any hugs to be handed out, I’ll GLADLY do that because this is ONE TOUGH TEASER! 😀 😀 😀

Your Tough Teasing Kitty Cat Friend Sammy

Poor Pitiful Me


Hello Everybody………I’m a bit under the weather this Monday morning so I hope you’ll forgive me if I don’t give you my usual boring desperately exciting blow by blow description of my Sunday.  Let’s just say it was relaxing……lotsa naps……lotsa rain…….just relaxing.

This morning after Mom came downstairs and made coffee, I was pretty wound up – I ran around the living room and did a circle at top speed through the living room, library, foyer, dining room, kitchen and “repeat” about three times!  Then I stopped at my breakfast food bowl where Mom had put my food and gobbled it up lickety split.  Maybe a little bit TOOOOO lickety split because I immediately went into the living room and horked some of it up – then into the dining room where I did the same thing – and finished with a flourish by the front door.  Fortunately (for Mom) Dad had come downstairs by then and they both got to work on the mess I managed to make…….I snoopervised but I made it known (pitiful squeaks) that I was sorry.  They worked for about a half hour or a little more and now they’re resting from all that effort! 

I’m still feeling rocky…….I shouldn’t have gobbled my food up like that but I’ve done that since I was a little guy…..maybe something from when I was a little feral baby and food was at a premium??  We had to eat quick and move on before something or someone took it away from us??  Not sure….but once in a while it happens so I’m going to be taking it easy today………….my tummy is still a bit upset………and my parents gave me lots and lots of hugs and reassurance but I know they wish I hadn’t horked up all that stuff on their wall to wall carpet too!  😀 😦

So, anyway, I’ll be back tomorrow with my Tuesday Teaser and in the meantime….I’ll be doing some resting up…..and staying AWAY from my food bowl the rest of the day!

This is a nice spot to recover from this morning’s “food incident”….don’t worry Mom, I won’t mess up the blue blanket!

Hope you have a better start to your day than I did!  😦

Kitty Hugs, Sammy……poor pitiful kitty