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Time To Vote!

Sam With Tootsie Roll Pop

Welcome To Day One Of My Contest Voting!!

Well, the photos are all in and the submission process is closed but NOW you need to take a peek at the entries and decide which ONE you think is the BEST in each of the two categories. 

All you need to do is put a “dot” in the box of your favorites – there are two separate polls – one for MOST EMBARRASSING PHOTO and one for ME AND MY FAVORITE TOY.  Originally I said that there would be only ONE winner – the one entry from both categories that had the most votes.  But I do believe that we have enough prizes (!!) that we can change it to ONE WINNER FOR EACH CATEGORY!!   So that means you vote ONCE in each group of photos OK?  You can CLICK the photos to enlarge them if you want to……..Got it?  Ready?    Without further ado…….


I’m going to keep displaying the polls for the entire voting period – which closes midnight on Wednesday July 25th…..I wanted to give everybody a chance to cast their vote!   Remember, you’re voting for ONE “Most Embarrassing” photo and ONE “Me and My Favorite Toy” photo.  There will be ONE winner in each category and that winner gets PRIZES PRIZES PRIZES!!!!!!  YAY YAY YAY

Good luck to everybody – I wish everybody could win but Mommy isn’t a bazillionaire (yet) and couldn’t buy EVERYBODY a prize even though she would like to.   I do promise they are FUN prizes though….honest.

Kitty  Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

The Morning Crazies


Hi Friends!

Mom and I just finished having some play time and it made me wonder a bit whether any of you experience the same thing I do early in the morning……almost EVERY morning……and that’s “The Morning Crazies”.

I'll just stay inside and play all day......

Time for the MORNING CRAZIES Mom!!!!

First of all, I sleep in the living room at night.  Up on top of the couch is a PERFECT view of our back yard and that’s where all the night creatures are and that’s what I like to watch when it’s quiet and dark.  There are deer, but also skunks, groundhogs, possums, other neighborhood cats – lots of stuff that usually stays hidden during the day and comes out at night.   But I can easily fall asleep on top of the couch (or ON the couch cushions) and still be able to spy out the window.  In my parents bedroom where they sleep, the curtains are closed and there’s nothing interesting to watch – how interesting are sleeping humans ANYWAY???!!!

When Mom comes downstairs in the morning, I’m always waiting for her at the foot of the stairs.  I follow her into the kitchen while she fixes my breakfast and makes coffee.  I have been saving up my energy ALL NIGHT LONG for what’s next – PLAY TIME!  I can get pretty wound up too – I mean “puffy tail, hair on end, black as coal eyes” kind of wound up!  It starts with me picking out a toy for her to throw for me to chase – usually it’s one of my crinkly wrapped candies because I like the noise of the crinkly paper…….then I run lickety split into the kitchen where the nice slidey linoleum is and get down flat as can be on the floor – pouncing position – and she throws the candy into the kitchen where it slides across the floor and across my line of sight and I POUNCE on it.  When I was little I’d bring it back to her so she could do it again – these days we’ve changed the routine – I run into the living room after I’ve pounced on it in the kitchen and we switch places.  Mom comes into the kitchen, tosses the crinkly into the living room – I pounce and switch positions AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN….until Mom’s breathing heavy and I need to take a break. 

THE MORNING CRAZIES……….you see what I mean? 

Mom doesn’t have any photos of us doing this – Dad’s still asleep and if she gets the camera out I stop being wacky and just stare at her like I’m saying “HUH?  ME? CRAZY?” “You’ve GOT to be kidding me!”……..

Sure is fun though…………got me wondering if YOU have a favorite play time in the day.  Is it first thing in the morning like me?  Is it last thing at night before bed?  I suppose the MORNING CRAZIES could be the NIGHTTIME CRAZIES if your favorite play time is at night.  Do you like to play with yourself or your animal siblings or do you enjoy playing with your human more? 

Now, don’t forget that today is the LAST DAY to submit your photos for the photo contest!  Yep – get your humans to send those photos to me at  TODAY.  Tomorrow, we start the voting and the polls will be on my blog tomorrow and Tuesday (Yes I’ll still have a TUESDAY TEASER too!). 

I decided that there will be a winner in EACH category!!   Both the favorite photo in the “ME AND MY FAVORITE TOY” and “MOST EMBARRASSING PHOTO”  will get presents from ME ME ME.  Cool huh?

I guess I’d better calm down…….I get so excited talking about the contest.  The photos are great so far…..we have 13 photos and I’m sure we’ll get more today.  YAY!

Happy Sunday Peeps! 

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀


Saturday Is Caturday!


Hi Everybody………Happy Saturday morning to you!

So far we have seven photos already for our contest and I think most of you are liking the “Embarrassing Photo” category (although we do have two for “Favorite Toy and Me”).  This is so much fun……I’m so glad you all are enjoying this and just think how much fun it will be when I upload all the photos and you get to see them all and choose your favorites!! 😀

Remember, if you want to re-read the rules and the details on my photo contest, just go HERE to see what’s what!

Meanwhile, I’ll make this a short blog today because if your humans are like MY humans, it’s gonna be a busy day – so let’s get started with it – right???

Sam Loves His Friends!

Yes indeed I do! I REALLY do!


Happy Saturday Hugs to you……………Sammy

Furball Friday


Hey Peeps!  NO I didn’t “hork up” a furball – I just wanted a title that would catch your attention……….not that I don’t occasionally have a little WHOOPSIE with a furball mind you, but not today.

I wanted to tell you that I’ve received four photos so far for the contest!  Two friends have sent in photos for the “MOST EMBARRASING PHOTO” category and two for the “ME AND MY FAVORITE TOY” category.  Thanks to everyone for making the photos small-ish like I asked.  You guys and gals are GREAT. 😀

The photos are too – they’re fun and I really think this will be a tough competition.  Don’t wait til the last minute to get your human to snap your photo for one of the categories though – or if you have to tiptoe through piles of photos on your computer or in your albums GO FOR IT. 

Are you wondering what I’m talking about with the contest?  Did you miss that post about the photo contest?  Just click HERE.

Someone asked me if I was going to put pix of ME on my blog to show examples of the two categories.  Hmm…..well, I’m not entering my own contest BUT in the spirit of fair play, here’s what I WOULD have sent in for “MOST EMBARRASSING” photo:

I’m cleaning my foot….uh huh…sure I am….well, OK – so I’m cleaning a part of my anatomy that should be regularly cleaned….ahem….excuse me!!

AND – here’s what I WOULD have sent in for “MY FAVORITE TOY”:

Hanging out in the living room waiting for breakfast to be "announced" !

It’s funny because I have a bazillion, gabillion toys but this yellow fuzzy ball on a stretchy string has ALWAYS been my mostest favorite!!

We had a pretty quiet day around my house yesterday and I’m hoping today will be too at least AFTER “the monster comes out of the closet” morning which of course is cleaning day.  As soon as the racket dies down and Mom has given me a new tissue supply and I’ve rearranged my toys the way I like them (she never quite gets them back where I’d like them after she cleans the house!! 😀 :D), then I plan to NAP. 

How about you?  What are you going to do today?  Anything exciting? 

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Don’t forget – send your pix to me with “FOR SAM’S CONTEST” as the subject and remember to tell me which category you’re entering – then send to   😀

You Oughta Be In Pictures….


OK Gang!  Happy Thursday is here and I’m giving you the scoop on my new contest.  YES it’s open to cats, dogs, fish, guinea pigs, horses, and those of you who visit my blog who don’t have a pet – well – you can STILL vote for your favorites – cool huh?

This is a photo contest…….and you can send your photo entries right to me c/o my Mom.  The info will be at the end of this blog.

Sam On His Tissue

Listen up everybody – here’s my contest info !!

I thought I’d give you a bit of a challenge with my contest as well as a choice of categories in which to enter!    There are TWO categories:

MY MOST EMBARRASSING PHOTO (yeah I know…..scary huh???!!!)

ME AND MY MOST FAVORITE TOY (we all have toy boxes full of them but there’s usually ONE we love the mostest/bestest!!)


Please tell me when you send me your photo (.jpg format only) WHICH category you’re entering (even though I have a feeling I’ll know when I see the photo……hahaha).  REMEMBER – ONLY ONE CATEGORY – ONLY ONE PHOTO!

Please don’t send HUGE photo files – my Mom’s got a 600 year old computer – and if you can embed the file on your email to me – great – if not, please attach your virus-checked SMALL size .jpg photo to your email.   If we have any problem with your photo, we’ll let you know right away.   PLEASE BE SURE THE .jpg FILE IS NO MORE THAN 300 KB IF POSSIBLE!!!

Please send your photo to me by Sunday, July 22nd – so if you don’t have a photo that fits one of the categories you’ve got TIME to get your human to cooperate and snap one of you!!!   

If you are a human with no pets in the house and just want to vote for your favorite, you can do that.  Your SINGLE vote will count. 

We will have voting here on my blog for TWO days, with the WINNER being announced in my blog on Thursday, July 26.

There will be “animal appropriate” prizes for the winner with the MOSTEST votes!  YAY!   The contest is open to you no matter WHAT country you live in….seems I have followers everywhere these days and I want you all to have a whack at winning some Sammy Swag!

If you have any questions, I’m here – you can email me with your questions or put them in a comment here  if you’d rather

Here’s my MAIL address!

PLEASE USE “FOR SAM’S CONTEST” as your email subject so we can recognize it as a contest entry!

Cool huh?    😀

Don’t worry – I’ll be reminding you DAILY of the contest until Sunday but you better start poking through your photo files NOW – or getting your human in gear with his or her camera to snap a NEW one! 

OK??????  Good!!!!!   READY……….SET…………..GO!   Send those photos in NOW!

Kitty hugs, Sammy 😀 😀 😀

Teaser Truth…..


Hi Tuesday Teaser Fans and everybody else tuning in today!

So I guess you want to know about the Teaser right?  I have to say that I really didn’t think people would take the time to zoom in on the sign on the building to try and read it (although Mom tried and couldn’t read it so we thought it was “safe”)……but some of you could read it.  You got a bit more of a hint than the “non-zoomers” BUT still, only TWO of you got it “spot on”.  Wanna know who? 

My friend Texas and my friend Isobel!   They guessed that it was Strasbourg, France.  YAY!!!!!

They both get the coveted super prize:

BIG Sammy Hug

There were some other folks who got extra creative with their guesses… these folks who guessed multiple countries instead of just one (!!) or just said “France” and I’m going to give them a semi-super prize and they are:  Miss Layla at Catwisdom 101, Pix at Sweet Days Under the Oaks, and Mollie at Mollie’s Dog Treats.  Here’s YOUR prize:

Medium Sammy Hug

And last but not least I’ve just GOT to give the “Booby Prize” to my very good friend Nerissa for guessing “EUROPE”……now THAT was creative!

Special “Made Me Giggle”  Hug

Here’s the photo again one more time:

So thanks to everybody for guessing – right OR wrong – it’s just fun playing the guessing game isn’t it?  Tune in next Tuesday for another chance to figure WHERE IN THE WORLD WERE MY PARENTS. 

I also want to take a minute to thank my little friend Poppy, the toy poodle for awarding me the Kreative Blogger Award which I already have……as always, it’s the thought that counts so THANK YOU POPCORN!

Tomorrow I’ll tell you my idea for a contest I’m going to have AND YES THERE WILL BE PRIZES!  YAY!

Happy Wednesday, The Big Tease aka Sammy


Tuesday Teaser!


OK – I bet you all thought I’d forget to come up with a Teaser for today what with all the hubbub over my vet visit and extra naps being required, etc…………….well!   If you thought that, you were wrong because I do indeed have a Teaser and here it is:

Whatcha think?  Where were my parents on vacation when this little gem was snapped by good old Mom?  Winner gets the BIG SAMMY HUG and my thanks for remembering what today is even if I didn’t mention it in my blog yesterday…….tee hee……… 😀 😀

On another note – thanks to all of you for being so encouraging when I was Mr. Whiney Pants about my vet visit and physical.  The vet called Mom today to say my blood work looked GREAT.  Mom and Dad AND me can all relax again for another year.  Then of course you’ll have to put up with Mr. Whiney Pants again NEXT July!  😉

Tune in tomorrow for the scoop on the Teaser……AND, don’t forget on Thursday’s blog I’ll announce my contest!  YAY!

Kitty Hugs, Your HEALTHY friend Sammy

I’m Feelin’ Perky!


Hi Gang!  It’s me……..the old guy who’s been sacked out for the past three days since my vet checkup.  😀   I’ve not exactly been a live wire that’s for sure – spent more time than ever in my afghan tent sleeping/snoring away.  My Mom and Dad were worried about me.  But this morning, when Mom came downstairs to make coffee – I was waiting at the bottom of the stairs with my striped tail straight up with its’ customary curl at the end and I ran into the living room right to my tissue pile asking her to play with me.

C’Mon Mom! Let’s boogie! I’m feeling perky today!

She did of course…….we played “hide the toy in the tissue” and “where’s Sammy?” with me hiding under the tissue……then she went to my little red wagon where I keep my toys and pulled out some stuff I hadn’t seen in a while – almost as good as getting NEW toys when you see some of your OLD toys again!!

My toy box is actually a toy WAGON!

Some of the stuff at the bottom of the wagon I haven’t seen in AGES!

I was particularly interested in a piece of ribbon – an OLD piece of ribbon in fact – one that I’ve had for TWELVE YEARS!  The red ribbon in this picture of me:

Another baby picture of Sam

My 12-year old red ribbon is STILL fun!!!

Mom said “who needs NEW toys when you can rediscover your OLD toys” !!  Know what?  She’s right.  I have a lot of toys and tend to play with whatever is the newest thing…..but those old favorites are pretty cool too.  You might consider giving that a try yourself everyone!  Go dig around in your toybox or wherever you stash your toys and find something you haven’t played with in a while……!

I’ve been thinking about my contest and what it will be – there’s a lot of blogging buddies who are having contests and stuff right now so I’m going to wait until later in the week when things calm down a bit to announce MY contest.  Besides, I haven’t quite decided WHAT it will be……(tee hee).  Send in a suggestion if you like – maybe YOURS will be better than MINE! 

Meanwhile, I thought you’d like to know that I’m feeling a lot better today…….it’s Monday – let’s make it a good one OK gang?? 😀

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

A Day Of Rest!


Happy Sunday Peeps!

I just bet it won’t surprise you all one bit to know that yesterday was a day of rest for this old guy.  What you might not believe (but it’s true) is that I literally stayed in my afghan tent from 11AM until 4:30PM.  Mom kept putting her hand into my tent to check and make sure I was breathing (!) because I hadn’t budged but HONESTLY – I was exhausted after THE VET VISIT.

A guy can’t get TOO much rest….right?

It really was a great day for napping though ANYWAY because we started the day with light rain……and it was cloudy for much of the day.  Byt he time the sun finally came out I was well into my nap time.  I wouldn’t have known if it was raining or sunny or snowing because all I knew is that I was comfy in my tent.

This morning of course is Sunday newspaper day.  Different kind of tent.  Newspaper tent courtesy of Dad. 

Sam's a fan of the Sunday newspaper.....

Yay! Sunday paper day!

Mom and I have been putting our heads together (when I’m awake of course!) to come up with an idea for a contest on my blog.  I’ve won so many contests I’m thinking it’s high time I HAD a contest of my own so look for some news about it this coming week!!!

Meanwhile, I’m off to finish up my Sunday breakfast.  Then, barring any unforeseen circumstances, chances are fairly good I’ll be napping some more.  At my age I need all the naps I can get (Mom just said she feels the same way……HAHAHA).

Sammy Having Breakfast

Yum! Whatever this is, it’s not bad!

Sunday Sammy Hugs!

Cancelled Camel Trip


Yep – you guessed it – some of you already know it even – but yesterday when I tried to make my big get away in time to avoid the vet visit, I failed miserably.  Mom was apparently expecting me to pull (or try to pull) a fast one and get out of town because there she was at 4:01AM after I did yesterday’s blog waiting for me to back Clyde the Camel out of the garage and high tail it for the hills.

Nabbed again…….Mom’s ultra x-ray vision/psychic vibe thing worked and I had to go to the vet after all.

BUT – it wasn’t bad at all…..surprise, surprise…..I decided to try a new tact and I just let Mom take over.  I got in the car with no fuss – I rode in the backseat with her with no fuss – I even rode on her shoulder into the vet office with no fuss.  I only squeaked a couple of times in greeting to Ginger, the red-headed office manager……then I went into the exam room, let the tech take my temperature (they ought to warm that thermometer before inserting it in my “you-know-where”!), weigh me (I’d lost ten ounces since last year), and then the doc arrived.  He checked me up, down, around, in, out – everywhichway.  Said my heart was good (I knew that), my eyes, ears, mouth/teeth were good (knew that too) – checked my bad “knee” (I knew about that because that’s why I can’t jump up on top of high places anymore) and then they carried me to another room away from Mom to give me my shots and take some blood.  Now that I’m a senior citizen they do a full blood workup to keep tabs on my thyroid, cholesterol and all that other “stuff”. 

Finally back safe in Mom’s arms after getting lots of pets and cuddles and having everybody come tell me what a GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD boy I had been….they even gave me a treat but I asked Mom to save it for when we got home.  I was even good in the car all the way home but as soon as we got in the garage and Mom opened the door I was out of there like a shot!  Yep – ran to the door and couldn’t WAIT for Mom to let me in my HOME SWEET HOME.  After getting a drink and visiting the litter box I went upstairs to Mom’s studio and into my afghan tent where I’ve been resting up ALLLLLLLLL day.  Whew! 

In case you’re interested, I weigh 14 lb. 1 oz. (down from 14 lb. 11 oz. last year).  I’m a BIG boy!

Thanks to everyone who encouraged me to get the checkup.  I was being a great big weenie – and now that it’s over I’m thinking it was silly to be so worked up over a little vet visit……(but I’m still glad it’s over with).

Another way way way way cool thing to tell you is I won another little competition that Mollie from Mollie’s Dog Treats had on her blog the other day.  Mollie’s got a reputation (!) for destroying some of her rubber toys in record time (tee hee) and someone had suggested she try an empty plastic bottle for a toy because it would be hard to destroy!  In turn she challenged her followers to send in a photo of themselves with a plastic bottle toy….kitties or doggies…..well, even though cats don’t play with plastic bottles much (or ever??), Mom decided to take a picture of ME with a plastic bottle.  I had just woken up from a nap and she caught me with a goofy look on my face standing next to her orange soda bottle:

So you woke me up just for this?????

See what I mean?  Goofy huh?!  Well, everybody was supposed to vote for the best photo and GUESS WHO WON?????  ME ME ME ME!!!  I get a prezzie all the way from England from Mollie and I can’t wait to see what it is.  YAY!   Meanwhile they made a special “badge” for me to display for getting the most votes:


Yay Me!!!!


That’s about all the news I have to share…….whew……never a dull moment in the life of One Spoiled Cat……that’s for sure! 

Happy Saturday Peeps…………….Sammy