Tuesday Teaser!


Happy Tuesday!

Hi Peeps!  I bet you thought we’d be skipping the Tuesday Teaser this week because of the BIG photo contest right?  WRONG!  Neither rain, nor sleet, nor blah blah blah will keep me from the Tuesday Teaser post.  YAY!

So, here’s one that I honestly think might be TOO easy.  The photos are old so they’re a little blurry – this was way way way before my Mom got a decent camera.  This was a trip my parents took one Fall and I thought I’d give you TWO “hint/photos” to help you out with your guessing.

So, where do you think these were taken?   My parents have been to all sorts of places on trips and vacations so it could be almost anywhere.   You can click to enlarge them. 

Remember, all correct guessers will win (drum roll please) the much sought after, coveted:

Big Sammy Hug

Not as exciting as winning a bazillion dollars but REALLY now – – – how often does THAT happen???!!!

Sam Closeup Lap

I’m exhausted now….TWO BLOGS in one day??!! Whew!

Happy guessing………..and don’t forget to visit the OTHER blog I sent out this morning about voting if you haven’t yet voted in the photo contest OK?

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀 😀

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    • Hi Sundae! I’m glad you took a guess for the Teaser….things have been pretty wacky around here with the photo contest so I was scrambling around looking for Teaser photos at the last minute. You’re going to have to wait until tomorrow to see if you and your Motor Mom are right though! Happy Tuesday!

      Love, Sammy


  1. I have this one – Jamestown! Those 3 ships were the giveaway! Yippee – I think I may get the coveted Sammy hug this week! Have a great day…will be waiting for my hug tomorrow!
    Hugs, Linda


  2. Weee see free ships go sailin by, go sailin by, go sailin by, weee’s see free ship’s go sailin by, all on a christmas morning 🙂 HONESTY, the best policies yooo’s say.. weee’s don’t haves a clue…Hay say Jamestown Alfie!!! 🙂 xx BOL


  3. Too easy? Too EASY? Oh Sammy, you’re giving cats like me way too much credit, I think. I haven’t got a clue although I’m leaning towards traveling not just in space but time too. Your parents know The Doctor?
    Nerissa from Nerissa’s Life


  4. Hay Sammy, had to say dis… I has never bol as much as I has today!! Popped back to Mythreemoggies, and guess who had seen my comment!! Yoooo’s folowin me??? I’s can get away wiff more from my muffer…. Yooo’s is just one clever cat 🙂 I’s been blog hoppin, givin yooo a piggy back 🙂 BOL
    Loves yoooo’s xx


    • Hi Mollie! You’re cruisin’ for votes and that’s fair – – – “all’s fair in love and photo contests” is the old saying! 😀 Not just any dog in the world would sit still long enough for their Mom to put ladies undies on them that’s for sure! Thanks for mentioning the contest to all your friends. I’ve had a lot of new faces popping in here thanks to you and many other blog friends of mine. NICE!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  5. Weee finks it’s nice to share furrbuddies 🙂 And yooo’s have a real good bloggie Sammy and one of me first mates, so tellin everyone we can abouts yoooo’s. makes us happy. hurry up and come tomorrow URH !! 🙂


  6. I have to say that I thought Plymouth Rock right away. The ship would be the Mayflower though. Christopher Columbus sailed the Nina, Pinta and Sante Maria and I think they landed in the Caribbean. Old Chris thought he was in India, o


  7. Well, as usual, I have no idea! 🙂 I would like to tell you that I LOVE the quality of those pictures…decent camera or no. They’re so…surreal and look as if someone painted them. Gorgeous.


    • Hi Miss D……..well, I can tell you now that practically EVERYONE who guessed today guessed RIGHT so tomorrow there is going to be a BIG SAMMY HUG for everybody!!!! So I’m giving you a Sammy hug now but come back tomorrow for the “BIGGIE” !!! :D:D:D

      Sammy Hug for Miss D……….!!!!


    • HAHAHA…….well, I decided because so many people guessed it this time around that EVERYBODY would get a BIG SAMMY HUG in tomorrow’s blog………..but I’ll give you one now and you can come back tomorrow for the BIGGIE! 😀



  8. OK Sammy, Me is not looking at the other people’s posts (just in case they writted about the answer) and Me (like always) has NO IDEA! But me wants a hug anyway!


    • EVERYBODY’s the winner of a BIG SAMMY hug today – there were a LOT of right answers and almost right answers and only a couple of people had “no idea” where the Teaser was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO I decided to give everyone a HUGGIE !!

      Especially you……


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