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Tuesday Teaser


Happy Tuesday everybody – you know what Tuesdays mean about ONE SPOILED CAT…….I’m going to give you a chance to see if you recognize a photo that my Mom snapped on a vacation with my Dad.  As always, it really could be almost ANYWHERE because they have traveled many places in their wandering (without me…sniff sniff….). 

So, here’s this Tuesday’s photo – take a peek, see what you think, make a guess and if you’re right I think you know what you’ll get! 


Sorry it’s a little bit crooked but Mom usually makes the photos move a little bit when she closes the lid on the scanner (tee hee……).  

No it’s not another planet………..although it looks like it is…….it’s somewhere on THIS planet so gimme your best shot and I’ll let you know Wednesday if you’re gonna get a BIG SAMMY HUG or a regular one….not that there’s anything wrong with a regular Sammy hug ya know! 😉

Happy guessing………..with a hug from your favorite TEASER!  😀


Happy Meownday


Here we go again – another Monday arrives!  Hope you had a good weekend – we did in MY house!   I did my usual excellent job of keeping the cushion on my Mom’s studio couch company – don’t want those couch cushions to feel unloved so I spend a LOT of time on the cushions UNDER my afghan tent.   Now that’s what I call “QUALITY TIME” !

I have a couple of “thank yous” to extend to some good friends who have presented me with awards the last week or so too – one blog award I already had but am grateful to be nominated again for and another brand spanking new award that I’m one of the very FIRST to receive – ever!

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I received another nomination for the Very Inspiring Blog Award from my new friend TJ at TJ’s Garden and I received a brand new award – hot off the presses – called the Thinking of You blog award from my good friend Nerissa at Nerissa’s Life.   THANK YOU FRIENDS FOR HONORING ME!!!

I’ve already done the requirements on the Very Inspiring Blog Award so I thought rather than repeating those, I’d go ahead and do the things for the Thinking of You award which are:

  1. Link back to the sender (I’ve linked back to Nerissa and TJ above)
  2. Tell seven things that I love and that I think about daily
  3. Pass the award to seven other blogs

So here’s my list of seven things I love and think about daily:

  1. My humans (I love them dearly and think about them all the time – especially when they leave be home alone! 😦 )
  2. Napping (I bet you all knew this would be on my list)
  3. Visiting my friends blogs (YAY)
  4. Napping (hahahahahaha….yeah I put it on here TWICE!)
  5. I love everybody involved in rescuing animals AND I do indeed think about how lucky I am to be one of them – every single day
  6. Treats – I’ll admit it – I love my Temptations Tuna treats and because I think about them every day I ASK for them several times a day.  Mom’s a softie so if I ASK – I RECEIVE!
  7. Rainy days.  I love them because it means puddles and I love playing in puddles.  I think about rain every day too – especially since we really NEED rain.  If it rains, I usually get to see my friend Freddy the Frog and that makes me very happy.

Who will I pass the award to?

These Days of Mine

Pedro The Cat

Texas, A NY Cat

Hands On Bowie

Hutch A Good Life

Satchmo The Cat

Cat Chat

Whew!  If you’re not familiar with any of these blogs I hope you’ll visit them. 

Remember tomorrow I said the guys would be here to work on our driveway?  WELL, it might rain tomorrow which means we’ll postpone the “NOISE DAY” until Thursday!   So I might get a delay…..stay tuned.  Tee Hee

Kitty Hugs and Happy Monday………….Sammy 😀 😀

Sunday Funday


Good Morning!   I’m sitting here waiting for Mom to finish trundling down to the mailbox to get the newspaper…..which means of course I’ll get the old newspaper tent to play in after Dad’s finished reading the comics page.  Yay…..then Mom will fire up the breakfast fixins’ and we’ll all munch down and prepare for the day. 

A Post-Breakfast Nap on the Couch

Mom – just give me a poke when breakfast’s ready OK?????

Then Mom and Dad are heading to the airport – Mom is going to be “mechanic’s assistant” again today.  Dad’s putting his instrument panel back together after having one of the instruments checked out.  The air speed indicator whatever THAT is.  I have my OWN “air speed indicators” – but I just call them my WHISKERS.  I put my face up in the air and whatever way my whiskers blow – that gives me wind direction and air speed!  Easy peasy…….who needs a fancy instrument anyway?!?!

Now, here’s what I really wanted to remind you of and that’s my wonderful online “Sammy Swag” store.  Did you know that you can have your VERY OWN bit of ME ME ME to enjoy every single day?  Yes!  My adorable face (or sometimes more of me than just that) is on the stuff that Mom helped me design for my Cafepress store.  What’s that?  You didn’t know I had a store?  WELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL………let me just give you that link right this minute and you can go visit it!

Click Here to Go There!!

Me and my Mom – we’ve got our OWN store!!!

Now, the reason my store is called “Pam and Sam” is because whenever my Mom finally has some time, she’s going to load up some of her artwork in her own special section of the store.  So far her attempt at finding some “TIME” is – well – a total failure but she will eventually get that done.  In the meantime, her artwork stuff is already on her website so it’s not like it’s not “out there” anyway!   Oh – and here’s THAT link if you care to peek at the website – you may notice MY BLOG is the first thing that pops up on it – – – cool huh?????

Click Here For My Mom’s Website

OK – I didn’t intend to make this blog all about websites and stores – I really just wanted to pop in, say Happy Sunday, tell you I’ll be all alone at home today while Mom and Dad are at the airport – and if any of you want to “teleport” over here and play, I’ve got a whole red wagon FULL of swell toys!!! 

Ahhhhhhhhhh………….Sunday……………I hope you enjoy yours like I’m gonna be enjoying mine…………

Kitty Hugs, Your Friend Sammy 🙂

Silly Saturday


Hi Friends………! 

You know yesterday when my Mom was cleaning the house it occurred to me that I do more to mess up the house than I do to clean up the house.  So I thought I’d start taking more responsibility for my own messes.

Alright…….I’m goin’ in……wish me luck!

See?  I decided to take over the duty of cleaning up my own litter box regularly.  But I’m “going in” prepared!  Taking NO chances!  After all, I know how – er – um – well – “dangerous” it can be in my litter box……I have “up close and personal” experience!


Kitty hugs, Sammy  😀 😀 😀



It’s here!  The end of the week…..housecleaning day……I get brand new tissue – and I need it this week.  It was an exceptionally messy week of play for me and I may have done more tissue shredding than usual.  Thank heavens my Mom keeps a large supply of the stuff on hand.  It’s almost my FAVORITE toy EVER!

Sam loves newspaper and tissue - go figure!

Tissue and newspaper…..nice and CRINKLY!

Yesterday it was 103 degrees outside and with the humidity factored in, the weather dude said it FELT like 110.  Well, I can vouch for that because I asked Mom if she’d pretty please let me go out on the front porch once – JUST ONCE – and indeed it was a real “scorcher” outside.  The nice crunchy grass looks like it’s been deep fried…..leaves that shouldn’t be falling yet are fainting right out of the trees…..even though Mom watered the gardens this morning they are LIMP and SAD looking this afternoon.  But me?  I asked to go outside to see for myself so good old Mom took me. 

Sam enjoying the front porch on a pretty fall day

Yikes! It’s HOT out here! I’d better stay in the shade or I’ll get french fried feets!

Next week’s going to be mighty interesting around here.  I heard Dad on the phone this afternoon arranging for our driveway to be re-sealed.   I know what that is and I distinctly remember the LAST time this happened and it was noisy ALL DAY LONG with equipment, trucks, strangers in my yard – a real mess.  Of course the driveway looked swell after it was done but still…….talk about noisy! 


It’s always something isn’t it?  Just about the time you feel like you can relax – your humans throw another wrench into the works.  Although I suppose putting up with the noise is a small price to pay to live in the lap of luxury like we all do – right?  Hmm??  I’m right now aren’t I ????

Kitty Hugs, Sammy 😀