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Heat Wave Continues…..


Jeepers……I told you we were supposed to have a hot day but who knew it would be hotter than hot?  Friday it was way over 100 degrees and even in the shade it was unbearable.   I did just what I said I was gonna do – stayed inside and dreamed of cooler weather:

Sammy Following Mom's Path in The Snow

Ahhh…nice cold SNOW…!

Late in the afternoon my Dad went down to the mailbox to get the mail and when he got back up the driveway he sat down on the front porch to read the newspaper.   He saw me at the door looking out and opened it to see if I wanted to come out on the porch.  All it took was about five seconds for that heat to hit me and I said “Thanks but no thanks Pop!” and headed back into the living room and my tissue collection.

Nice and cool under my tissue tent…..

I feel really sorry for the animals who don’t have shelter in this kind of heat and I don’t just mean around here – EVERYWHERE!   I also know lots of my friends and their humans don’t have air-conditioning and when it’s over 100 degrees, it’s hard to imagine NOT having it.   Our feral visitor “Stevie” stayed cool yesterday – she spent time in the shade lying on the cool grass….and Mom filled up her water bowl on the front porch twice – she even put an ice cube in it to keep the water cold! 

Stevie keeping cool in the grass!

I guess Mom will be heading out in the backyard any minute now to get the gardens watered before it starts heating up for the day.  I’m also sure she will offer to let me follow her out – because she usually does and I watch her water all the plants and the deck boxes then coil the hose back up (my favorite part…watching the hose!) and finally come back inside.  But this morning, I’m gonna PASS on going out with her.  I’ll watch her from inside the basement where it’s nice and cool.  See?  It’s even too hot for me to be COMPANIONABLE these past few days!  I hope it cools off soon…….I do like gardening with Mom in the mornings…………. 😦

Hope you have a COOL Saturday….either inside or out! 😀

Kitty Hugs, Sammy


Cool Cat


It’s FRIDAY!   It’s also going to be a super hot day here leading up to a super hot weekend so yours truly is officially “ONE COOL CAT” in addition to being one spoiled one!!  I’m going to be lounging around indoors today you can bet on it.

Keepin’ cooooooooooooooooool !

Mom and Dad went out to dinner last night.   They actually haven’t done that in a while so I was glad they had a “date”.   They talked earlier in the day about where they should go.   The winning restaurant (haha) was the local Chinese restaurant.  I ran to the desk in the kitchen and pulled out the takeout menu from this particular restaurant and scanned it for any takeout possibilities I might be interested in – so they could bring something yummy home for me.   Then I heard Dad say he might get some FRIED MICE!!!!  That got my attention………that is until Mom repeated what Dad had said and I guess I misunderstood – Dad said FRIED RICE.  Dang!   (note:  I hope I didn’t offend any of my “rodent-related” friends ;)….teehee)

Anyway, when they got home they didn’t bring me any leftovers.  Mice or no mice.  Rice or no rice.  Oh well…….

Sam Saying HI To The Camera

What? No leftovers?

So I guess other than today being the “monster out of the closet” (aka cleaning) day, there won’t be a lot happening in my world.  But there’s no complaints from me in that department – we retirees spend a lot of time just kickin’ back and enjoying life.  That’s my plan today.  What’s yours???? 

Kitty Hugs, Sammy

A Pretty Award!


Hi Peeps…….Happy Thursday to everybody from sunny Virginia. 

Several days ago (before Tuesday Teaser) I received a NEW award….one I haven’t received before EVER.  My very good friends Nibbles, Nutty, Bingo and Buddy at Hutch A Good Life nominated me for the You Make Me Shine Award.  They also nominated me for another award which I already have.  I want to thank my adorable guinea pig friends for BOTH nominations though.  It’s quite an honor to have someone nominate you for ANY award, don’t you think?  Take a peek at this one:

I love this image – don’t you?

The rules of acceptance for this award are:

  • Answer ten questions
  • Nominate 10-12 (or whatever number) other blogs
  • Include the award in MY blog
  • Pay the love forward (link to the nominees and let them know on their blog that they’ve been nominated
  • Pay the love back by linking to the blogger who nominated you

Well, I’ve linked to my guinea pig buddies above AND you can see the gorgeous award I got so let me answer the questions then I’ll very happily nominate some of my blogging buds!

  1. What is My Favorite Color?   RED
  2. What is My Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drink? Water
  3. What is My Favorite Animal? Gotta be cats – right?
  4. Do I Prefer Facebook or Twitter?  Facebook
  5. What is My Favorite Number?  20 (number of toes I have)
  6. What is My Favorite Flower? Red roses (I actually do love their scent when Mommy gets roses from Dad)
  7. What is My Passion?  This is a toughie….let’s see, there’s blogging, raspberry yogurt, butter, grass munching, fresh breezes…..there’s SO MANY!!!!

My nominees for this award are:

These Days of Mine

Doggy’s Style

The Official Blog of Author P.M. Terrell

Sparta’s World

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Mollie’s Dog Treats

Satchmo The Cat

Cat From Hell

I actually would like to give this award to ALL of you because quite honestly you ALL make me shine (!) – I love hearng from all of you and love catching up with your worlds in your blogs.  You’re all THE BEST!

Kitty Hugs and Kisses,


Abundant Good Guessers!


Well, OLD SAMMY sure didn’t fool many of you folks with the Nags Head Pub photograph yesterday did he?!?!?!   Some of you all had humans who actually have been to this Pub like my parents had!  Then of course lots of you were just plain too smart for me and googled to find out where that pub is located PRECISELY in London!  You guys are so smart……… 😀 😀

So YES, this is my Mom’s photo of the Nags Head Pub in Covent Garden which was one of the stops on my parents’ honeymoon back in 1990.  London was the last stop on their honeymoon train tour of Europe and this same day they visited the Pub, Covent Garden itself, and a really great transportation museum in the same area.  It was an “off and on” rainy day but they didn’t mind.  

The Nags Head Pub….Covent Garden

Since there were so many correct guesses, I’m thinking that the easiest and best thing to do is just give EVERYONE who guessed on yesterday’s Tuesday Teaser this:



You all are getting so good at this I think next week I’m going to give you a REAL “stumper” to figure out!   

Hope everyone has a fabulous Wednesday………..and again CONCATULATIONS FOR BEING SO SMART……….

Love, Sammy


Tuesday Teaser Time!


Oh goodie!  You know what today is if you’re a regular follower of my blog and if you’re new here, well you’re in for a treat (I hope).  On Tuesdays I post a photo from my parents VAST (that means huge) pile of photo albums they have from their many vacations.  They’ve been all kinds of places so I do have a lot of photos to sort through to pick just one to try and stump you!   Everybody takes a stab at guessing WHERE the photo was taken.  Some of them are HARD and some of them are EASY but they are always FUN!

The “right guessers” get the ever popular, always coveted, BIG SAMMY HUG from me as their prize.  True, it’s not as valuable as a pot of gold, or a trip to Fiji but it’s sort of a warm fuzzy kind of prize rather than a “worth a pile of money” prize.  Hopefully you have fun playing along anyway!

Here’s today’s Teaser AND remember, tomorrow I’ll tell you who guessed right AND where the photo was actually taken (usually by my Mom because Dad always takes videos while Mom takes photos….that’s how we do it in our family….. 😀 😀 :D).  So where do you think this is?  Hmmmm???   

See you tomorrow Teaser fans!  Happy Guessing!   Your Teaser, Sammy

p.s.  even if you think you know what country and town this photo was taken in – do you know the specific AREA of the town????  (extra credit!)