OK – who took my spring away?  Come on – confess….who did it?  I  tried THREE times to go outside on the front porch yesterday and could only stand the cold wind and temperature for about five minutes before I came back inside lickety-split and sat by the nearest heat register!  It barely got to 40 today – OK OK I know some of you are still hanging out in snow at this point but here in Warrenton, Virginia, it should be in the 60s AT LEAST!!!  I wouldn’t have been surprised if, when Mom had opened the door, I would have seen this:

Snow and Pink Sky - Pretty Combination

 But I’m just kidding – no snow.  Thankfully.  We did get a few cold showers off and on though.  Today is supposed to be warmer.  We’ll see.  No doubt I’ll be whining about it on my blog tomorrow if it ISN’T warm today!


So since it was cold, I did the next best thing to hanging around on the porch or back deck or yard………I took lapnaps courtesy of Mom!

Sam Settling in for a Nap

Say....remind me why I wanted to go outside in the first place?? THIS is heavenly.....who needs "OUT" ??????

I’d still like to know who stole my spring……if you’re the one would you pretty please send it back to me????? Thursday Hugs, Sammy

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  1. I was wondering the same thing, Sammy! On Tuesday, we were walking around the park, enjoying the sunshine, and yesterday, I could barely stand to leave the house! If you find out who took Spring, let me know! I’ll help you “discipline” them! Hugs, Linda


    • Thanks Miss Linda……..I’m “on the case” of who stole Spring. After all, I am an “FBI” guy so I should be able to conduct a decent investigation don’t you think????

      Kitty Hugs


  2. It was a bitterly cold day yesterday. Motor Mommy says that HER mom used to say that “April borrows 12 days from March”, and I think yesterday was one of ’em!
    Stay warm, Sam. Spring can’t be far away….and then summer!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! Know what? For less than a minute yesterday afternoon (with the sun shining at the time but a few gray clouds above) we had SNOW…..That’s right – SNOW. Sunday it’s supposed to be in the low 80s so I’m just looking forward to that for sure.

      Love, Sammy


  3. We had proper spring weather yesterday, blue skies, then cloud, quite breezy, warm at times and then a bit chillier. I got my washing dry on the line. It is suddenly cloudy here now, so I do not know if i would be wise to hang my newly washed bed linen outside or not!


    • Spring weather is often a real “guessing game” isn’t it! And that goes for all around the world. Yesterday afternoon we had some snow flakes. Only lasted about 20 seconds but it WAS snow. Sam is looking forward to this weekend as are his parents because it’s to be 80 here on Sunday!

      Love the smell of laundry dried on the clothesline………!

      Pam (and Sam)


  4. I feel the same way you do, Sammy! I live in coastal NC and our low last night was supposed to be 51. When I woke up this morning, it was 32! Very unseasonable! I hope it warms up for you soon!


  5. Hi,Sammy. If you find out who took your spring, try to get them to bring ours back. I’m tired of chilly toes, how about you?!


  6. Well Sammy,
    We really DID have snow up here twice yesterday !! We had two bouts of rain, sleet and snow all at the same time !! The storms kept just going around in circles here all day. Mom says she thinks the storm got caught in between the mountains and just bounced back and forth all day long. Brrrr . . . it was also windy. Not a day for any kitties to be outside.
    Stay warm.
    Your friend, Sammy The Talking Cat


    • Hi Sammy! There were those weird little pop up showers/snows/hail things ALL DAY weren’t there? We had them all around us but only one on top of us and it snowed for a few minutes than whammo sun again. Weird….Weirder….Weirdest. Let’s hope the weather dude didn’t lie about Sunday – it’s gonna be BEAUTIFUL and up to 80!!! WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

      Kitty Hugs from your pal Sammy


  7. You know I had some issues with spring a few weeks ago. And then there was the snow that arrived on Easter morning. We won’t even go into that! But since then, the weather has been quite nice. So, maybe we stole your spring. I’m so sorry, Sammy. I never meant to steal spring from you. I really do think there should be more than enough spring to go around. Hope it warms up at your house soon. purrs


    • Ya know, I saw your blog about the Easter snow – I think it was that little devil Bunny playing a practical joke on you! However, it wasn’t all that funny was it?!?!?! 😀 I’m glad your weather is better – today we got up to 60 but this weekend’s gonna be a WINNER….80 on Sunday! I’m staying nice and cozy no matter what though – one of my fave nap spots is by a heat register. Tee Hee

      Kitty Hugs


    • Hi Emma and Buster! Always fun to meet new kitties so thanks for stopping by and checking me out! I’m about to go visit you guys – I’m sure I’ll find out where you live but in case you didn’t see, I live with my parents in Warrenton, Virginia. I’m a 12-year old polydactyl ginger tabby guy who’s been around the block (well…not literally cuz I’m a mostly indoors cat!). I’m spoiled rotten since I’m an only child but I’m kinda liking being the center of attention – know what I mean? Come back soon…..I’m on my way to read about you!!

      Kitty Hugs
      Your New Friend Sammy


  8. yeowsie meowsie!! Still looks like Winter here too Sammy. Totally poured rain middle of night…whooosh! Still doin’ it too. Cleaning day here so I will spend most of day under upstairs bed…at least Mom is back from that anniversary trip thingy with Dad…’bout time I say. Paw pats, Savannah


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