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Monday Morning Meow


Hi Peeps!  What a glorious Sunday we had.  Yep – it was chilly but not TOO chilly…..sunny but not TOO sunny…..and busy but not TOO busy. 

Mom worked on her computer a lot – well, I had to consult a bit because she was working on some designs for my “store” – and as the design consultant of course I had to stick my paw in and stir things up!  We’re making progress though.

When I wasn’t actively HELPING, I was doing some bodily maintenance – you know, like cleaning my ears, straightening out my tummy hair, and of course the old foot cleaning:

Good thing I only have extra toes on my FRONT paws – I’m not much for “fancy foot work” (haha) !

Sometimes we cats have to get into some rather unusual positions to get all the bits and pieces of our fabulous selves – good thing most of us are so good at cat yoga…..and if we are slightly full-figured (not me of course) it’s even tougher to contort the old body in order to get clean.  That’s why we rely on YOU – our peeps – to help us with all of this stuff by giving us the old brush from time to time:

Sam Enjoying Being Brushed
Yep – that’s the spot Mom…….

It feels great and is ever so relaxing…….

So, how did I get off on a tangent?  I was trying to tell you that we had a really great Sunday and wound up making it all about ME and my grooming…….not the most exciting subject in the world but after all, this is MY blog – right? 

Sammy Hugs for Everyone! 

Sunday Silly Sam


Happy Sunday!

Mom and I were cruising through my photograph collection and came upon this one from an old blog of mine……we couldn’t stop giggling.   This is an old family portrait with cousins and a couple of family friends who stopped by in time to join in the photo taking. 

May this photo start your Sunday off with a smile……..

Sam photoshopped visiting "friends" in India!

Some of these relatives are...well....rather distant....OK, so they're VERY distant cousins!

See what I mean about a good giggle???? Kitty Hugs, Sammy

Alone on a Saturday!


Hi Friends! 

Well, I cannot tell a lie – I’m ALLLLLLLLLLL alone this morning and I will be all day today……my parents aren’t home and won’t be until LATE this afternoon!  So, what does an only cat do while he’s “in charge” of the house and nobody else is around?

What a view!
Spy on the neighbors next door……

And then of course there’s always naps on my parents bed….

Sam up on our bed - staking claim to his favorite corner - must be nap time!

Nobody here to see me playing on their bed! Yay!

And after that I could always play with my tissue and toys in the living room…..

Sam loves newspaper and tissue - go figure!

Looks like I could use a re-supply of tissue....I'll make a list of stuff I noticed while Mom and Dad were gone and put THAT on it!

A guy’s got a responsibility to keep his parents informed of any shortages or problems he notices when he’s left IN CHARGE of the household – right?

Gee…….yawn……..I’m tired just thinking about all I have to do today.  I believe I’ll start off my Saturday with a snooze.  Decisions, Decisions…..

Happy Saturday, Sammy

Early Morning Walk With Mom


Happy Friday!  Well, I won’t have a picture to show you of what my blog is about today because my walk with Mom was IN THE DARK!

Yep – we haven’t done this in a long time but I decided to ask yesterday morning if she would pretty please put my harness on and take me outside while it was still dark and Dad was still snoring sleeping.

I don’t often ask anymore because we have that cat that visits us fairly regularly named “Stevie” who sometimes is outside in the mornings and she and I don’t exactly get along well.  She probably just wants to play with me but sometimes she jumps on me and it scares me SOOOOOOOO if I see her out there, I don’t ask to go.  Well this morning she was NOT out there!  

I went to the basement door and gave Mom “THE LOOK” after she’d finished cleaning my litter box for me.  She keeps my harness and leash right by the door and I help her to put it on me – I lift my paws up one at a time so she can put the harness on and snap on the leash…..Oh I just get SO excited!  The door opens, she turns on the light so we can see, and out we go into the dark……..

I had a bit of a nibble on the grass – even though Mom mowed a couple of days ago there’s always a few spots (and of course I know where they are!) where she can’t get the mower so that’s where I go for a munch. 

Then we slowly started around the side of the house…..I guess I wasn’t moving fast enough for her (well, it was starting to rain a little bit and I wasn’t in a hurry) so she picked me up in her arms and we kept walking.   She talked to me the whole time and I purred and purred back……it was nice for her to hold me and keep me nice and warm because it was a little bit coolish!  We didn’t see any other animals but the birds were just starting to wake up and make some noise in the big leyland cypress trees. 

Finally we got to the back yard and I started to squirm a bit in Mom’s arms because I wanted her to put me down…….why?  Well because it’s a big game we play as to who can get to the basement door the fastest!!!

She put me down and let go of my leash and WHAMMO – fast as a cheetah I ran to the door and beat her!  YAY SAMMY!

I may be old but I’m still fast………….when I wanna be!

Happy Friday……..

Sammy the Cheetah

Sort of Spring Again!


Hi… again…..and while I’m not complaining about the weather like I seem to do frequently, I do want to say that this is the wackiest spring we’ve had in my entire twelve years! 

We have wild swings from being in the 80s to having hail/snow/frost within the same week and YES I know some of you have that all the time but WE don’t here in Virginia!  Well, let me qualify that, we DIDN’T until this year. 

So I never know for sure if it will be a “lotsa naps” day or a “lotsa outside time” day.  That means I’m pretty much doing what most cats do which is live in the moment!  Nothing wrong with that……right? 

Here’s me today:

My Favorite Nap Spot!

Wake me when you're ready to go outside Mom!

I’m snoring away until Mom hears Dad saying “let’s go out on the back deck so Sam can have some fresh air!”……so up I get and:

The newly discovered (after 11 years!) deck on the house

OK, it's nice back here....but couldn't you have put ME in the picture???

Then after about 45 minutes it’s time to go back inside – Mom sits down on her recliner so of course I just HAVE to:

Sam Closeup Lap let me just make sure I understand....we're going to STAY INSIDE for a while - right???????

See what I mean?  IN/OUT/IN/OUT……as for what kind of day weather wise it was – we started out with frost warnings this morning, then it warmed up to the mid-60s which really wasn’t so bad. 

I just had one of those days yesterday – had to stay on my toes (or at least either on my toes or on my tummy on Mom’s lap – one or the other).   Not a bad way to spend a day huh?