Tuesday Teaser Time


Hello Tuesday Teaser Fans!  Well, obviously my parents were on a trip to a nice, warm, sunny spot in the world but WHERE????  There aren’t a lot of “hints” in the photos below…….so yeah, it could be anywhere……but where do you THINK it might be? 

Want a hint?  A tiny hint?  The sand looks just a little bit pinkish in the photo on the right don’t you think?

Yeah….that was your hint.  😉

Happy Guessing……….Sammy, the great big TEASE

p.s. no that’s not a tree in front of the lens on the left hand picture – it’s a flowering plant and Mom was standing about three feet away from it when she took this photo.

Mystery Photo 4

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  1. My first thought was Hawaii, but since I have never been there, I am not sure this is how the coastline looks…and I don’t know anything about pink sand. Honestly, Sammy, you sure do know how to keep a person guessing! Can’t wait to find out where this really is…Bahamas, maybe? No, the sand there is whiter, I seem to remember…oh well, I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow for the big “reveal”!
    Hugs, Linda


  2. Sammy, if your Mom and Dad had ever vacationed in Smithfield Va., my Mom might have an idea about some of your Tuesday teasers. But we’ll have to wait for the answer tomorrow! They’re beautiful pictures though…
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! I know the teasers are tough but then again they’re supposed to be!! This was the only “beach” trip my parents ever took. It’s pretty there I agree and tomorrow I’ll tell you where they were! Meanwhile, enjoy your own “beach” there on the water watching the ducks and swans and boats floating by. You’ve got a beautiful view for sure right there in your own back yard…….

      Love, Sammy


  3. Okay… I’m just putting this out there… not that it could possibly be right but… Venezuela? Maybe Margarita Island? That’s the only warm spot that I, Nerissa, know and I only know ’bout it ’cause that’s where my aunties mama was born… and my aunties were conceived.


    • Ohhhhh….Interesting! Fun guess – I don’t know much about Venezuela (nor do my parents!) much less an island with a nice name like “Margarita” (my Mom knows what a Margarita is… 😉 ) but that’s NOT where the photo was taken. Way cool guess though – WAY WAY cool. If this looks like that spot, I bet my parents would like to visit!

      Kitty Hugs – visit tomorrow for the REAL DEAL!


  4. It wouldn’t be in Ireland, would it? With those cliffs, it looks like it could be. But I don’t know what color the sand is in Ireland! Pink, you say? Or it looks like it could be on a Greek isle… Reminds me of the movie Mama Mia!


    • Hi Miss Trish! Nope – not Ireland OR a Greek isle but my parents wouldn’t mind visiting (or in the case of Ireland, RE-visiting) those places. The sand is pink in the photo and lots of the houses are painted pink and blue and green and purple and all kinds of pastel colors. Tee Hee…..I’m not tellin’ ’til tomorrow!

      Kitty Hugs


  5. Dear Sammy,
    My Grampa was doing a job in the Bahama’s for a year (a long time ago) and he sent back tons of pictures – that looks sort of like those, was your parents in the Bahamas.


    • Hi Nellie! Nope…not the Bahamas but I “get” why you guessed that – the color of the ocean and stuff like that. GOOD GUESS though!!! 😉

      That’s not to say that my parents wouldn’t WANT to visit the Bahamas mind you – they like to travel PERIOD and when they do, I get to stay behind at a really swell kennel near my house. They spoil me rotten (which is appropriate don’t you think???).

      I’ll tell you tomorrow where the Teaser photo was taken……

      Kitty Hugs


    • Hi Miss Caren! Guess what……….California is actually a good guess but it’s BERMUDA and someone just guessed it right so that’s why I’m telling you! Bermuda is beautiful (so says Mom). Looks pretty in the photos doesn’t it?!

      Kitty Hugs


    • Hi Meg! Enjoyed your blog and when I saw how much traveling you have done and still do, I thought MAYBE you would be someone who’d know this week’s “Tuesday Teaser” ! YES – it’s the beautiful island of Bermuda and my husband and I visited there MANY years ago. These two shots were from the B&B we were staying in. It was a wonderful trip and a beautiful place – very friendly people and super good food (and rum swizzles 😉 ). We’d go back in a heartbeat BUT as you know, there’s so many places to see in the world. Thanks again for visiting – check in next Tuesday for another “Teaser” – and Sammy my adorable cat blogs here EVERY day of the week!

      Pam (with Sam on my lap)


        • Hi Meg! Well, I can tell you that my husband and I really loved Bermuda….traveling around on the local buses or on mopeds to see the sights – beautiful beaches, fun shopping, nice people, and very relaxing. Would go back in a heartbeat. If you’ve not been – GO FOR IT!



    • Hi Miss D……I’ve missed you!!! 😦 Mom says it does look a bit like the coast of California and I think it probably also looks like somewhere “on the Med” but it’s actually BERMUDA! Beautiful place so says my Mom. She and Dad visited there years ago and stayed away from the big towns in a little B&B on the beach. Pretty huh? AND close – Mom said it was only a couple hours in the airplane to get there from Virginia!

      Happy Wednesday
      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


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