Snoozy Sunday

Sam Sleeping Close Up

Ahhhhh……Sunday.  My parents read the Sunday paper and I sleep.  Why read the paper anyway?  Now if you want me to involve myself with the newspaper – give me a chunk of it to add to my tissue pile !

Sure – I’ll read it….but I have to read it MY way….from the inside out.  HAHA …..

Sam's a fan of the Sunday newspaper.....

Another Sunday rolls around and I get a FRESH supply of newspaper to play with!

But really – all I want to do on a lazy Sunday is BE lazy.  At my age, I’ve managed to perfect the fine art of “lazy” so why mess with a good thing??? Speaking of LAZY, my Dad’s still sound asleep in bed.  Mom and I have been up for a while now but I’m thinking MAYBE, just MAYBE I should go hop up on the bed and come up real close and give him a nice, loud 


Or would that be crossing the line of “acceptable behavior??????  I’ll let you know how my plan turns out. 

Happy Sunday!

Little Devil Sammylittle happy face

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  1. Oh, Sammy, I can’t advise you on whether to jump in the middle of the bed and give your dad a big ol’ MEOW…. If he’s like Motor Man, he wouldn’t get too upset. But maybe you should just take another nap on Mom’s lap and wait for Dad to get up on his own!
    Happy Snoozy Sunday, Sammy!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! I decided to NOT bother Dad and sure enough, he struggled out of bed and struggled downstairs all on his own! After several cups of coffee he became human and life is good in my house on a Sunday morning……. 😉

      Hope you have some nice naps planned today in your window seat – or maybe on top of those quilts in the cupboard?

      Love, Sammy


    • Oh I agree! Newspapers make a nice mattress….I prefer a piece of tissue on TOP of the newspaper – just because it makes such a nice crinkly little sound – but newspaper isn’t just for NEWS!

      Happy Sunday Nerissa!


    • Ohhhhhhh! The Bladder Stomp sounds like a VERY good way to get a peep out of bed in the morning! I hadn’t thought of that “move” but I just bet it works every single time doesn’t it?! LOL 😀

      I’ll remember that next time I’ve got to roust the old man out of bed.

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  2. Well, Sammy, I hope you decided to just take another nap on Mom…rather than wake Dad up! Love your tent! Hope you had a good day – I was traveling and just got a chance to see what you were up to!
    Hugs, Linda


    • Hi Miss Linda! I had a super snoozy day yesterday. Not sure WHAT I’ll get up to this morning though because it’s so foggy I can’t SEE outside. Might be another one of those lazy days. I have LOTS of those. I hope you have fun on your trip – you’re always on the move!!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  3. Is that Chirpy me sees in the papers with yous?!? Me thinks that the bestest place for him to be in jail is with yous!
    BTW, me [osted about the award yous gived me instead of Man Cat Monday. Kozmo is still very tired. me thinks all that excitement and jet lag has caught up to him.


    • Hi Nellie! Chirpy is my favorite toy right now and he is nicely bundled up in my tissue in a place of honor. It reminds me of that fabulous adventure with Kozmo whenever I hear him CHIRP. Don’t worry – he’s safe with me and won’t be getting into any trouble as long as Agent 00.8 of the FBI is keeping an eye on him. I’m glad you, Kozmo, the Slobbery Sisters and your Mom like your new award. I was pretty excited to get it myself. Tell Koz to REST UP. Since he’s the “BIG GUY” at the FBI, he’s liable to get called to duty any time!!

      Kitty Hugs


    • Hi Katie…you’re right of course…being “one spoiled cat” I pretty much get away with any behavior I display – although Mom’s not too crazy about when we’re wrestling and I accidentally scratch her!!

      Happy Monday!
      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


  4. Oh, I love this picture. Tomorrow, 20th March, marks one year since Cat died. I shall be asking you to light candles next Sunday to remember him, and all the other pets we have loved and who have enriched our lives.
    Pass it on please!
    I shall light a candle tomorrow for him too.


    • I’ve happily lit a candle for Cat this morning after reading that today it’s been one year since he died. A sad anniversary for you. I’ll be happy to pass on the candlelighting in honor of all our lost pets next Sunday too…..I often think of the dear cats who have accompanied me on bits of my life journey and moved on without me. I’ve kept them in my heart though as you have with Cat.



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