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Very Inspiring Blogger Award 

Golly.  I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for having received yet another blogging award from my super good friend Dianna at These Days of Mine.  The Very Inspiring Blogger Award is very elegant looking too, don’t you think?  Mostly I find it just plain wonderful that somebody thinks my little blog is worthy of ANY awards but I do like thinking maybe I might be inspiring to someone too!

Miss Dianna (and she’s the Mom of my “girlfriend” Sundae you know!) had to answer seven questions as a condition of award acceptance after someone awarded this pretty award to HER……and because the award was given to me AND my Mom (!) we’ll BOTH answer the questions:

I’m Most Creative……

  • (SAM) When I’m asleep….my arms/legs/face are very twitchy so who knows WHAT I’m creating in my dreams!
  • (MOM) When I’m in my studio (I’m either painting/drawing or blogging!)

If I Were A Color, I’d Be…..

  • (SAM) Green
  • (MOM) Lavender

I Often imagine Myself…..

  • (SAM) Flying around to visit all my blog buddies in my private jet
  • (MOM) With a house full of cats….sometimes Sam seems like a house full though…..!

I Really Wish I Knew How To…..

  • (SAM) Fly like a birdie
  • (MOM) Age gracefully instead of kicking and screaming my way through it!

I’d Love To Spend A Lazy Sunday…..

  • (SAM) In a sun puddle on the front porch
  • (MOM) On a gondola ride in Venice (tee hee)

I’m Most Excited About…..

  • (SAM) Butter….no….Bacon….no…..Butter……no…..Bacon!
  • (MOM) Taking another vacation to France next spring

My Secret Talent Is…..

  • (SAM) Whistling (my Mom says sometimes when I snore it sounds like a whistle!)
  • (MOM) Being a sounding board for people with problems

So folks, there you have it.  Our answers to those seven burning questions!  Also, I want to pass this award on to some of my friends…I know not everybody wants to “bother” with these things but if you decide not to do the questions OR post the award, that’s OK.  I understand!!

Official Blog of Author p.m.terrell – I think ANY author is an inspiration but my Mom’s friend Miss Trish is REALLY inspiring for anyone who writes because she’s a best-selling author of MANY suspense thrillers, and also has written some computer books AND a “how to” book for people who want to write and market their writing but don’t know how to go about it!  Now THAT’s inspiring!

Pedro The Cat – Pedro is not only a handsome cow-kitty, he’s very generous with the help of his also generous human.  Pedro is going to rule the world one of these days and I purrrsonally find that VERY inspiring!!!

CAT CHAT – Miss Caren and her cat Cody have a VERY inspiring blog.  Miss Caren does great review – books AND goodies too – and she gives a lot of time and effort to the animal community too.  Cody and I are pals.

Cat From Hell – Where do I start with all the swell things about THIS blog?!  Nellie, Kozmo and the Hairy Slobbery Sisters are so much fun to know.  Their Mom is one BUSY lady too!  This blog is inspiring because it’s really SOOOOO creative!  I’ve been on one Feline Bureau of Investigation caper with Kozmo (the Evil Mr. Chirpy Caper) and that’s when I found out just how VERY creative some people can be….. 😉 

I also want to tell all of my other blogging buddies that there’s nothing I like better than being friends with you and visiting your blogs every day that I can.  I wish I hadn’t waited for TWELVE years before I decided to start my very OWN blog – I missed out on a lot of time being friends with all of you!!

I’m off to chase the sun……..

Sammylittle happy face

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  1. Great answers to those questions, Sammy, from you AND your Mom. (And I know my mom uses your mom as a “sounding board” sometimes!)
    Enjoy that sun today, Sammy: looks like a little rain moving in… at least in my neighborhood.
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae…..looks cloudy and “almost rainy” here too. Lot cooler too. Well, I still think spring is here to stay even if some days are a little cooler than others. I’m so happy to get another award too so make sure and tell your Mom that we REALLLLLLLLLLLY appreciate her passing it on to us. Hope you have some fun things to watch from your window perch today and don’t forget to tell your Mom to wear something GREEN tomorrow!!!!!!!

      Kitty Hugs and love
      Sammy O’Kimmell (tee hee)


  2. Sammy, I laughed out loud at your answer to what excites you the most…hard to make up our minds sometimes, isn’t it? Always fun to find out more about cats…and their people too! Have a great day. We are traveling today, so will catch you tomorrow from Waynesboro!
    Hugs, Linda


    • Hi Miss Linda! Waynesboro is where my Mom used to go to book-signings all the time! Have a nice trip…….glad I gave you a giggle today with my responses and CONGRATULATIONS on getting the same award!!!!!!

      Kitty Kisses


  3. I loved your post today, Sammy! A HUGE congratulations on yet another well-deserved blogger award! YOU are an inspiration for keeping us informed, enlightened and entertained day after day. Loved all the answers to the questions, too!! And thank you so much for passing the award on to little old me!! You make me want to be a better blogger!


    • Good Morning Miss Trish! Mom and I love your blog and since you ARE inspiring, what better person to pass the Very Inspiring Blogger award to?!?!?! I loved your “Picture Me Friday” photo today – looked like a nice place to run around in the grass and enjoy the green for St. Patty’s Day!

      Kitty Hugs


  4. Oh Sammy and Mom may we tell you just how INCREDIBLY FLATTERED we are?

    We don’t think we are very inspiring but the fact that YOU think so means the WORLD to us!!

    We are deeply touched! Coming from such a talented Mom and her cat this really moved us!

    Look for our response on I believe MARCH 30th!!! (if I can get it together by then lol)…oh and Sammy…my Mom’s favorite color is GREEN TOO!!!

    Thank you soooo much!
    Love, Cody and “Mom”


    • Hi Cody and Miss Caren! I’m so glad you like your new award….you REALLY deserve it too because we think you’re VERY inspiring. I didn’t really think I was inspiring to anyone either but I guess maybe even if just ONE person feels inspired by something we say or post then we must be doing something right?!?!?! I know how busy you are with your blog so take your time responding and passing it on if you choose to. Meanwhile……HAPPY ST. PAT’S DAY TOMORROW!!

      Here’s to the wearing of the green…..
      Kitty Hugs, Sammy O’Kimmell (the ginger colored leprechaun)


    • Hi Miss Layla! I just put a note on CatWisdom about all those neato things you showed that are “Irish-related”…..way cool. Thanks too for the concats on the award. My “bling” department on my home page is getting heavy. HAHAHA

      Hope you all have a wonderfully green St. Pat’s Day at your house…..

      Kitty Hugs
      Sammy O’Kimmell 😀


  5. Sammy!
    Wow! Me is totally overwhelmed! Me is inspiring to yous?
    And me thoughts YOUS inspired me! Gosh!
    This is something that does not happen — Me is at a loss for words…….
    Thanks yous!


    • Yes indeedy Miss Nellie – I find you, Kozmo AND your Mom very inspiring (if I knew the slobbery sisters I might even find THEM inspiring – who knows?!?!). I wanted to share my new award with you because I love visiting your blog and seeing what exciting things you all are up to – never a dull moment with you guys!!

      Kitty Hugs
      Sammy O’Kimmell (the ginger colored leprechaun) 😉


    • Thanks Pedro…..and YOU certainly deserve the award as well. We’re nothing if not inspirational wouldn’t you say? Think of all the cats who look to us for behavior modeling. EEEK….that’s a scary thought huh???????

      Your BFC Sam


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