Wahoo! (and more)


                         Man oh man…this spring weather is FAB! 

FIRST THINGS FIRST!!!  The Tuesday Teaser photo was taken on top of the Hotel Ala which is located in Venice, Italy!  My parents said after they checked into their hotel there (riding there on a vaporetto from the train station) they decided to explore the hotel a bit.  They saw a steep staircase going up and asked the concierge where it went – he said to the rooftop garden and bar and said if we’d like to order something there was a dumbwaiter and telephone and to take advantage of it !  My parents went up there, ordered a beer for Dad and a glass of wine for Mom and they watched the gondolas on the canal below………..some of you noticed the terracotta roof tiles and the shape of the windows in the buildings and guessed pretty darn close – you knew it was Italy but not precisely where…..and THAT detail was impossible to pick up.  As I said to someone who guessed today, this is my Mom’s FAVORITE city.  She really loved Venice and I can see why when I see all the photos they took there! 

Now – for a report on MY day today…………….

I gotta tell you, today was an incredibly beautiful day.  Sunny, warm, one of those “I feel like a young kitten” kind of days. 

I’m only twelve years old but honestly, sometimes when it’s cold and clammy and icky outside I can feel it in my bones even if I’m INSIDE.  It makes me feel older than I want to feel.  Know what?  Mom says she feels the same way……except of course she’s a whole lot  bit older than twelve.

Anyway, I was outside a lot today enjoying the yard.  There were a few people who got some of their yard equipment out today to give it a try.  I heard some riding lawn mowers in the community (even though the grass isn’t really growing much yet) and some leaf blowers (Daddy gave his a tune up) and I also heard some power washers (some people have WAY too much energy!!). 

What I’m really looking forward to though is that super smell of new mown grass.  I like to roll around in the freshly clipped grass.  Of course Mom has to check me out for bugs and disgusting things like ticks after a good roll in the grass (or dirt as the case may be) but it just feels GOOOOOOOOD!

I actually DO feel spunky today for another reason.  Today I received a present from my friends Miss Ingrid, Ruby and Allegra at The Conscious Cat!  I entered a drawing they were having for one of their extra special custom kitty cat toys – a Modkicker – and boy do I love it!  It’s big, very “kickable” and filled with FIRST CLASS catnip!  I highly recommend it to any of you who like a nice little pick-me-up.  And who doesn’t??????

Kitty Hugs and Kisses

Your Friend Sammy

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  1. I am so glad you got to be outside yesterday, Sammy! It started out rainy here, and I thought we were going to be stuck inside all day, but the sun came out and we got to work outside all the afternoon! You look so happy there in the grass!
    Hope the nice weather continues and you get to roll in that freshly-cut grass soon!
    Hugs, Linda


    • Hi Miss Linda…….today’s going to be BEAUTIFUL too. I should be able to hang out in the yard again for a bit. Dad’s going to be planting a shrub and it’s always interesting watching Old Pop hard at work! I’ll supervise – I’m good at that.

      Have a nice day – hopefully NO RAIN for you!!
      Kitty Hugs, Sam


  2. Hi, Sammy
    Love the pic of you in that nice green grass – glad you’re enjoying the weather. I’m just enjoying being on my window seat and looking out at all the birds; sometimes I just chatter at them!
    Thanks for your birthday wishes too (wink, wink)!
    Love, Sundae


  3. I didn’t comment yesterday, Sammy, because I never know where anything is when you post the Tuesday Whatjamacallit.

    Glad you had a nice day in the yard. Spring has sprung, I guess.


    • No problem Uncle J! You sure don’t have to comment on all my blogs….lotsa people don’t – just the ones they FEEL like commenting on. I think the Teaser photos are tough for lots of people – but then again if they were EASY people wouldn’t enjoy “playing along” either!!

      Happy Sunny Day – it’s BEEEEEEEUTIFUL here!


    • Hi Nerissa! It is wonderful here today AGAIN – in the 80s and just PERFECTO! Pack yourself in a pre-paid postage box and ship yourself here. There’s supposed to be sun until Friday anyway…..



    • Wow! It got up to 80 here. Aren’t we lucky ducks? (well, humans and cats anyway). Today I got some goodies from Nellie and Kozmo at Cat From Hell. Does life get any better than this? I’m so lucky to have so many FUN and SWEET friends. Like you……..tee hee

      Kitty Hugs


  4. I been enjoying that time outdoors too. And smart of your mom to check you for critters- Jen found a tick on her Monday morning when she was in the shower. Not a fun way to start your day for sure.


    • Gee, I’m glad she found the darned thing…..they say it’s going to be a REALLY “buggy” year because of the weather….I guess we ALL better keep our eyes open and our fur checked!!



    • Hi Miss Layla…..thanks for stopping by! Things really have been hopping around here that’s for sure. I was really interested to read about Mystery Miss’s mystery ear problem – but I’m sure Odin doesn’t care WHAT her ear looks like – he’s in LUV!

      Kitty Hugs


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