Tuesday Teaser


Oh goodie!  It’s Tuesday Teaser time!  This time the STAR of the show is my Dad.  Again, it’s from the great “Honeymoon Collection” my parents have in one of their photo albums and I snuck the picture out this afternoon and scanned it on Mom’s printer JUST FOR YOU! 

My Parents Honeymoon

Any ideas where this was snapped? Hmmmmm???

So here it is and I’m wondering if you can figure out WHERE in the world were they when Mom snapped this picture of Dad????

Now there might be a few clues in the photo architecturally speaking (!) but I can tell you that it was taken in early September 1990 while my parents made their way on their great honeymoon tour of Europe.  He looks kind of content doesn’t he?  He said he thought he was kind of saying “Let’s move here Honey” or “What a life!” or “We’ve GOT to come back here for a longer visit” or something along those lines. 

So whatcha think gang?  Any guesses? 

Sammy, The Tuesday Teaser Guy

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  1. About the only guess I can make is a 2nd floor balcony, somewhere…what a nice view! And your Dad definitely has the look of a content man! I am anxious to hear where this is…looks like a lovely place to visit! Hope you have recovered from your day in the “dog house”…(somehow “cat house” didn’t sound right!)…and that you let your Mom sleep last night!
    Hugs for you today, Sammy…Linda


    • Hi Miss Linda…well, you’re right that it’s UP in a building but it was actually higher than the second floor and it wasn’t a balcony! Tee Hee. I’ll be anxious to tell everyone where it was taken tomorrow on the “Tell All”. I was a VERY VERY GOOD BOY last night and let my parents sleep non-stop through the night to catch up on sleep. I’m no longer in trouble. Whew!

      Kitty Hugs right back atcha!!


  2. Good morning, Sam,
    Glad to hear that you had a more restful night last night.
    Since I’ve never been to Europe (and neither has Motor Mommy), we don’t know where in the world that picture was taken!
    But we both think it’s a great picture of your Dad. Can’t wait to find out tomorrow just where it was!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! Yep – we’re ALL well rested this morning for a change. Dad does look pretty pleased to be where he is I agree…or else the fact he’s enjoying a nice cold “brewski” has made him smile – who knows?!?! HAHA

      Love, Sammy


  3. I agree with Ingrid. It looks like Italy. Something about the balcony, the street behind him, the fauna… Very beautiful. It also looks very relaxing, a slower pace of life. Beautiful!


    • Hi Miss Trish! No wonder you’re a world class writer of mysteries and thrillers – you know how to look for clues and figure stuff out! You know I can’t tell until tomorrow but let’s say as usual, you’ve got the right SUSPECT!

      Kitty Hugs


    • I won’t tell him you said that Miss Caren because if I did, his head would get even fatter than it already is………(eeeek…did I actually say that out loud???!!!!!).

      Kitty Hugs


    • Hi Katie and her Mom……you’re totally right about the beer. Dad seems to have a brewski with him in a LOT of his photos actually (but you didn’t hear that from me). Germany is a good guess but I’m afraid it’s not where they were in THIS part of their honeymoon trip. I’ll let you know tomorrow though I promise!! Thanks for visiting me here on my blog……

      Kitty Hugs


  4. Hmmmm, me thinks it is somewhere around the Mediterranean…
    Me did not let my Mommy and Daddy sleeps last night. Me waited until they started to snore and then me would walk all over them! Hee! Hee!!


    • Whoa Nellie….walked all over them and they didn’t toss you out of the room? Wow….of course you’re tiny and dainty so maybe they didn’t FEEL your soft paws crawling around. If I’d tried that – well – let’s just say it would not have been PURRRRRTY ! Guess what…your guess on the Teaser’s pretty good…you’ll have to see tomorrow though……you know I never “TEASE AND TELL” !!!

      Kitty Kisses


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