Uh Oh……

We call this the Grandma Chair - Sam thinks it's a great nap spot.

What? Huh? Uhoh...I overslept didn't I?! It's this darn time change thing!

OK, OK, it’s embarrassing…..here I’m the one who mentioned the time change last night in my blog this past week and I’m the one who slept late this morning!!!  My blog is late, my breakfast was late…..and on top of that, my internal alarm clock wasn’t working like it ALWAYS has these past twelve years.  Usually (so says Mom), when the time changes twice a year I’m right on top of it.  I actually start “training” my parents about a month before the change by getting Mom up earlier and earlier every morning until that spring day when instead of really being 5AM, it’s 6AM.  Not this morning.  I’m afraid my old mature age is showing.  I pretty much sleep all the time so if my humans were expecting ME to be in charge of the time changes this year they were WRONG.  LOL So, here I am anyway, blogging an hour later than usual.  Something tells me though that me and my family aren’t the only ones who struggled a little with this stupid “Spring Forward” thing this morning – right?  Huh?  Come on………..’fess up!!  Well, this will be a short blog this morning because I’m WAY WAY WAY behind in my “things to do” today…..a whole hour off in fact……..gotta go rearrange my tissue pile and I’m still searching for that rubber chicken my Dad got me a few days ago.  Somethings up with that I think – – – just because I chewed the feet and head off of it I think Dad “confiscated” the rest of it so I wouldn’t eat it.  That’s probably for the best…..who knows WHAT that thing is made of anyway!!!!!!!!  Happy “Spring Forward”………..Your LATE Pal, Sammy

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  1. I was wonderin’ where you were, Sammy……! I had my mom up at 5:45 as usual…guess I hadn’t heard about the time change, huh?
    Get busy with those chores!
    Love, Sundae
    Oh, and I don’t think you’re gonna find that rubber chicken thingie…..


    • Hi Sundae…..yeah, I think you’re right about the chicken. I’ve searched everywhere and I’m beginning to suspect that Dad confiscated “the remains” and it’s safely tucked away in the trashcan! Sigh. Oh well…..probably for the best. Anyway, good for you getting your Mom up at the regular time. I should have done that myself but – well – my “Grandma chair” was just too comfy to leave as you can plainly see from the photo.

      Hope you have a happy Sunday!
      Love, Sam


  2. Well, better late than never, I always say! I was so worried about oversleeping that I didn’t sleep much at all! I am definitely going to need a “Sammy” nap today! Enjoy the rest of your day and don’t worry, you are always worth waiting for!
    Hugs, Linda


    • Awwww…shucks Miss Linda…..you’re so sweet to say that!! Well, I felt bad for all of about five minutes – until Mom reminded me that LOTS of people (and cats) forget that first morning after the time changes. I’m just going to pretend it never happened (until the Fall when we go through this again of course!!).

      Happy Sunday!


  3. Yep, Sammy, Jasper & I did the same thing this morning. That big sun didn’t appear quite as soon as it usually does . . .or at least when it did, that stupid clock was already pushed forward. Mom & Dad thought it was really funny that we hadn’t discovered the time change thing yet. That’s OK, we will get even when the clock goes backward in the Fall. Enjoy your beautiful day. Better not spend too much time on chicken lookin’. Parents have a way of “losing” things we have chewed on too much.
    Love ya, Sammy The Talking Cat ( and Jasper too )


    • Hi Sammy (and Jasper too!)……you’re right about the Fall. We’ll get even alright…tee hee….it’s really nice here this morning and I plan on catching up a bit on my porch time. Finally the wind has gone. Whew! I realize that eating those chicken feet and head probably wasn’t the best decision I’ve ever made. When you think about how well they feed me around here, why both with rubber anyway?!

      Have an awesome day…….
      Your Pal “The Other Sam”


  4. What! It’s that time already? Me sleeps all the time so me has a excuse, but Mommy did not get up. Kozmo and my hairy slobbery sister Cinnamon sure tried to get her up. Mommy rolled over and said Sunday, sleep in day!
    But they kept bugging us anyway! Me is going to sleep all day and see if me catches up!


    • Hi Nellie! I hope your “sleep in” worked on the catching up thing. Sure didn’t work for me. This morning I think my Mom would have liked to sleep a little later to make up for the fact I was a pain in the “you know what” all night last night BUT I needed her to take care of cleaning my litter box, giving me more treats, making coffee for Daddy while HE slept in – all that morning stuff she usually does. So she got up but she’s not happy about it. Humans can be so GRUMPY sometimes!!!!

      Kitty Hugs


    • Hi Cody! I think the day AFTER the first day of a time change is much worse really. This morning was awful getting up…well…probably worse for my Mom who was up and down all night but it just doesn’t seem RIGHT the first couple of days when the time’s different. I guess we’ll get used to it – we always do – but it’s a PAIN!!!!!!! I’m with you – as long as there’s food around, I don’t care WHAT time it is.

      Kitty Hugs


    • Oh I know what you mean! Humans can really have a horrible case of “potty mouth” sometimes can’t they? I know all about that…my Mom was using a few choice words with me this morning for waking her up every hour on the hour last night. OOPS.



  5. Aloha, Sammy! It seems to me that you have so many responsibilities that you couldn’t possibly be in charge of springing forward, too. Falling back maybe, but not the springing… Sorry to hear that your chicken flew the coop. If I were old enough to drive and had thumbs, I would go to the grocery store and buy a few pounds of chicken feet to mail to you. I’m not exactly sure why, but the stores sell them here. 😀


    • EEEEK! Chicken feet in the grocery store??? Hmm…maybe they’re good deep fried or something? Well, thanks anyway buddy but I’ve had enough of chicken feet (and heads) for a while. My tissue pile and assorted other stuff will keep me occupied while I consider how wise it actually was to consume my toy rather than play with it!

      I hope all the storms and stuff that were forcing you to stay within the confines of your “safety box” have stopped. I love a good box retreat myself but not if it goes on for DAYS and DAYS!

      Your Pal and BFC Sam


      • Yum – nothing better than deep fried chicken feet. (????????)

        It’s still stormy, Sammy. 😦 I think we’ve had somewhere close to 8 feet of rain in 2 weeks, some hail, a tornado, and several huge sinkholes have opened up. We haven’t had much thunder in a couple of days, but the winds are gusting to 50 mph. I hate wind as much as I hate thunder. Blech. I’d give Kitty’s right paw to have a sunny spot to nap in!


        • Hmm…wonder how Kitty would feel about that sacrifice to allow you a sunny spot!! Seriously though, sounds like you’ve had way more than a “fair” about of WET. What’s up with that? I think of Hawaii as sunny, surfy, glorious but not haily, tornado-ey and full of sinkholes (other than those volcanos that look like they are big HOT sinkholes). I promise I won’t complain about our little bitty wind here and there ANYMORE. Really. Today has been sunny and in the low 70s. Perfecto! Time for you to pack yourself up in that prepaid and have your human drop you off for a trip to sunny Virginia! ASAP. Kitty can keep her paw and you’ll get some sun. What a deal.

          Your BFC Sam
          p.s. don’t pack any chicken feet


    • Indeed……my day has been “rocky” at best thanks to last night’s “non-sleep” but tonight will be better – I’m just SURE of that – Sammy promised to leave us alone. LOL



    • I really don’t see what the big deal is with humans and the time change either. I didn’t notice really – napping a lot keeps us from noticing a LOT of things. People need to learn that. Tee Hee



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