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Mom says you're not supposed to SLEEP in a library....I think when it's my own library those rules don't apply!!

Yep that’s me…..snoring away in the library on Mom’s sunny recliner.  Unfortunately, even though it was WARM outside yesterday (strangely enough) I just didn’t go out much.  Why?  Wind……again.  I bet you’re tired of hearing about my problems with the wind, right?  Well, I’m tired of DEALING with the wind.  Sigh. 

I know it’s almost spring and not just because the time change is happening this weekend, and not just because it’s warm outside, and not because there’s buds on the trees and tulips poking out of the ground but because today, Dad put the snowblower in the basement.  Yep – he was disappointed that he didn’t get to push that thing all around the driveway removing tons of snow this winter.  Mom says that since he’s gone to all the trouble to move the snowblower from the garage “at the ready” to the basement for storage, that probably means it’s going to SNOW now.  😉 

Poor Mom hardly ever gets to use her chair in the library though – at least not all morning when the sun’s coming through the front windows.  Dad’s chair is out of the sun so he’s there reading a book and if Mom shoo’ed me out of HER chair she could be there too – reading with Dad, but I just look too darn cute when I’m asleep (on purpose of course) and she can’t bring herself to shoo me so I get the sunny library seat.  Lucky me.  

So are you getting an early spring too or is winter still hanging in there where you are?  If you’re an indoor kitty you don’t really care WHAT season it is, but if you get to go outside once in a while – what’s YOUR favorite time of the year?????? 

Sammy……Younger Than Springtime (haha)

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  1. My very favorite time of year is summer! But, it is followed closely by spring, and fall. I just don’t like winter…I love the sunshine! You apparently love the sunshine too, Sammy! You look really comfy in that chair! Hope the wind stops soon so you can get out an enjoy the fresh air!
    Hugs, Linda


    • Hi Miss Linda! Looks like some wind out there again today AND lots cooler but I’m “game” to give it a try. Sometimes Mom just has to barely open the door and I can tell if it’s a “GO” or a “NO GO” kind of day for a quick outdoors tour. I also wanted to tell you that Mom and I want to congratulate you on your BLING!!!!! YAY!!!!!! We tried to comment on your blog but couldn’t get our stuff to post for some reason. 😦

      Happy Friday!


  2. Hi, Sammy! Nice sunny nap spot there! The sun really brings out the gingeriness in your ginger, doesn’t it? I’m strictly indoors and lucky to be Hawaiian, so I don’t see much difference in the seasons. But I do HATE lots of wind and thunderstorms. In fact, we’re having both right now! 😦


    • That’s right – you Hawaiian folks have nice weather MOST of the time but lately it sounds like you’ve had more than your share of thunderstorms. I guess it’s good that you have that “retreat box” where you can hide and wait things out huh? Hopefully the sun will be out and you can come out of hiding today – stretch those legs, flex those red claws, and take a swipe at Kitty….all will be right in your world my friend!!!

      Your Pal Sam


  3. Wow, Sammy, you sure look nice and cozy there in the sunshine.
    NO sunshine for me on my window seat this morning: it’s pouring rain! But the weather folks are “guessing” that this will all be gone by afternoon.

    Enjoy the sun, Sammy – send some my way!
    Love, SUNdae


    • Good Morning Sundae! I hope you get some sun in time for the big event later at your house…..meanwhile, at least you can enjoy looking out at the water from that window seat of yours. It’s still more cloudy than sunny here but maybe I can WISH the clouds away!!

      Kitty Hugs and love


  4. Hey Sammy! Thanks so much for the ‘heads up’ about the time change. Your mom always reminds me — so let her know that you have taken care of it this year!!
    Love U,
    Aunty Carol


    • Hi Auntie Carol!!! WOWZERS…so you didn’t know about the time change huh? Yep – Saturday night – don’t forget now….although since my cousins Mollye and Toby sleep round the clock already (tee hee) it doesn’t matter what the clock says – right?

      Kitty Hugs and Kisses
      Sammy your Nephew


  5. Wow, Sammy, thanks for telling me about the time change! I didn’t realize it was coming up so quickly. It hasn’t quite felt like spring to us here yet… We have several days of temps in the 70’s and then they fall back into the 50’s. My big sister Mattie (the foxhound) does not like the rain, dampness, or cold. It hurts her arthritis. So we are all hoping spring and summer comes quickly so she will feel better! Love from Eddie (the JR), Simone (the collie) and Mattie. Oh, and our mommy.


    • Hi Terrell Trio and Mom too! Nice to hear from you guys down there in North Carolina-land. My Mom sure had fun visiting with your Mom a few weeks ago. If I didn’t hate cars so much, I’d come visit you all myself – oh – wait a minute – you’re dogs and I’m a cat….that might not work out too well! Sorry Mattie’s arthritis hurts (my Mom’s got that problem too!) but it seems like spring is trying REAL HARD to stay! Let’s hope so……..

      Kitty Hugs


  6. I’m an indoor kitty but I DO care what time of year that it is cause when it is warm Mom opens the windows and I get to sniff the warm air and loll in the warm sun!

    Mom tried taking me outside twice but I don’t care for it.

    We are supposed to be in the 60s almost all of this week…but…my Mom said she agrees with your Mom…now that the snowblower has been put away…WATCH OUT….

    March and the first week of April are notorious for snowstorms!!



    • Hi Cody……well, let’s hope spring is really on its way now. We’ve got some high 70s coming next week. I’m lovin’ it !! You know, you’re a whole lot safer inside anyway than if you were out roaming around Cody. If I wasn’t harness/leash trained Mom wouldn’t let me out either – too many foxes around here (and missing cats).

      Kitty Hugs from your pal Sam


  7. I couldn’t ever push that cat off his chair either! Too cute…Too *cozy*!
    My favorite time of year? I have two that I’m glad I don’t have to choose between! Autumn for the color and temp’s and Deep Winter for the snow and quiet!


  8. Hmmm. How does yous do that? Mommy just moves me over and then sits down. Me don’t mind cuz me likes to snuggle.


    • Hi Nellie! I like to snuggle too but NOT if I’m there first! If Mom’s sitting somewhere already I like to hop up and lie on her lap or legs…but if I’m snoring away on a chair I don’t want to be disturbed! I know – I’m just an old fuddy duddy aren’t I ?!?!?!

      Kitty Hugs


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