Tuesday Teaser

Mystery Photo 3

Pretty house and grounds...but where in the world was this taken?

Well, it’s Tuesday Teaser time again!  Now I think some of you are going to know exactly where this is the minute you see it.  It’s NOT from my Mom and Dad’s honeymoon so that means it’s NOT a photo take anywhere in Europe (even though I think it looks like it COULD have been!!). 

It happens to be a photo of one of my Mom’s favorite places she’s ever visited though and when she got the photos developed after her vacation, she had a big size picture made of this print and framed it for the “Vacation Photo Wall”…..my parents have a wall in the upstairs hallway where their favorite photos from all their trips hang.  Cool huh?  Anyway, THIS one is there. 

So, what do you think gang?  Any guesses where this was taken?  I know what you’re thinking…..”easy for him to say this one’s an easy teaser because HE knows the answer” but I just have a feeling some of you will know……maybe I’m psychic?  Tee Hee and happy guessing!

Sammy, The BIG TEASE

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  1. Well, I haven’t a clue! But I can tell you that wherever it is, it is one gorgeous place! I can see why your Mom had this one framed! Can’t wait to see where this was taken…may want to go there myself one day!

    Have a great day! Linda


    • Hi Miss Linda….it looks like the kind of place I could find lots of napping spots in. I can tell you that it’s NORTH of here – that’s your only clue though – tomorrow I’ll give you the “scoop” !

      Kitty Hugs


  2. Good morning, Sammy! I agree with Miss Linda, that is one gorgeous place! But since I’m not much on traveling, I really don’t have a guess. Can’t wait to hear where it was taken, though.
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae….I hear you on the “traveling” thing. I’m a homebody/homekitty myself (although my recent FBI caper with Kozmo was a special circumstance!). Mom said this place was one of the prettiest houses and gardens EVER. I’ll tell you tomorrow where she and Dad were visiting when they took this picture!

      Kitty Hugs and love


    • That’s OK Uncle Jerry….lots of people don’t know. One of these days one of Mom’s photos will ring a bell with you I bet though since you’ve traveled the USA pretty widely at one time or another!



  3. Oh my..Hmmm…Okay, somewhere in the U.S. maybe? How about New England? That’s my rough guess – New England, though I have never been.
    On a side note, I would love that yard….beautiful and I also love the idea of the “Vacation Wall”. Great idea!


    • Hi Miss D………..that’s a VERY GOOD “rough guess” !! Everybody thinks the house AND yard are pretty…..I’ll have to get Mom to take a picture of her “vacation wall” one of these days but this picture is definitely up there……Tomorrow I’ll “spill” as to where SPECIFICALLY this house is.

      Kitty Hugs


  4. Oh! Wow! Now that picture would be even more purrfect if it has a small white cat in it! Mes would LOVES to be there.


    • Oh Nellie, wouldn’t you just LOVE to peek out those neato windows or wander through that garden? I think it should have a whole HOUSE FULL of kitties living in it. Wouldn’t that be fun?!

      Hugs, Sammy


    • Hi Isobel…it’s difficult to tell from the photo (a bit blurry) but it’s clapboard and it does look typically English I agree however it’s right here in the USA this time around!



    • Hey Rumpy! That’s a good guess – my parents have been there and said it was VERY awesome and beautiful BUT it’s not there……sorry about that! I’m about to post this in my blog but the photo is of The House of the Seven Gables outside Boston in SPOOKY Salem, Mass!

      Better luck next Tuesday buddy…


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