The Capture of Mr. Chirpy!


The Continuing Saga of the FBI Capture of Mr. Chirpy! 

Fancy Private Jet Interior Shot

Back to London I go for the capture of Mr. Chirpy!

Just as Kozmo and I were landing in London we got a call from our FBI handler. He wanted me to check out Buckingham Palace because it was believed Mr. Chirpy’s lair was located on the grounds somewhere. They issued me a special collar attachment which would allow me to be in contact with Kozmo at any time real sneaky-like!

Sam's special FBI collar

Wowzers...the FBI sure has cool stuff!

They told me if I found Mr. Chirpy’s lair, I was NOT to attempt to take him down by myself but to wait for Kozmo. Meanwhile, Kozmo was checking out the Tower of London because the FBI agents in London noticed some “extra” bird activity there.

Both of us were given the usual FBI speech about watching ourselves and our activities because if we were caught – well – they’d say they didn’t know who the heck we were!

So Kozmo and I parted company and off I went to Buckingham Palace. I had to figure out how to get on the grounds though because it was known that even though the Queen’s corgis were honorary members of the FBI (due to their status of course), they guard the Queen and wouldn’t allow ANY (yes I said ANY) cats, or chicken-ish birds near her. I thought about it and remembered in my stash of disguises I had THIS:

Sam in a London Bobby uniform (haha)

They'll be sure to let me on the grounds of Buckingham Palace if I'm dressed like a Bobby!

I’d be able to slip in, identify myself to the Palace guards and in my disguise, be able to walk the grounds to search for Mr. Chirpy’s lair. There was still the problem of a suitable disguise for Sweet Elizabeth who was to accompany me to provide whatever help she could. She and I decided to stop by the local Acme Costume shop to see what might work.  The owner told us the Queen kept some royal peacocks on the property and disappeared into the back of the shop, returning with a disguise in a box labeled “Demented Peacock”….sounded suitable so Sweet Elizabeth tried it on:

sweet elizabeth peacock costume

Hmm...Acme Costume's "Demented Peacock" costume should allow Sweet Elizabeth to blend right in (yikes!) with the Queen's peacocks.

We combed the grounds looking for a likely spot for a chicken to hide out and even though it was difficult to see in the woods surrounding the Palace, we FINALLY located his birdhouse by an old tree. Elizabeth laid out an arrow with some rocks so that Kozmo would be able to see it from the air since we knew that’s how he’d be arriving!

Sam's Caper Buckingham Palace Grounds

Waiting for Kozmo to arrive...we've found Mr. Chirpy's birdhouse....back here in the trees in sight of the Palace!

 All of a sudden Kozmo appeared beside us – he’d been “delivered” by the Ravens, Mac and Bridget who followed the arrow perfectly.

We peered around the tree and there was Mr. Chirpy – out in the open! Kozmo leaped and caught him easily but I had to persuade him we needed to bring him back to justice instead of allowing my pal Kozmo to squeeze the daylights out of him right then and there!

I handed him a birdcage so we could put him in “Chirpy Jail” and we all headed for the Buckingham Palace helipad together.

Sam Caper Bird Cage

This ought to hold Mr. Chirpy nicely until we lock him up!

 Want to know what happened next? Good! All you have to do to continue with this exciting story is go to my fellow FBI agent Kozmo’s blog CATFROMHELL and see what Kozmo was up to while I was on the grounds of Buckingham Palace and how the caper went from there!

Whew!  What a caper! 

Agent 00.8, Sammy signing out……….. 

18 responses »

  1. You sure have had an adventure, Sammy! I am sure you will receive some kind of award for all of your international work! Glad you are safe…

    Hugs, Linda


    • Hi Miss Linda…you know, I like adventure but I also like naps on Mom’s lap! So, hopefully life will be settling back down for me. For a while perhaps my excitement will consist of smelling bacon for breakfast!!! Tee Hee

      Kitty Hugs


  2. Dear Sammy,
    I am sooo glad we caught that demented and foul fowl! And you are sooo lucky to get to go home! I can’t talk about what I have to do now, but it has to do with voles and memory sticks!
    See you later pal, I had a hoot working with you.


    • Kozmo! I just walked in the door from being dropped off by the FBI jet which is now on its way back to London to “stand by” for you as you continue your mission. I was darned happy to be able to assist you in the Chirpy Caper and no doubt you’ll have things wrapped up in short order! I know you can’t talk about what you’re doing – even to me as a fellow agent – but believe me, I’ve got my paws crossed that you get this concluded SOON so you can get back home and rest. Being an agent is tiring isn’t it?! My peep washed my favorite napping blanket for me while I was gone. Whatta Mom!

      Any time you need me buddy, I’ll be there.
      Your Fellow Partner in Stopping Crime……Sammy, Agent 00.8


    • Hi! Yep – I’m home from London now and ready to catch up on napping activities. Whew. Poor Kozmo’s still over there continuing on the mission. Keep your fingers crossed he’ll be home soon too!

      Kitty Hugs


    • Hi Miss Caren and Cody…..well, Kozmo taught me a lot about being an international mancat of mystery on this caper and my role in bringing Mr. Chirpy to justice was a minor one but it WAS exciting! I’m glad to be home though – enough excitement for a while….I’m WAAAAAAAAAAAY behind on napping!

      Kitty Hugs


    • Hi Miss Layla! While you were visiting Florida Kozmo and I have been chasing the evil Mr. Chirpy. I hope you were able to read up on the rest of the caper. It’s been quite an adventure but now I’m back home catching up on catnapping while Kozmo continues in London to “wrap things up”.

      Kitty Hugs and Kisses


    • Hi Rumpy…..Kozmo’s still on the job in London to make sure Chirpy stays CAUGHT – but the adventure is continuing for him there while I’m taking a snooze or two back home. I’m pretty good at napping…Kozmo’s good at chicken-chasing!!!



    • Well we DID get him BUT Kozmo’s still working on details back in London while I enjoy napping in the sunshine at home in Virginia. Sure enjoyed working on the Mr. Chirpy Caper with my fellow agent Kozmo though – learned a LOT.



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