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Sam Saying HI To The Camera

C'mon Mom....time to make breakfast!!

Saturday!  Kind of a day much like any other around here since my Mom and Dad are retired…’s not like they “sleep in” because they don’t have to go to work…….in fact they both still get up pre-dawn like they did when they worked!  Mom says some habits are hard to break.  Anyway, the one different thing about Saturday is that Daddy usually likes to have a big breakfast.  That’s OK with me because one of my most favorite treats (and yes I know I probably shouldn’t eat it but I do!) is always on the menu.  BACON!!!!!  I like a little piece of bacon.  That’s all I want – just a little piece – then I’ll walk away and leave my parents alone for the rest of their breakfast. 

But that got me thinking…….I bet we ALL have our little favorite “treats” – some of us are content with regular made-for-kitty treats (which I personally love), but some of us also like stuff that our peeps eat too. 

My particular favorites are:  bacon, butter, flavored yogurt (plain yogurt is yucky I think), once in a while a tiny edge of a piece of salami and I think that’s about it.  Now we’re talking TREATS here…..something you just get once in a while. 

Come on everybody – ‘fess up……what’s it gonna be?  What goodies do you like?  (Human visitors can confess to their favorite sinful treats here too!!!!!).

Hope everybody has a nice Saturday – whether bacon’s on your menu or not!

Your Buddy Sam

p.s.  Monday the Mr. Chirpy caper continues in London with Kozmo from CATFROMHELL – make sure and tune in to my blog AND Kozmo’s!!!!!

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  1. Hi, Sammy, my favorite treat is GRILLED CHICKEN! For some reason, I’ve never cared for kitty treats. So Mom always makes sure she has some chicken – just for me. I’m a spoiled cat, too.
    Stay dry today, Sammy, it’s pouring here! I’m on duty on my window seat.
    Love, Sundae


    • Oh Sundae! Grilled chicken? Hmm….Mom has tried to give me bits of chicken before but I can’t seem to get interested in it. Maybe I should give it another whirl?? I do like kitty treats though. I like being spoiled and I just know you do too – wouldn’t have it any other way would we?!?! It’s raining here too but not hard…..just enough to keep me inside today. Enjoy your window seat!

      Love, Sam


  2. Good morning, Sammy! Our baby’s favorite treat is any kind of fruit that her Dad has. He always shares fruit with her…plus, if I open a yogurt, she stands up and dances until I give her a spoonful! BTW, I finished the book…anxiously awaiting the sequels! Be sure to tell your mom…have a great day and stay dry!

    Hugs, Linda


    • Hi Miss Linda….I like fruit in my yogurt – blueberry, raspberry and strawberry especially. Mom says she hopes you enjoyed her book – she’s promised to FINALLY get that sequel done….uh huh….I’ve heard THAT before! Happy weekend!

      Hugs, Sam


  3. Hi there Sammy. We love to lick the bottom of our Mom’s cereal bowl when she finishes the cereal. We sit in attention and just wait. Bacon sounds good too. Have a great Saturday.


    • Hi Marg’s Animals!! Know what? Even though I don’t really care for milk, I just bet if Mom had some kind of sweet cereal there would be some “sweet” in with the milk and I could clean her bowl for her too! I’ll have to sit by her feet next time and give her “THE LOOK”…..she always falls for that!

      Happy Saturday


  4. I love a little bit of cream. The good stuff… the heavy kind that whips up… although I don’t like it whipped… just plain. Actually, lots of us here like a drop or two of cream. My sister Tess loves butter. Just loves it!


    • Hi Nerissa! Ohhhhhhhhhh I just bet real cream is YUMMY. I don’t care for milk though so I might not like cream but I’d be willing to TRY it!! I’m glad to find another butter-lover though. I only eat a tiny bit from Mom’s finger but I DO love it.

      Hope you have a great Saturday!


  5. Sammy my friend you are never going to believe this. Because of my allergies I can’t have anything but RABBIT. Rabbit kibble and canned rabbit. THAT’S IT.

    Pretty depressing huh? I am so jealous of all of the other kitties that can eat so many different things including treats. Once my Mom found me rabbit treats but they are hard to find.

    My Grandpa Bobo’s favorite things were:
    1) Mom’s chicken
    2) Swiss Miss Tapioca pudding
    3) Broccoli
    4) peas
    5) black olives straight from the pizza!


    • Hi Cody! Don’t you think we kitties have interesting eating habits? I think we do….I’ve never had rabbit but you’re the second kitty that I’ve heard from that likes it. I don’t think Mom can get me some rabbit to try….we do occasionally have a WASCALLY WABBIT running through the front yard but I’m not fast enough (!!). Mom would love it if I would eat veggies. YUCK.

      Have a super Saturday!!


  6. Hi Sammy,

    I love bacon too and love grilled chicken like Sundae too. I also love popcorn, pepperoni, grilled hamburger, a piece of Mom’s potato chip, but mostly I love bacon….oh and I do eat my greenies and certain kitty treats.

    Meowy Saturday Sammy,

    Minnie and her Mom


    • Hi Minnie! You have LOTS of favorite treats don’t you?! Potato chips? Hmm….I like to listen to Mom eat those – maybe I should try nibbling on one! Mom gave me popcorn one time and I just batted it around the living room until it fell apart…LOL

      Happy Saturday to you and your Mom too!


  7. Aloha, Sammy! I love treats. Any kind of treat will do – a pinch of this, a dab of that, a nibble of dustbunny. I guess my top 3 would be Tillamook Medium Cheddar cheese, ahi sashimi, and papaya… Kitty’s a weird one – the only thing she’ll eat besides our dry food is strawberry Yoplait. And NOT the “light” kind.

    Enjoy your bacon, Sammy!


    • Pedro I suppose we all have our favorites – I have to side with Kitty on this one to some extent though because I love strawberry yogurt too. Papaya sounds interesting…I may have to give that a whirl one of these days when I’m in an “exotic treat” mood. I had hoped some bacon might be on the menu this morning since it’s Sunday BUT nope. Mom’s making some kind of weird stuff that my Dad likes (which she doesn’t like) called scrapple. Looks weird to me.

      Hope you, Kitty and your human have a nice Sunday……I’m off to London tomorrow to track that nasty evil Mr. Chirpy with Kozmo. Again. An FBI agent’s work is never done.

      Your BFC Sam


    • Oh dear. Why do they do things like “discontinue” things our cats love? Sam had only eaten ONE kind of dry cat food for his entire life until two years ago when Friskies quit making it. I had a heck of a time finding SOMETHING Sam would eat. Maybe you can find something comparable in the sausage treat department for that ginger ninja of yours!!



  8. Dear Sammy
    Me LOVES ice cream and whipped cream and when we is in the boxes that moves, me goes nuts over jerky!
    Dear Sammy,
    Hmm, I like Lots of things, but you know, there is nothing like fresh backed chocolate chip cookie crumbs! And I love bacon too!
    See you in London Buddy


    • Good Morning Nellie and Koz! Nellie, I’m going to have to try whipped cream – there are other kitties who answered that too – it MUST be yummy! Kozmo – got my bags packed and I’m ready to continue tracking the evil Mr. Chirpy in London. See you there!!

      Happy Sunday!


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