Many Thanks (and I DO mean many!)


I am such a lucky cat.  I have made so many truly great friends since I began blogging.   My Mom and I want to pass on some majorly huge hugs to two of our mostest favorite people for many reasons, so here goes!

First of all, we should have thanked Miss Caren of CAT CHAT a few days ago when she very kindly did an incredible book review for Mom’s new kids short story fable book called “Rainbow Forest Fables”.   It was an amazing review and Mom’s just tickled pink (imagine how funny she looks!!).  Here’s the review she wrote if you’d like to read it:

Secondly, we must thank our sweet friend Miss Dianna of These Days of Mine  for giving One Spoiled Cat blog (that’s ME!!!!) THREE new blog awards!  That’s right – THREE new ones!   They are:

Genuine Blogger Award

"Genuine" is a VERY nice thing to be!

The Genuine Blogger Award is way cool isn’t it?  It doesn’t have any “stipulations” to fulfill for acceptance so we’ll just post it in my BLING section!

Miss Dianna also awarded us the HUG Award!

Hug Award

What a NICE award - everybody needs a HUG (and hope!)

I love hugs and I think we should ALL have hope so this is a special award too.  All I have to do to accept this one is pass it on to at least one other blogger…..that will be easy (I’m passing it on to three other bloggers though):

Pedro the Cat – this is one of my best buddies.  Pedro the cowcat and I seem to be on the same wavelength (scary thought huh?).  He’s ever so much fun to follow and always up to something (like me). 

Cat Chat – Miss Caren and her cat Cody are special peeps!   They always have great tips, swell book reviews, funny stories and photos of the ever handsome Cody (!) and Miss Caren is involved in all sorts of great causes on behalf of animals. 

Cat From Hell – Nellie and Kozmo have become my friends recently and it’s Kozmo who is my “partner in crime prevention” with the Feline Bureau of Investigation (FBI).  Nellie is the Queen of the site though – and I’m sure is in fact Queen of her entire household!   They have lots of friends and I’m glad to be one of the “newer” ones!

And my third award is The Sunshine Award….and we cats love our sunshine puddles don’t we?!

Sunshine Blog Award

I love sunshine and I love this pretty award!

The Sunshine Award requires that I answer some questions so here we go!

Favorite Color:   Red!  (Mom’s fave is purple)

Favorite Animal:  Cats of course (Mom says “ditto”)

Favorite Number:  ONE because there’s just ONE cat in this household (Mom agrees)

Favorite non-alcoholic beverage:  Water (Mom likes milk best if you can believe it!!)

Prefer Facebook or Twitter?  I don’t have a PAGE on Facebook but Mom’s there – however she doesn’t “tweet” !!

My Passion:  NAPS!  (Mom’s are writing and painting and ME)

Prefer getting or giving presents? Getting of course!  (Mom likes to GIVE best though)

Favorite pattern:  Tiger stripes  (Mom likes quilting patterns)

Favorite day of the week:  Any day my Mom’s home (Mom says her favorite is Wednesday which is grocery shopping day!)

Favorite flower:  Mom and I both like roses bestest!

Wow…..this is a blog blog huh?  Sorry about that but I’m just so excited about my new awards AND we wanted to properly thank Miss Caren for the super fabulous book review for Mom’s book.  Mom was at a big book fair in Lumberton, NC last weekend and sold a lot of copies of “Rainbow Forest Fables” so it was nice to have such a super review of the book so she could “brag” at the event.  Tee Hee

Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe I’m due for a nap.  It’s exhausting posting all this stuff.

Sam Sleeping on Mom's Lap

I'm dreaming about awards....LOTS of them!

Until tomorrow gang! 

Sammy, One Happy Blogger…………….

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    • Hi Sundae! Are you still wearing your “Nurse Sundae” costume? Tee Hee I hope you have a happy nappy day while your Mom’s out and about. Try not to get into trouble now!

      Love, Sammy


  1. Congratulations, Sammy! I love your blog – and I am currently reading one of your Mom’s books – The Mystery of David’s Bridge – so I know she is a good writer! I am so hoping to get to meet her one day…maybe in our travels! Anyway, enjoy your naps…I have been under the weather the last few days, so I have had lots of them. I could get used to napping! I think you have the right idea!

    Hugs, Linda


    • Hi Miss Linda….sorry you’re not feeling well – hope you’re better REALLY soon though! Mom says she hopes you like that mystery novel of hers – it’s officially an “oldie” now I think…hahaha. Congratulations to YOU too for your own set of pretty blogging awards!

      Kitty Hugs (everybody needs a hug when they don’t feel good! :()


  2. Aloha, Sammy! Wow – you’ve got a lot going on today. Congrats to you on your new awards (you’ll have so much bling now!) and to your mom for a successful book fair. And thanks so much for awarding me the HUG Award. You made my day a little brighter! Sending a head bump your way!


    • Head bumps right back atcha Pedro! Mom and I love following your adventures AND may we say how kind and generous it was of you and your human to send some goodies to Lemony’s shelter for Sox and company? DOUBLE HEAD BUMPS for that buddy.

      Your BFC Sammy


    • Thank you Nerissa! I’m pleased as punch (whatever that means – Mom says it). It’s nice to have lots of super good friends and I’m so glad that YOU are one of them!!!!!

      Kitty Hugs


  3. First, congratulations on your awards! Second, what a wonderful review Pam – that whole book thing has got to be so exciting for a writer! And lastly, would you be interested in doing all my grocery shopping for me? I’ll even let you pick the day.


    • HA! First, thanks for the congratulations and yes it’s quite a lot of fun going to book events/signings, etc. and networking with other authors. Lots of fun. Lastly, as much as I adore grocery shopping (well – mostly I adore eating) and as much as I love you as a friend, I’m going to pass on that shopping for you thing. Why? Well, something tells me those fresh veggies wouldn’t be so fresh by the time the horse-drawn wagon got to your front door – know what I mean? But THANKS for thinking of me…..really. 😉



  4. Awwww Mom and I are just beside ourselves with your incredibly KIND blog post and our award! Thank you for the HUG!! Ohhhh yes we can sure use one!

    CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR AWARDS!! Soooo many of them!

    We think the world of you and are honored to have you and Sammy as our friends!!! You know we LOVE YOU!!!!

    Love, Cody and Mom


    • Happy Hugging Cody and Caren!! We know you need a hug – your Mom because she’s under the weather and you, Cody, because you’re taking care of her (with Dakota’s help I’m sure). Thanks for the congrats……we’re pretty “pumped” about them ourselves!!

      Love and Kitty Hugs,
      Sammy (and his Mom)


  5. Oh Sammy!
    Me is so honored that yous give me a HUG award! Me is just tickled that yous would give it to me.
    Mommy says me has to share?!?!?!
    Me don’t share! Oh, Ok, me guesses me should cuz Kozmo has been adventuring with yous…
    Hugs Back


    • Hi Island Cats! Thanks for the congrats on the awards. We think it’s pretty darned pawsome too…’s nice someone thought enough about us to give us ONE award, much less THREE of them. MEOW!

      Kitty Hugs and thanks for visiting me!!


    • Hi Isobel…..hope the foot is getting better and better so you can keep up with that ginger ninja of yours! That’s one of my favorite Sammy nap shots…he just looks so sweet.



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