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Seeing Double?


Happy Saturday!  I’m letting Mom take over again just like I SAID I would earlier this week…….Isobel of IsobelandCat suggested that Mom tell a bit about some of her past kitty cats.  Today, Mom’s going to tell you about someone who looks JUST LIKE ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi All….thanks for the intro Sam.   Sam and I were going through photos looking for likely Tuesday Teasers for next week and I came across this photo of a sweet and darling cat named Charli who owned me many years ago.

Sam and Charli would have made a cute couple!

Charli was a cat I who was with me through some big changes in my life.   I adopted her from a home where their cat had a bunch of kittens and the owner was looking for homes for them.  A friend and I each adopted one!

They were VERY tiny little things and Charli was the only red tabby and the most active of the bunch so I took her home.  My husband at the time and I weren’t sure if the kitten was male or female (duh!) so we called it Charlie…….soon thereafter we found out SHE was a SHE so we decided to drop the “e” and just leave it Charli – short for Charlene.  This was back in the mid/early 80s. 

We were living in a rented house at the time – the first house we’d lived in vs. apartments so it was also our first YARD.  We also already had two other cats (I’ll tell about them another time) – Ricky and his sister Linda Sue.  Ricky was ALSO a ginger tabby and he and his sister were around five or six years old.  Both of them had always been indoor cats for obvious reasons living in apartments.

Charli would have NOTHING of being inside all the time……she insisted on exploring outside right from the start.  We had a screened door on the kitchen out into the fenced back yard and she’d climb the screen constantly and just hang there sniffing the smells of outdoors.  We decided to let her out in the yard and she loved it.  She stayed in the yard too amazingly enough.  There was one HUGE and very tall tree in the back yard and she decided to climb it one day – quickly – too quickly for us to catch her – and she climbed almost to the top of it and began screaming to get down.  LOUDLY.  She was way up there too!   My husband and I tried to coax her down over about an hour’s time to no avail.  I was scared to death that she’d just let go and fall and she was WAY up this tree……….she figured out that she could come down to a branch but she would come no further.  My husband climbed the tree – which was tough since there were very few branches…………….but he got her, tucked her into his jacket and down she came – still screaming!


She was always very adventurous and that got her into trouble once……..we had eventually moved from that house into another house closer to the hospital where I worked.  Charli wore a bell on her collar and we’d formed the habit of my shaking a bell out the door and she’d respond to the sound by coming home from WHEREVER she was.  She ALWAYS did this – for years.   This house had a higher fence than the last but she figured out a way to climb it and go over the fence and explore the neighborhood. 


One day I rang the bell and Charlie didn’t come……and didn’t come……and I went out looking for her with my bell.  I walked everywhere and called her……..nothing……….eventually I posted notices on all the phone poles, in the local library, called the local vets and shelters – NOTHING.  Then about a week later a miracle happened!


We had a “cat door” in a window in one of the unused bedrooms that Charli used to come and go.  I was watching television one night when all of a sudden there was Charli.  She hopped up on my legs and just stood there like nothing was wrong – staring at me……!!!  She had a minor limp and I’m thinking she’d been injured somehow and COULDN’T come home or someone took her in to care for her and she “escaped” and came home.  Anyway, I was so happy to see her………she was a very loving, happy, creative, funny, sweet girl and when her time to go to the Rainbow Bridge came, I thought life would never be the same. 


We always do, don’t we……….think things will never be the same…..but then we find another little soul to take care of that needs US as much as we need THEM.


So that’s the story of little Charli………..who looks so much like Sam it’s amazing!!

Pam (thanks Sammy…’re a pal for loaning me your blog space!)

The Bling’s The Thing!


The ABC Blogging Award
Guess what!  I got another award for my humble little blog….that’s right – more bling for Sammy (and his Mom).  Our wonderful friend Dianna from These Days of Mine passed the award to us and it’s called The Awesome Blog Content Award or “ABC”.  That turns out to be significant because guess what we’re supposed to do when we accept it???  We have to list 26 things about ourselves using the letters of the alphabet!  No big deal you say?  I beg your pardon because me and Mom had a heck of a time doing it BUT we gave it our best!   Mom’s responses are first and mine are second (as if I had to tell you)……

A    Arthritic (yeah, that’s me – Pam!)    Adorable (need we say that’s Sam???)

B   Balanced (although my husband might disagree)  Beggar (Sam can get ANYTHING he wants with a wink of his eye!)

C  Cataholic (tee hee – obviously Pam) Cuddily (Sam loves to cuddle – on his own terms of course!)

D   Devoted (I am devoted to my friends and family and always have been)  Dangerous (Sam’s FBI caper with Kozmo has given him a FAT head!)

E   Easygoing (I am and always have been a go with the flow kind of girl) Extra-Toed (Sammy’s proud to be a polydactyl!)

F   Funny (I’m horrible at telling jokes but I CAN be funny!)   Floofy (Sammy has nice floofy fur on his belly)

G   Giving (I love, love, love to give presents/surprises to people!)  Ginger!  (we all know Sam’s a ginger boy – nice and red)

H   Happy (’nuff said!)   Happy (just like his Mommy!)

I   Interested (I’m interested in all kinds of things – and try to learn something new every single day)  Inquisitive  (Sam loves to explore – cupboards, closets, under beds, in boxes….very inquisitive guy)

J   June (not an adjective but I am a JUNE – it’s my middle name!)  Jolly (can a cat be Jolly?  Sam seems to be most of the time!)

K   Klutzy (I bump into furniture, trip over rugs, run into walls…get the picture??)  Kissy  (Sam’s a little lover…licking my face is a big old kiss)

L   Limping (yep – some leg surgery left me with a bit of a limp….no big deal!)   Loving  (that’s my Sammy!)

M   Mystery Lover  (wrote one mystery novel which was published – love to read mysteries too!)   Millenium Baby (Sam’s birthday 1/1/00)

N   Napper (often I’ll fall asleep with Sam on my lap in my recliner….ten minutes of shut eye gives me a new lease on life!  LOL)  Napper  (ditto what Mom said!!!!)

O   Over Sixty (Sam says I’m older than dirty but I’m really not QUITE 65 yet)  Ornery  (Sam is Mr. Stubborn – totally)

P   Painter (I love to do oil paintings from my own photographs)   Polydactyl   (Sammy and his extra claws on his front paws!)

Q   Quilt Lover (have a house full of them…including many my sister has made)  Quadruped (4-legged Sammy!)

 Retired (Halleluja!)   Rescued (from a County Shelter)

S   Sounding Board (have always been that for my friends and family)  Senior  (Sammy’s 12 so officially a “Senior”)

T   Travel Crazy (love travel)  Tidy  (what? A tidy cat? Sam returns his toys to his toy box usually)

U   Understanding (always try to see the other side or at least LISTEN to it!)  Unique (Sam is truly unique among my other cat children)

V   Vivacious  (that’s me – spunky to a fault!)  Vigilant (Sam patrols windows and doors constantly looking for intruders!)

W   Writer (blogs, short stories, novels, poetry – whatever)  Watcher (Sam loves to watch people doing things AND loves to watch out the window for birds, squirrels, etc.)

Xanthous (which means fair-haired….and if you count the gray hairs as “fair” then I qualify!!)   X-cited (OK so we cheated on that one – try to come up with an X for Sammy!)

Y   Young At Heart (and I intend to stay that way until I die!)  Yogurt Lover (Sam adores fruited yogurt…especially blueberry and strawberry)

Z   Zesty  (I’ve got a REAL zest for life)  Zen-like(I swear he goes into some kind of zen state when he’s sitting very still with his eyes closed!)

So there you have it….no small feat…..tough to come up with 26 things for me and my Mom but we put our heads together and did it!  WOW.  Now – how about I pass this one to a few of my blogging buddies????  You can pass it on to up to TEN blogs but I’m doing just four.  Don’t feel obligated to accept and go through the agony challenge of the list BUT give it a try if you can.  It’s fun.

Savannah’s Paw Tracks

Pedro The Cat

Cat From Hell

Nerissa’s Life

Ta Da!  I love all the blogs I follow and who follow me but just picked these four to pass the award on to.  If you’re not “into” awards, that’s fine – if you are – proudly post a new one on your blog!!!

Kitty Hugs from ME……Sammy!

Squirrel-Proof??? Says Who?!


Back Garden

Howdy Everybody!  It’s THURSDAY already….!

I’ve GOT to tell you about our so-called squirrel-proof bird feeders in the back yard.  Just to the left of the big tree you see a dark green blob – well that’s one of our two squirrel-proof feeders.  It sits atop a metal pole that’s about five feet tall with a hook on top.  I think our squirrels have become smarter the longer we’ve had the feeders because at first, they were content to eat whatever the birds knocked out of the feeders when they visited to eat.  Once ina while a squirrel would try to climb the pole but they couldn’t. 

In the last couple of years though I swear our squirrels have been working out at the squirrel gym or something…..they’re bigger – stronger – more muscles in their arms and legs….maybe they’re into weightlifting at the squirrel gym?   They’ve figured out all kinds of ways to get at the feeders.  They leap over to the top of the feeder from that big tree (sometimes they miss and fly right over which makes me giggle but don’t tell them I said that) – or they briefly touch the top and slide off the slanted roof.  They have learned HOW to climb the pole now – all legs wrapped around and they scooch up just like people do when they’re climbing a rope.   It’s hilarious. 

But the funniest thing is when the metal pole is wet – from rain or heavy dew.   It’s too slippery to climb……but they try – and they get about a foot or two off the ground with their scooching technique then can’t go further so they slide slooooooooooooooooooowly down to the ground and try again ……… and again …………. and again ……….. and again ……… and – well you get the picture!  And I bet you can see why Mom and I sit and watch them out the living room window and laugh (YES cats can laugh!!!!).  

These are BIG squirrels – thanks to my Mom’s sunflower seeds and the squirrel gym they look FIT.  Would I dare try to scare them off from the feeders?  Heck no!   Do I sit and watch and keep my mouth shut from INSIDE the house only and not outside?  You betcha. 

So much for squirrel-proof feeders………but it’s 100 times more interesting and fun to watch than ANYTHING on TV…… trust me!

Sammy the Squirrel Watcher

Two Tuesday Teaser Winners


Mystery Photo 5 Boy oh boy this one had you (well almost all of you) fooled!  When Mom and Dad were trying to come up with a good “hint” for me to tell you yesterday, they thought maybe just seeing the shot of the cobblestone streets and the shoreline would already be a good hint – for anyone who’d been there anyway! 

Looks like they were right!!  Lots of people’s guesses were SOOOO CLOSE too – Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard, Maine – but two people guessed the right island.  What was the right answer? 


Who guessed right on the money?   

Dianna and her kitty Sundae from These Days of Mine


Savannah and her parents from Savannah’s Paw Tracks

A big CONCATULATIONS to the winners and a super large-size kitty hug from your friend the BIG TEASE on Tuesdays, Sammy Kimmell!!

Hopefully I can find another goodie for you for NEXT Tuesday.  Meanwhile, Happy Wednesday everybody and thanks for playing along on the Tuesday Teaser.

Your Friend Sam


Tuesday Teaser Time!


OK gang…’s another one for you.  Obviously my parents were on the water somewhere but where?   Your hint is:

They were on an island off the East Coast of the United States

Mystery Photo 5

Sorry it’s “crookedy”……I’m not very good lining stuff up on the scanner – you’d think with extra claws on my front paws I’d be better wouldn’t you???

I know – it’s not a very big hint is it…….but maybe if you study the photos you can pick up MORE hints……OR at least you’ll have some fun trying to figure it out I hope!!

Tomorrow – Tuesday Teaser answer………good luck!!

Kitty Hugs, Sammy The Tease