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This Time Next Week!

Book 'Em Logo

If you can attend this next Saturday, Feb. 25th you can meet my Mom!

This time next week I’ll be excited because my Mom will be coming back home from a book fair in Lumberton, NC.  She’s going with my Auntie Carol and they leave Friday, February 24th and drive back home here to Virginia on February 26th. 

Here’s the website for the event in case you’d like some details…..

My Mom’s good friend and author p.m.terrell organized this event in her town of Lumberton.  She and her volunteers from the community got lots of sponsorships and support lined up and this is going to be an awesome event.  Everyone is excited about it down there.  Cool huh?

Mom’s taking three of her books to sell:  “The Mystery of David’s Bridge” which is her mystery novel, “Pink Jasper” which is a book she wrote with five other ladies a few years ago, and her latest book for children which is “Rainbow Forest Fables” – remember I helped her take the photo for the cover??

Rainbow Forest Fables Cover

My Mom's first kiddies book! (that's KIDDIES not KITTIES !)

Will I miss my Mom?  You betcha…………am I proud of my Mom?  You betcha…….will Daddy and I be “bachelor boys” while she’s away?  You betcha – Daddy promised to play with me and let me have lap naps with him and generally spoil me as much as Mom does.  Tee Hee

Sam With Tootsie Roll Pop

I promise I'll be good while you're gone Mom....honest.....!

Hope you all have a happy Sunday!  We might be getting some snow – or maybe rain – or maybe both…who cares…Mom’s lap will be available until next Friday……


Book ‘Em NC

Spring Fever

Sam grazing on the grass

What a great day for nibbling the grass and catching some "rays" !

What a pretty day it was yesterday!  The sun was out, there wasn’t much of a breeze, and there was no sign of the mean old cat from next door to bug me so I asked “pretty please” to go out.  It was great.  The grass isn’t really growing yet so it was tough finding a few long blades but I did so I was able to have my “greens”!  Mom sat on the front porch and kept an eye out for me while I went down the sidewalk checking for anything edible……I got to the driveway by the garage and the UPS guy’s noisy old brown truck came down the main road and stopped – then turned up MY driveway!  That’s when I high-tailed it back to my porch with Mom running behind me.  She knows how much I hate company and when I see anyone coming up my driveway – it’s time to go hide!!!    Mom and I came inside quickly and I went to my safe place in the basement while she looked out the window and sure enough he had stopped about a third of the way up – and backed back down (wrong address I suppose). 

That was about the extent of the excitement around here on Friday.  Other than of course the “MONSTER”  (Mom’s vacuum cleaner) was on the loose because it was housecleaning day…..

Anyway, being outside on such a pretty day makes me remember that it won’t be long before I’ll be asking to go outside a LOT more because spring will be here.  Mom will be planting stuff in the gardens and the grass will be growing just right for my snacking and birds will be building nests so there will be lots to watch from my various perch locations in the house. 

However – before we get to all of that, we have to finish winter and the weather guy says Sunday we could get a BIG dose of winter.  He’s not sure yet (of course) but we could get anywhere from an inch to a foot of snow.  Good grief!   I guess I’ll be thinking back to today and how nice it was to at least THINK about spring……………….sigh………………

Happy Saturday Peeps!




Eating Out/Eating In

Sammy Having Breakfast

Humans go OUT to eat....I prefer staying IN to eat!!

TGIF!  Thought I’d get my blogging done early before the MONSTER comes out of the closet – it’s cleaning day around here you know! 

Last night my parents went out to dinner.  It was a Valentine’s Day dinner at their favorite restaurant.  They decided to wait a couple of days AFTER Valentine’s Day to go because the restaurant is very popular and probably was packed for the occasion.  Last night – it wasn’t!   I don’t see why humans like to go out to eat but they do, and sometimes I get some benefits from it – like last night…..

When my parents got home, Mom had a little surprise for me.  She’d had a shrimp appetizer and guess what she put in her purse for me to have????!!!!  No – it wasn’t a roll (haha) it was two nice big juicy shrimp!  She whacked them up into small pieces and I had them gobbled up before Mom could say “SAMMY YOU PIG!!”. 

If Mom is cooking something for dinner once in a while that involves shrimp – I can be in the basement sound asleep and if I smell shrimp – I’m IN THE KITCHEN……dancing around her feet……..asking pretty please for a taste in my most adorable squeaky voice.  She can’t resist….if I don’t know my Mom by now and how to get my way, I’d be a hopeless failure at begging.  HAHAHAHAHA 😉

Still, I love my kitty cat food…….and my little blue ceramic bowl, and my plastic “in case I spill” mat…..AND especially my Mom for thinking of me when she and Dad are out to dinner and she sneaks a treat home for me!   

Sammy the Shrimp Lover

Thursday’s Chores

Sam snoozing in Mom and Dad's bed

Hey Mom....can you wait until I finish up this TEENY WEENY nap before you take the sheets off to do the laundry???? PLEEEEEEZE!

Hi Peeps!  Happy Thursday.  Well, I know the routine around this house pretty darn well by now – I should right?  I mean it’s been TWELVE years that I’ve lived here.  I know what happens regularly around here each day of the week.  Today is “Mom changes the sheets and does laundry” day.  Well, before she moved in for the big event, I decided to curl up and make myself comfy while she was downstairs making coffee.  How could she possibly come back up here and make me move when I look so – well – CUTE?

The only GOOD thing about changing the sheets day is sometimes (and granted this is one of those unpredictible things she does!) she will put the fresh, clean, just out of the dryer sheets BACK on the bed instead of putting on a new set.  I know it’s one of “those” Thursdays because she doesn’t immediately put a new set on before she goes to the laundry room.  That’s my cue for keeping an eye on the dryer.  The minute those sheets are out of there and she’s taking them back upstairs – I’m right there on her heels…….racing for the bedroom……….hopping up on the bed………why?  Because the sheets are nice and WAAARRRRRM!!!!  

I know some of you kitties help your Mom to make the bed – you’ve told me you like to “help”……isn’t laundry day just plain FUN?   

Your Pal Sammy

(p.s. Mom said she doesn’t find laundry day all that much “fun” ….. imagine that!)

Teaser Tell-All, Etc.

Sam Loves His Friends!

And the winners of the Tuesday Teaser photo guessing contest are.....(may I have the envelope please!)

Hi everyone!  Well I told you when I posted that Tuesday Teaser photo that it might be TOO EASY and I guess it was…..almost everyone who guessed was right!  Mom and Dad were on their honeymoon and were going from Paris to London on the final leg of their trip.  They had to take the Sea Link Ferry Boat from Calais, France to Dover, England and YES those are the White Cliffs of Dover.  BRAVO!  Here’s who guessed correctly:

Miss Ingrid from Conscious Cat

Miss D from The View Out Here

Miss Elsie of Nerissa’s Life

Miss Layla of Cat Wisdom 101

AND…….my friends Miss June and a new friend Miss Susan Mullen!

OOPS – this just in – last night after I went to bed, I had another winning guess from Nellie and Kozmo at Cat From Hell

You all ROCK…………I’ll try to make it more of a challenge next Tuesday – you guys are just too darn good! 😉

Now – I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day.  We did around my house.   My parents exchanged little presents (flowers for Mom and a goodie bag of stuff for Dad) and cards of course…..and I gave Dad my card too.  What did they get for me?  Well, I got a brand new piece of RED tissue for my tissue collection (stolen from Dad’s goodie bag by yours truly)…..and the way way cool curly ribbon thing from the outside of the bag (also stolen by yours truly).  I also got some brand new treats which I didn’t like (I tried to bury them in the carpet).  I also got to take lots of great naps ALLLLLLLLLLL day including several on Mom’s legs while she read a book.  My parents are planning to go out to dinner but not tonight – their favorite restaurant is always crazy busy on Valentine’s Day so they’re going to go Thursday after the place gets back to normal.

SO – it was a grand day……..and thanks to everyone for playing Tuesday Teaser.  Oh – and also thanks to all of you who sent me special Valentine’s Day greetings – – – I love you too!

Sammy – still feeling the love!!!  🙂

Valentines and Teasers!

Sam's Valentine's Day Card

I hope you all have a super special day......!

So – first things first my friends…….HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!!!!!  Thanks for being my buddies – both human and non-human (you know which category you’re in) and following my blog.  I love following yours too!

Everyone asked me if I’d still have a Tuesday Teaser even though it was Valentine’s Day and the answer is OF COURSE I AM!!!!!!  Now – let me start by saying I think this one might be TOO EASY but the other two haven’t been so easy………I’m being extra nice because it’s Valentine’s Day. 

So here’s your teaser…….only hints I’ll give you are that Mom took this photo on her honeymoon.  So there.  That’s it.  Now put on your thinking caps and let me know where you think this was taken way back in September of 1990???  Huh??????

Mystery Photo #3

Where in the world was this photo taken??

I hope this one wasn’t too easy…….you guys are pretty darn good at Tuesday Teasers.

Happy Valentine’s Day again everybody…….BIG HUGS AND KISSES.

Sammy the LOVE machine!! 😉

Don’t Dare Forget!



Happy Monday Peeps!

I’m SURE you aren’t going to forget what tomorrow is BUT just in case, you’d better put your thinking caps on today and come up with the purrrfect way to celebrate Valentine’s Day because it’s tomorrow!

There’s lots of ways you can show someone how much you love them.  Here are some of my favorite ways to show my parents that I care:

  • Leave one of my special toys on Mom or Dad’s chair or on their bed – they know that means “I love you enough to trust you with one of my favorite things!”
  • Follow Mom everywhere she goes to the point that she almost trips over me all day long – then the minute she sits I hop up on her lap
  • Watch Dad when he’s working in the garage – I sit on top of one car while he works on the other (being companionable you know!)
  • When Mom and Dad get home from an errand or a trip or just being out of the house for a while, I greet them at the door to welcome them home

Those are “every day” kinds of says to say I LOVE YOU, but tomorrow being Valentine’s Day calls for something special.   Make sure you get a romantic Valentine’s Day card (or make one – that’s even better!), or write a poem to your sweetie, or make a reservation for dinner at a favorite place – whatever you do, it’s all about making that “someone special” in your life FEEL THE LOVE!  Of course we do that every day in our own way, but on Valentine’s Day – it’s one day a year when you say it or show it in a SPECIAL way. 

So, happy shopping – see you tomorrow morning!

Sammy, Your Valentine’s Reminder Service Representative

It Was A Cold and Windy Night……


Sounds like the beginning of a mystery or thriller novel doesn’t it?  Well, what it ACTUALLY is, is a perfect description of what it was like around here last night.  Super cold and very high winds ALL NIGHT LONG.  Mom agreed with me that it was a whole lot like the last time we had a hurricane through here (only without the rain).  It reminded us too of the awful tornado that we had some years ago.  EEEK. 

Catnapping on the couch

Good Morning Mom.....rough night huh? I couldn't sleep either!

Since we live at the edge of a woods and we’re on top of a hill, we get some pretty “noisy” winds.  If it’s windy the big oaks bend and creak and branches rub on each other – not to mention all the dead limbs that break off and land in our yard and on our roof!  It’s nerve-racking!  Mom and Dad have their bedroom on the top floor so they hear stuff hitting the roof better than I do on the lower floors.  That’s why I wasn’t up there with them last night – I hung out mostly in the basement where it’s quiet. 

Once last night when the wind was at its’ worst though, I came upstairs and hopped up on the bed just to do a quick check on them.  Mom was awake and gave me some pets and I cuddled with her for about thirty seconds (!!)  then I hopped back down and continued my patrol of the rest of the house.  She says she didn’t sleep much last night so I’m thinking there will be some napping going on around my house today.

The wind has died down a little bit……..but it’s still super cold.  We had a nice fire in the fireplace last night and today – probably again.  We’ve been so lucky this winter so far with weather…..and you can get wind ANY time of the year – but somehow when the wind is howling and the trees are creaking and the electricity is flickering off and on you just get the feeling you’re living IN a scary mystery novel!!!  

I hope you have a peaceful Sunday…….I know I’m just hoping for a QUIET one myself.


Special Agent Sammy

Sammy's FBI Badge

Agent Sam's my name....solving mysteries is my game!

How cool is this?  I’m now an official Feline Bureau Investigation special agent.  I’ll be able to use my talent for solving mysteries gained through years of helping Mom write her mystery novel which was published a few years ago with MY help.  I’ll also be able to help solve mysteries like “where’s Dad’s other sock??”…..or “where did I put that new mouse toy?”…..or even “who is that cat that crossed through my front yard every morning?”. 

How did I join up?  Well, I met some new friends at Cat From Hell.  There’s Penelope (known as Nellie), her brother Kozmo, and two dogs Nellie calls “Big Slobbery Sisters”.  Kozmo’s the FBI agent and all I had to do was sent an email to him and in return I got this FABULOUS badge!!  I’m so excited.  Ever since Mom wrote her book “The Mystery of David’s Bridge” I’ve secretly wanted to be a special agent – sneaking around and spying is one of my specialties.  I love to keep an eye on things – I should be purrrrrrfect for this job.

If you scroll down on Cat From Hell’s blog to the post where Kozmo talks about one of his mystery-solving adventures, you’ll see how exciting it is to join up and help to solve crimes.  You can get your OWN FBI badge and give Kozmo a hand when he needs it. 

I’m thinking maybe in addition to the beret I would like to have for Christmas this year, I might consider asking for a “Sam Spade” type fedora too.  A guy has to have an image if he’s a special agent right? 

Sammy Kimmell, Agent 00.8

My Little Red Wagon

Sam's Wagon

Some cats have a toybox....I have a toy WAGON!

Those of you who have followed me for a while have seen this picture before….but since Mom and I cleaned it out recently (well…sort of) I’m reposting the photo.  Also, lots of other kitties who blog have talked lately about their toys and so I thought I’d show my wagon off again!

Mom and Dad saw this “mini Radio Flyer” in the window of a hardware store in some little town they visited and bought it for ME!  They thought since I love to ride around in cardboard boxes (being pulled by a string) I would really like to ride in a little wagon.  However, I didn’t like the noise the wheels made on the floor SO it became one of my toyboxes.  Let me give you a tour……..

That super fluffy thing on top is a fake foxtail that Mom got for me at a car show in Carlisle, Pennsylvania some years ago – boy is it fun to wrestle around on the floor with that sometimes!  In front on the floor is a yellow whistle and I like to drag it around by the ribbon because it makes a funny noise.  Then piled around outside and inside are lots of stuffed toys…..stuffed mice, bears, fish, birds – lots of stuffed stuff ;).  The wand thing in the back is pretty cool.  It has a long piece of flannel attached to the end and Mom and I play with that on the stairs sometimes.

In the front on the right you see a cat.  Guess what THAT is?!  It’s my kitty cat bank.  It’s made out of metal and it’s got a hole in the top for pennies.  That’s where I have my savings account.  Mom puts pennies in it for me and I’m saving up for a beret like Sprocket and Chun’s on The Miao Chronicles – except maybe a green one instead of red and blue like theirs!!  Of course if Santa brings me one this coming Christmas then I can spend my savings on something else exciting…..perhaps a Hawaiian vacation to visit my friend Pedro.  I’ve always wanted to learn to surf. 😀

So there you have it……..a tour of my toybox/toy wagon….now that doesn’t show you the pile of current favorites I have stashed on top of my tissue collection in the living room.  Nor does it show you the toy basket upstairs or the toy basket in the basement……yeah, I know…..I hear ya….you’re saying “that’s one spoiled cat!”…….. Yep – you got that right………. tee hee

Happy Friday!  (and Happy Birthday to my Uncle Mike)