President’s Day

Sammy the President

Happy President's Day!

It’s another holiday here in the US of A.  President’s Day.  Just another excuse for the mail service not to deliver mail.  Just another excuse for the stores to have ridiculous sales and cause traffic jams at every Mall. 

Humbug.   However, I must say, I look rather splendid behind the podium don’t you think?  Gives me an idea…….since people are having a tough time deciding on who to vote for in the next election – what about:


Oh – wait a minute – that means that I actually have to manage the government????  NEVER MIND. 

Anyway, those of you who get to celebrate President’s Day by not having to work…….enjoy!

Sammy (just plain old regular Sammy the Cat)

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  1. Goodness, Sammy: you look SO official. First an FBI agent and now the President!! WOW.
    No President’s Day shopping for my family today. Motor Mommy has to be fitted for a crown – a dental one, not one for her head! If she needs a little TLC this afternoon when she gets home, I will be right there: Nurse Sundae.
    Have a good Monday – Love, Sundae


    • Oh Sundae I bet you’ll look adorable in a nurse’s uniform (hubba hubba). I’m sure you’ll take super good care of your Mom after she gets home from the yucky old dentist. So you like my Presidential photo huh? I’m thinking it would just be way way way too much trouble to try and run this country so I’m rethinking that whole thing. Besides, it would interfere with my FBI work…..a guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do!

      Love, Sammy


  2. Well, Sammy, you certainly couldn’t do much more harm! I think you look quite handsome behind the podium – but managing the government would be even worse than teaching pre-school, I think! Leave it to the ones who like it…
    Have a great day – at least you do’t have to worry about someone coming to deliver a package today!

    Hugs, Linda


    • Hi Miss Linda! Thanks for the compliment but I do think I’d have looked better in this photograph if my hair had been RED instead of BROWN. I agree – taking care of this country is a bit out of my “scope”….I think I’ll stick with my FBI work and taking care of my parents….PERIOD.

      Kitty Hugs


  3. Aloha, Sammy! You look very official standing at the podium, although I have to agree that you should have red hair. You remind me a bit of The Donald. 😀

    I hope you have a fabulous holiday, even though I know you’ll be working hard to keep your parents in line!


    • Aloha Pedro! Yeah – I definitely think that photo would look better with my natural color vs. that brown stuff plopped on my head! The only thing about The Donald that I wish I had wouldn’t be his hair but I sure wouldn’t mind having his MONEY! Tee Hee – then I could come visit you and learn to surf!

      Happy Monday!
      Your BFC Sam


  4. You do look handsome behind that podium, Sammy!!! But I agree about running the government. Besides you have a full-time job managing your household AND your FBI duties!! You wouldn’t have time!


    • You’re right Miss June………and considering the state of things, government-wise, it would be a whole lot of work wouldn’t it??? I’m sticking with being an FBI agent and taking care of my parents. That’s enough for one spoiled cat!

      Kitty Hugs


  5. Shoot! That’s right…no mail delivery and just this very minute I sent Jake (who’s on “Mid-Winter Break”) down to the mailbox to leave a bill payment for pick up! Here he comes back…lol. He’s gonna kill me.
    Happy Presidents Day!


    • Uhoh Miss D…..something tells me Jake will be forgiving you for that trek down to the mailbox….I expect he’d do ANYTHING for his Mom just like I would!!!!!

      Happy Prez’s Day to you too!
      Hugs, Sammy


  6. Dear Sammy,
    Wes is having a holiday too! Its called “Winter is too long in the Great White North so we are giving yous a day off Day”.
    Um Nellie, Mommy here, It’s called Family Day!
    Me thinks yous would make a great President, however, yous right, ruling a household and the FBI is a lot of work for a cat!


    • Hi Nellie….I have thought long and hard (well, hard anyway) about the Presidential thing and I’ve decided that if I’m going to pursue my Feline Bureau of Investigation career, I just won’t have time to be in charge of this place TOO. Besides – it’s lonely at the top so they say.

      Happy Family Day!


    • Hi Cody! Thanks for the vote of confidence – it’s probably the ONLY vote I’d get of ANY kind! HAHAHAHAHA I do like that slogan suggestion though….Catnip for All would certainly bring in the feline vote huh?

      Happy Prez’s Day
      Your Pal Sam


      • 😦 Wait a minute – do you really think your BFC wouldn’t vote Sammy for Prez??? I’m hurt… Except that you’re right, I wouldn’t. ‘Cuz I’m not old enough yet. But Kitty will be 18 for the elections, and I know she’d vote for you.


        • Oh Pedro, I’m SURE you would have voted for me had I run for the oval office – I decided though to stick with the rectangular litterbox instead. Running this country would have given me a huge headache. I’m sticking with what I know how to do for sure – running this household!

          Your BFC Sam


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