Teaser Tell-All, Etc.

Sam Loves His Friends!

And the winners of the Tuesday Teaser photo guessing contest are.....(may I have the envelope please!)

Hi everyone!  Well I told you when I posted that Tuesday Teaser photo that it might be TOO EASY and I guess it was…..almost everyone who guessed was right!  Mom and Dad were on their honeymoon and were going from Paris to London on the final leg of their trip.  They had to take the Sea Link Ferry Boat from Calais, France to Dover, England and YES those are the White Cliffs of Dover.  BRAVO!  Here’s who guessed correctly:

Miss Ingrid from Conscious Cat

Miss D from The View Out Here

Miss Elsie of Nerissa’s Life

Miss Layla of Cat Wisdom 101

AND…….my friends Miss June and a new friend Miss Susan Mullen!

OOPS – this just in – last night after I went to bed, I had another winning guess from Nellie and Kozmo at Cat From Hell

You all ROCK…………I’ll try to make it more of a challenge next Tuesday – you guys are just too darn good! 😉

Now – I hope you all had a great Valentine’s Day.  We did around my house.   My parents exchanged little presents (flowers for Mom and a goodie bag of stuff for Dad) and cards of course…..and I gave Dad my card too.  What did they get for me?  Well, I got a brand new piece of RED tissue for my tissue collection (stolen from Dad’s goodie bag by yours truly)…..and the way way cool curly ribbon thing from the outside of the bag (also stolen by yours truly).  I also got some brand new treats which I didn’t like (I tried to bury them in the carpet).  I also got to take lots of great naps ALLLLLLLLLLL day including several on Mom’s legs while she read a book.  My parents are planning to go out to dinner but not tonight – their favorite restaurant is always crazy busy on Valentine’s Day so they’re going to go Thursday after the place gets back to normal.

SO – it was a grand day……..and thanks to everyone for playing Tuesday Teaser.  Oh – and also thanks to all of you who sent me special Valentine’s Day greetings – – – I love you too!

Sammy – still feeling the love!!!  🙂

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  1. Wow! The White Cliffs of Dover! Guess that was pretty obvious. Oh well, maybe next time…Glad you had a fun filled day. I had a most wonderful day – lunch with some old friends (the friends aren’t old – just the friendships!), and received my hug from your mom, delivered by one of our mutual friends…wow, that’s a lot of friendship stuff going on! Anyway, I had a great day too – hugs back to you and your mom. Have a great day today and don’t forget to nap whenever you can!

    Love, Linda


    • Hi Miss Linda! I heard about your happy day with Miss Dianna and the other ladies and I’m so glad you got your hug from my Mommy. Thanks for the hug back too. We are always “up” for hugs around here! Have a super day today.

      Love, Sammy


  2. Hi, Sammy,
    Sounds like it was a fun day at your house! Red tissue: wow! What a great Valentine’s gift for you!
    I had quite a surprise yesterday – and not a good one. I’m sure your Mom will read all about it. Things are calming down a bit now, though.
    Enjoy the post holiday rest and relaxation today.I know I will!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae…yep I heard about those UFOs that invaded your house! I hate them too. Humans don’t understand how we just like things to STAY the way they are huh? Anyway, today will be a nice day of rest for you (and me) after yesterday’s big Valentine’s Day celebrations.

      Love, Sammy


    • I’m enjoying my tissue this morning…..Mom keeps sticking that curly red ribbon thing on my head and laughing. Hmm….good thing there’s no mirror around – I bet I wouldn’t be laughing!!!!

      Hugs, Sam


  3. Red Tissue and Curly Ribbon! What great valentines gifts! I did not get anything. Well, Queen Penelope did give me a whap. I am glad you had a fun day.
    Your partner in crime fighting
    Kozmo – 00.5


    • Awww Kozmo…well, you know you are loved anyway and Queen P. DID whap you which is better than not getting ANYTHING at all!! Did you catch Mr. Chirpy yet? Don’t forget, you have some other special agents at the ready if you need us!

      Sammy, 00.8 (over and out)


  4. Sounded like a great day for everyone! Funny about Sam trying to bury his treats in the carpet…saving them for later or flat out didn’t care for them? Too funny either way.
    Happy Wednesday…Can’t wait for next Tuesday!


  5. Sammy! I think we speak for ALL the readers when we say that WE love YOU thiiiiiiiis much !! (as your nice picture above) Still sending A LOT of love to you Sammy, and we indeed super excited for the move… Little inpatient actually!

    Many kitten hugs and love back!
    Pillow & Cookie


    • Hi Pillow and Cookie! Thanks for sending love right back….that makes me feel all warm inside!! Do you still have snow there? How about the place in France where you will be moving – do they get a lot of snow too?????

      Kitty Hugs and love


      • It actually snowed today and yesterday as well!! Not THAT much, but it sure looks cool these little white things falling from the sky, so we are sure we ALWAYS sit near the window to check it out! And where we’re moving there’s quite a lot of snow during winter – but either way our mom’s don’t let us go out…YET 😉


        • Well Pillow and Cookie – you’re much safer inside AND warmer too! When I was little I used to love going out in the snow – I’d follow in my Mom’s steps no matter how deep the snow was! These days it’s just too much trouble AND my tootsies get too cold so I prefer being INSIDE on a lap or on a cushion by the fireplace. I bet you guys are going to love your new home – well, let’s face it – anywhere your Moms are you’ll love being!!!

          Kitty Kisses, Sam


    • Oh that would be wonderful….we really enjoyed our trip to Ireland and hope to visit again. Looks like the next vacation will be a cruise on the Rhone though. Seems like you have had a wonderful time with Westie boy and the not-so-wee duo!



    • Pedro, thanks for the timely advice regarding ribbon consumption. So far, I’ve been entertaining myself by dragging it around hither and yon as it really doesn’t taste all that appetizing! Sure is fun to play with though!

      Your Pal Sam


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