Conversational Snow

Sam Closeup Lap

Huh? What'd you say Mom?

Mom and I had some cozy time (as usual) yesterday afternoon while we watched the snow coming down.  Mom said it was “conversational snow”……not much to go on and on about but worth a “mention” !!   It was funny though because it kept changing – – – sometime teeny tiny flakes you could barely see – then it changed to big, fat, juicy flakes – then a mixture of both – then all sleet.  Couldn’t make up its’ mind! 

It’s too dark to see outside yet this morning but I’m going to bet that when I CAN see out there, none of the snow stuck.  It had been in the 50’s the past several days and think that made the ground and stuff too warm for snow to stick.  (gee – I sound like a real weatherman huh??)

Yesterday about dinner time Dad made a big fire in the fireplace and since my tissue collection is on the rug in the middle of the room, I had a perfect spot to watch the fire from.  We just spent the evening watching TV together and of course I grabbed some ZZZZ’s and it was the PERFECT day. 

So what makes a perfect day for you??????

Your Pal Sammy


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  1. “Conversational snow”! I like that – and I think if I had to have snow, that’s the kind I would want! Glad you got to cosy up by the fire…I would love that, but our fireplace has a stove insert in it, and it just isn’t the same! As for my perfect day – a day in the sunshine, with the people I love, good food and my camera – sounds about right! Have a fun day, Sammy – keep everyone in line, okay? Hugs, Linda


    • Hi Miss Linda! We’re going to have more of that conversational stuff tomorrow night into Saturday but I’m with you – that’s the ONLY kind to have. Your perfect day sounds nice to me (although I might have a problem dragging a camera around)!!

      Happy Thursday from ME to YOU!
      Love, Sam


    • Hi Rumpy….your daycare place does sound like a fun place to be (for a dog of course). I used to play in the snow when I was little. Mom would walk around in funny circles and leave little trails for me to follow. It was a fun game. These days I watch the squirrels walking around out in the snow from my window perch – that’s close enough for me!! LOL

      Happy Thursday!


  2. Love that close-up shot of you, Sammy! Sounds like you and the folks had a purrfect day!
    My purrfect day: watching the birds, geese, rabbits, deer and ducks from my window seat, Motor Mommy giving me treats and TUMMY RUBS! Oh – and a blog post by my favorite guy-kitty!
    Hope today’s another purrfect day, Sam!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! I like the sound of your perfect day – you get to see a lot of kinds of wildlife I don’t see here by the woods – like geese and ducks AND swans – but we do get a lot of deer. Tummy rubs are nice too I agree. Thanks for putting my blogs on your list of “purrrrrfect day things” !!! You’re the BEST!

      Love, Sammy


  3. Haha! My perfect day is when I realized I’m still living and breathing when I open my eyes for the first time in the morning.

    What makes the day even more perfect is when I am in touch with a certain someone.


  4. I love big fat juicy snowflakes! They’re the prettiest. We’ve had so little snow this year it is frustrating. No enough for sledding!

    It sounds so comfy by your fire. Stay warm! I think a catnap makes a perfect day for me.


    • Ahhhhhhhhhhh yes!!! The wonderful catnap….obviously we cats “invented” the catnap and even humans succumb to the gloriousness of a catnap on occasion (at least my Mom and Dad do). It was nice by the fire yesterday and since they say we will have a similar “conversational snow” event tomorrow night AGAIN, I guess we’ll be doing the fire in the fireplace routine again. No complaints from me though!!

      Happy Napping


  5. Love the photo of you on that nice warm lap! It was gorgeous here after the snow, and the sun sparkling off all of it clinging to the branches made for a beautiful morning here in southeastern PA! But stupid me forgot to bring my camera. This would be a perfect snowy morning if I was in front of a fire instead of at work in front of a computer monitor!


    • Oh boy do I remember the days before I retired sitting at work at the computer looking at the snow (or sun!) and wishing I could be home to enjoy it. Our snow was gone by daylight here – but we’re expecting more tomorrow night along the lines of yesterday’s “conversational” type snow. Where are our cameras when we need them????!!!!! I agree…….mine’s always on a different floor of the house than where I feel inspired to use it. Maybe I need multiple cameras???? 🙂

      Pam (with Sam on my lap….still)


  6. Hi Sammy!
    Thanks yous for coming and visiting mes! We too had controversial snow yesterday! But today is just gray. And Lots more snow on the ground!


    • Hi Nellie! Thanks for visiting me too! My Mom and I enjoyed reading your blog and even read some of the previous blogs – sounds like things are pretty exciting at your house! Since I’m an “only cat” it’s pretty quiet here except for whatever noise I make (and I can make some noise believe me). I’m also a polydactyl kitty with extra claws on my front paws – how cool is that??? Please come back and visit me any old time….it’s nice to meet you.

      Kitty Hugs


    • LOL….yes I do seem to have an endless supply of throws don’t I? And that’s not even counting the quilts – I have tons of those as well since my sister is a quilter. Sam just loves to be on my lap PERIOD no matter what may be over my legs at the time (even if it’s just my jeans!). Have a great trip to Ireland….

      Pam (and Sam too of course)


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