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Sam On His Tissue

OK Mom...let's tell everyone where you took those photos for Tuesday Teaser!!

Happy Wednesday!  So, I think that Tuesday Teaser was a good one wasn’t it?  People figured “Europe” but not really sure WHERE.  Well, the answer is:



AND….guess what…..two people guessed it right!  Miss Ingrid of ConsciousCat and Miss Isobel from IsobelAndCat ….. concatulations ladies for figuring that one out.  I’ll try to find another goodie for NEXT Tuesday.

In the meantime, as you can see from this photo, I’m still in love with tissue and newspaper.  I’ve transferred all my FAVE toys to the paper pile and while it’s in the middle of the room, and Mom has to pick it all up when she vacuums then carefully put it right back where it was (!!) she’s OK with that.  I’m OK with that.  Dad’s OK with that.  Sammy’s tissue collection lives on! 😉  Mom does occasionally substitute new paper for the old stuff – and who can blame her.

I’m not sure if it’s going to snow today but it MIGHT.  Not a lot – just a little, but this has been a weird winter.  I know all of my friends in Europe are having a REAL winter and in some cases more winter than they’d like to have with some SERIOUS snow.  We’ve had some little snows and a couple of icy days but mostly no big deal.  As I’ve gotten older I stay outside for shorter periods anyway.  I feel the cold more…..and not too crazy about cold feet either so maybe this is MY kind of winter after all????? 

Wherever you are I hope if you love snow you HAVE it….if you don’t love it you DON’T…..and if you wish you had it that you eventually get some!  How’s that for covering all the bases?????

Kitty Hugs from Sammy

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    • I’m sure snow in the swamp just wouldn’t FEEL right! I don’t think it’s going to be much of a snow here anyway – – – although they closed the schools already and right now there’s not even a SIGN of snow!

      Have a nice day Uncle Jerry
      Hugs, Sammy


  1. What a handsome picture of you, Sammy! You look so proud of your toys and your tissue collection. And I’m sure your Mom doesn’t mind moving your things around (& placing them back IN ORDER) when she vacuums!
    No snow for us, but some cold weather in our forecast. I’m so glad my window seat is right over the heat vent!
    Love, Sundae


    • Hi Sundae! I’ve got a GREAT Mom. For her to let me keep my tissue in the middle of the floor is pretty swell. For her to keep giving me FRESH pieces of tissue is DOUBLE swell…Aren’t we lucky to have such great parents? Stay warm on your window seat – I’ll be on mine later watching the snow (if it ever gets here that is!).

      Love, Sammy


    • Hi Miss Ingrid!! Good for you on the Teaser….Mom and I had a feeling you’d know and you did…I’ll try to make NEXT week’s even tougher ;). I hear ya on the snow thing…I’m hoping the weather guy was wrong………again……….. Tee Hee

      Kitty Hugs


  2. You are so beautiful against the green!

    We’ve had a weird winter here too. the Miaos wouldn”t know the difference, but we usually have more than twice as much snow as we’ve gotten by now. All the skiiers and snowmobiliers are really frustrated! Personally I just like sledding.I don’t miss snow-shovelling but snow makes everything prettier.


    • Thanks! I like green too and that’s part of the reason I’m petitioning Mom for a green beret like Sprocket’s red one and Chun’s blue one!! LOL I agree with you about how pretty things look with snow on them (like tree limbs for instance) but you’re right about the snow plowing and shoveling. My poor Dad is getting too old for all that stuff! (but let’s keep that between us OK????? 😉 )

      Kitty Kat Hugs


  3. Well, Sammy! You surely had me flummoxed on that teaser! But, it was fun trying. Hope you don’t get snow – personally, I hate the white stuff, except on Christmas cards and in other people’s photos! But, you are certainly diplomatic in your wishes. Good job. Have a warm, lazy day!


    • Well Miss Linda, next Teaser maybe YOU will know what it is or where it is right off the bat. I think yesterday’s was a toughie because it could have been one of MANY places but then again that’s what makes a good “teaser” right??? So far no snow……maybe the weather guy was WRONG (again!).

      Kitty Hugs


    • Aw thanks Miss Caren and Cody! You’re right about Miss Ingrid too – she’s one smart cookie. I wanted to tell her yesterday she was RIGHT but Mom said we had to wait til today so everyone could guess. YAY!

      Kitty Hugs, Sammy


    • Hi Miss Isobel! Congratulations on knowing the photos were taken in Amsterdam. Mom and I hope that you and NotCat are keeping each other nice and warm now that winter has arrived in London!!

      Kitty Hugs


    • Yes Miss Layla – we’re glad none of us are there right now too – super duper cold and lots of snow. It just started snowing here about an hour ago but it’s not sticking – looks pretty though! I hope Mom never runs out of green tissue paper – I do think it compliments my gingerness rather well too!! 😀

      Kitty Kisses


  4. Now Sammy, our whole cat family dropped by here and saw this gorgeous picture of you. Perhaps it’s only a picture, but it must actually be to the most adorable and sweet pic of you ever taken (what we’ve seen so far anyway) Awww ! Look at this cute little face and that ball like body (Pillow has the same btw) – simply handsome 🙂

    Hugs and love from the whole family


    • Oh thank you all so much for the compliment! I kind of like this photo too – me and my tissue collection and favorite toys looking right at Mom with her camera! I was trying to look extra cute that morning as I recall – why? Well because Mom had just bought some new treats and I thought if I was ADORABLE enough, maybe I’d get an extra one! 😉 By the way – it worked!

      Hugs and love right back at you all!!!!
      Sammy the Handsome Ginger Boy 😉


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